Greetings. You have received this post because…

Hello there! Its-a-me, Venom! The rookie no longer! This is my second year writing for the pristine and perfect!

This year you can expect raving reviews, salacious standings and the usual fun articles that fill in the space! I’ll try to post everyday so that my people (read: you) can get their fix of ACV. This year I’m staying loyal to Maraqua, and maybe I’ll chat on WAM. My personal goal is at least rank 10 (last year I got a disappointing rank 6) and to have a minimum of thirty articles by the end of our season!

I guarantee to you that as long as I can post, this will be the best Altador Cup ever!

Here’s a little about me: I’m from the ages of ten to twenty (knowing someone’s age ruins your imagined version of them), I’m a proud Canadian, speak English and French, love to watch The Office, Heroes and Parks & Recreation and I enjoy a good rainy day. I aspire to be a Journalist, so this coverage doesn’t hurt. Anyways, I’m beginning to ramble, so let’s close this up.



Want to Play Yooyuball During the Offseason?

UPDATE – The site in this post seems to be down.

You can play YYB now at TDN, although I’ve had minor issues with gameplay there.

Thanks to Elijah from the comments, you can!

Play here!

This is a link to play as KI vs. KD. To change teams, change the numbers following “team=” and “opponent=” in the URL. I’m not entirely sure which teams correspond with which numbers, but I’ll try to post that soon.

Sorry for the short post, but I just wanted to provide a link that was easier to access. I’m Neon (well, that’s not my name, but you get the point) and I plan to be a reporter during Altador Cup V.

Here are the team “numbers” from Elijah:

2.Kiko Lake
3.Darigan Citadel
5.Haunted Woods
7.Krawk Island!!!!
9.Lost Desert
12.Mystery Island
13.Roo Island
14.Terror Mountian
17.Practice Team

Do or Die in AC V

Rising up to the ranks of the elite from the forgotten world of the bottom teams is no easy feat. Altador Cup V will be many teams’ first chance to jump up and many teams’ last chance to catch the boat. It’s do or die, my friends.

Kiko Lake entered Altador Cup IV with some already labeling them a cinderella team. The history of teams entering the cup after sitting a  year out would help Kiko Lake, right? Well, Kiko Lake did improve, but not as much as they would have hoped. The kikos played better than they did in Altador Cup III, but still placed only 13th – well short of most expectations.

Diagnosis: Placing 14th last year, I’m not expecting any crazy Maraqua-esque surge (PUN!), but Kiko Lake needs to get out of the fourth tier and make their name seen even more in the side game matches against the big boys.

Haunted Woods is stuck in some serious quicksand. Last year, the former champs took a painful dive and placed in the double digits. The Haunties did very good in the side games against teams like Maraqua, Lost Desert, and Mystery Island, but the best teams Haunted Woods beat in yooyuball were Roo Island and Tyrannia.

Diagnosis: Haunted Woods needs to pull together and look at what is happening. With no wins against top eight teams (excluding Tyrannia, who is the exception to every rule), the only feasible option that it looks like Haunted Woods has is to just go berserk. Recruit and go berserk on yooyuball.

Altador Cup IV did not give Meridell the kind of season any of us expected. The team that shot up and placed fifth in Altador Cup III had a horrific fall all the way down to 11th place. The knights have a ridiculously huge monkey on their back right now. It’s time for them to go to the drawing board.

Diagnosis: What do you do after you fall seven places? Try and make the best of it. If Meridell can go into the shadows and get away from the spotlight while keeping the die-hard Meridellians in Meridell, they have a chance to get back up in the rankings.

Arguably one of the biggest surprises of Altador Cup IV was the uprising of the team from Virtupets. VPETS took the side-game world by storm, dominating most teams thrown their way. Despite the new found power though, Virtupets only placed 12th. The kids need some yooyuball skills.

Diagnosis: We have no reason to think Virtupets will fall back into the fourth tier; it’s really just a question of can they go up over teams like Roo Island and Meridell. They could, but they would need some help or a serious spike in power. It’s possible seeing as Virtupets was in a positive spotlight all of last year; they just lose power in what they were some dominant in.

Roo Island was expected to fall after winning Altador Cup III; we didn’t expect the dynasty to fall into the third tier. We know this team has firepower, so they can come back, right?

Diagnosis: Roo Island fell hard; there is no questioning that fact. They showed signs of life though. Lilo’s crew tied Darigan, Kreludor, Lost Desert, and Shenkuu in yooyuball in the second half of the double round robin. We know Roo Island knows how to play yooyuball; they just have to be careful about staying the in third tier.

Hope, Progress, Etc

Well, we have already made some progress since I last posted. We now have our old banner back, and redirects here. Also, Neon found a site that had almost all of the old posts archived. We have managed to save 190 old posts that were thought to have been lost forever. Of course right now they’re just text, so I have to go through all of them and check to see if some of them require HTML, and they all have to be tagged/categorized so it may be a little while before they’re all put back up.

We’re baaaaack [cue creepy music]

You thought you could get rid of us that easily?? Please, we’re here to stay 😉 Yes, unfortunately we had some difficulties with our shady hosting site. Basically our hosting provider accidentally deleted our data, and therefore all posts that were made on are basically gone. This means we lost all of the Altador Cup IV stuff, the forums, all the data/stats that were made, etc. While this is a huge setback, I’m confident that we will be able to move forward and elevate the “Altador Cup Blog” to the status it deserves. Over the next few weeks and months I will be putting up new posts, tidying up the place, and try to bring back all the Altador Cup writers. This may be a slow process, so I appreciate all of your patience.

Also, it’s unlikely that the Altador Cup forum will be back any time soon, but I will try to work on bringing a comment box to the sidebar. Until then, you can use the comments to chat.

At the current time my first order of business will by trying to get to redirect to this site. When the Altador Cup 5 rolls around, I may decide to get a new hosting account and put everything up on, but for right now I’ll stick with having WordPress as a host. They’ve never let me down 😉