Exclusivo: TPOSG gone?

As many of you probably already know, the founders of neopets (Adam and Donna) no longer work for neopets. They have recently started up a new MMO of their own called Twin Skies. But it appears more (former) neopets employers have signed on to the Twin Skies team. It appears The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy is now a former employer of neopets, and is now a current employer for Twin Skies. TPOSG is known for putting a hidden image of himself on many games he created on neopets. Well, it seems he has done the same over at Twin Skies. In the mini-game Witchery 101 you can see TPOSG zooming by if you click on the hamster’s right eye. Here’s a screen shot:

After doing a little more digging it appears you can find TPOSG in the Meteor Cam (equivalent of Neocam) archive. Here he is working for Adam and Donna:

And to erase any doubt, the heading of the picture is ‘TPOSG’. But the question is: When did TPOSG leave, and will it have an impact on the Altador Cup IV? TPOSG was clearly around during the most recent Altador Cup, as you can see him by clicking on the Techo’s eye at the end of playing yooyuball (screenie below):

Also, it’s not the same image used in previous Altador Cups, because in the first two versions of the Altador Cup, TPOSG didn’t have a tattoo, and in this version he does. But then again, who knows when he made the new version of yooyuball in December. But it’s more likely that TPOSG’s departure from Neopets is very recent. It’s also interesting to note that TNT still claims that TPOSG still works there. Of course they also claim that Adam and Donna work there, which is clearly untrue (they left back in 2005). Here’s a screenie of the “Who Works Here” page:

And how will this affect next year’s Altador Cup? The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy was the one who created Yooyuball. Will next year’s Yooyuball have a different style to it? Or is it possible that TNT won’t bother to make any changes to yooyuball for the Altador Cup IV?

Follow up:
It appears TPOSG was there for Neopet’s 9th birthday as evident in this neocam screen shot:

In addition, “Evilzug”, who is a former neopets employee also appears to be hanging around the Twin Skies scene. I spotted him on the forums, but it is unclear weather or not he works there.

The preceding has been an exclusivo!