Last Chance for Lost Desert

No team has made the final four in 4 consecutive Altador Cups and I don’t think any team ever will. Ultimately, this means that this is very likely Lost Desert’s last chance to win the Altador Cup for a relatively long time (~2 or 3 AC’s.) The team that was often commended for its sportsmanship, never-say-die attitude and consistent performance showed cracks within their interior shell. Lost Desert has had a history of infighting within its groups (Solid, Gold, Sandy) that have led to a tense atmosphere and the destruction of Gold. The team gained a notorius number of noobish freeloaders and a reputation that was usually befitting to all previous champions aside from the Haunted Woods in ACI (in which a different format was used.) How do I know that the solidarity of the team has been shredded completely? Even their major supporters are thinking about leaving whether they lose or win. Let’s not forget that their performance is buoyed by several former Krawk Island supporters and Sotac, both of whom may ultimately give the team the boost they need in the finals but both groups are unlikely to give them such support the following year. Camaraderie is important to create a supportive environment. For now it appears, Lost Desert has lost theirs. Unlike  previous champions however, there is doubt as to whether they will win or not.


June 30th: Witty Title

Well, we have the last of the double round robin results. Krawk Island has to feel played – they took yooyuball and slushie slinger from a top four team (Roo Island) and don’t make the finals. Nonetheless, they deserve congratulations. They have let their game slip as little as possible.

Nothing else really crazy happened yesterday. Kiko Lake beat Meridell in slushie slinger. Darigan didn’t win any side games against Tyrannia. Lost Desert beat Virtupets. Not many evenly matched matches the last day of the double round robin.

Finals Predictions:

Kreludor vs. Roo Island: Kreludor

Kreludor just has more firepower. If the dorks can redirect any side game power to yooyuball, they can win.

Lost Desert vs. Darigan Citadel: Darigan Citadel

I see Darigan as a team that will just go berserk in the finals and as a team that can easily focus soley on yooyuball. Lost Desert also hasn’t been the most consistent team lately.

Second Tier:

Meridell vs. Maraqua: Meridell

Maraqua is crushed. This was their year to make the finals and they aren’t there. Meridell is happy to not be in 11th again. Not to mention that Meridell has a better record in everything but shootout showdown.

Virtupets vs. Krawk Island: Virtupets

This is the hardest to predict. It will really depend on if Krawk Island has the morale to play without a shot of winning the cup. Virtupets on the other hand is very well organized and is thrilled to be here.

Third Tier:

Haunted Woods vs. Terror Mountain: Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods is a second tier team in the third tier.

Shenkuu vs. Tyrannia: Shenkuu

Tyrannia can’t play yooyuball.

Fourth Tier:

Brightvale vs. Faerieland: Brightvale

This is hard to say too, but I’m going Brightvale.

Mystery Island vs. Kiko Lake: Kiko Lake

You know what, I’m going Kiko Lake. Mystery Island fails to show up when it counts and I doubt they’ll show up to claim 13th.

Fifth Tier:

Altador vs. Moltara: Moltara

I’m going to think Moltara will be able to pull together and get that first win. 😛

Special Announcement.

The Greatest Strategy

Afer the recent matches, this year’s final four have been confirmed: Kreludor, Lost Desert, Darigan Citadel and Roo Island. You’ve got to wonder how each team got here. Every team took a different path.

Lost Desert

You would think winning the first 10 yooyuball matches would be the worst strategy anyone can think of because of all the freeloaders they gain which undeniably dragged their average scores down. I’m not quite sure whether freeloaders have a long term effect on teams though. Anyway, their strong start allowed them to coast through the second round without much effort. Can they still kick into second gear and win the Altador Cup or has that ‘gear’ disappeared entirely?


It’s difficult to imagine what goes on in the heads of the Kreludans. A team that wanted to avoid first place may very well end up in that position again! Once they were under threat of falling out of the final four, they were able to pick their game up. What carnage do they have in store in the finals?

Darigan Citadel

After another controversy within the Darigan camp, they were able to rebound brilliantly. Like Lost Desert and Kreludor, a strong consistent effort lead these three teams to drop or tie YYB matches but still retain a spectacular side game performance.

Roo Island

This year’s Shenkuu. They managed their comeback by focusing on yooyuball (like all the other mid-tier teams.) However their dominant record in Shootout Showdown propelled them to fourth place. The finals is a whole new ballgame however, can they sustain their momentum when the strategies of the teams ahead of them will also change?

Who do you think had the best strategy of the final four teams?

Staff Tourney Results Are Up

I picked Twitterpate and Lawyerbot, so I recommend you pick the opposite, cause I suck at this. 🙂

June 28th: My Life Is A Lie


  • Unbulleevuhbull: So many big things happening today and many hopes and dreams were crushed. First we have my beloved Maraqua being destroyed by Kiko Lake. Yeah, destroyed is a little dramatic, but I will tell you that many Maraquans were crushed after 32 days of playing-only to find out tier one isn’t possible at the end. Kiko Lake did fantastic and showed that MQ isn’t the only water-based team. The more important thing here is Kiko Lake, who seem to pull out upsets every now and then. There was defeating MQ and SK on day one of ACIV and ACV, there was stopping VP and TM’s streaks of SoSD and now beating MQ. I’d like to take this time to thanks WAM, the many individuals who work hard for it (franc, xepha, grant) and all the players who are good sports and enjoy a good laugh. ACVI is Maraqua’s year! 😉
  • Through the middle: Faerieland challenged Haunted Woods and proudly took draws in MSN and SS (a specialty for HW.) Haunted Woods still proudly won, but I’m worried about MQ is facing FL tomorrow. 🙂
  • Shout it out loud: Terror Mountain was pummeled by Darigan Citadel in YYB/SS and punched back in SoSD. It was MSN, where DC has only not won seven times and TM fifteen times that there was a draw. Nice job to both teams.
  • I’m a big kid now: Tyrannia swept Mystery Island. I would have expected MI to aim after YYB, so excellent playing on TY’s spot.
  • Clear answer: Many expected Meridell, a powerhouse to at least give KD trouble, but KD nearly swept them- aside from a draw in SoSD. This is definitely bad for MD, when every match will decide if you can be ACV champs or second tier chumps.


Maraqua beats Virtupets

Krawk Island beats Altador

Haunted Woods beats Shenkuu

Lost Desert barely beats Meridell

Mystery Island beats Moltara

Darigan beats Roo Island

Terror Mountain beats Brightvale

Tyrannia beats Faerieland

Kreludor (please?) beat Kiko Lake

WHO IS IN MY CASTLE?!?!?!?! Oh, it’s you. Yes, I’m very proud of Ilsa, Windelle and Sir Freidl-they work very hard you know! I think this year is our year, the year we take the cup home! Our last two competitiors are Lost Desert and Kiko Lake. Lost Desert may trifle us a tad bit, but they don’t call us the number one team in Neopets* for nothing! Lost Desert is some fake-Meridell. Who had a war first? Who has their own native species? Who is the only way to get to Darigan Citadel? Kiko Lake should be equally simple. They don’t even  have kings, petpets or faeries, I’m surprised they’re not a neighbourhood of Neopia Central! The plan for winning is simple, play Yooyuball well AND the side games. I’m surprised Coltzan and the Kikos never thought of that!

*-According to the Royal Meridellian Council

Why, Good Afternoon. King Skarl said that? I apologize for his behaviour! My ROOligans will do fantastic,   ha ha, did you see what I did there? The teams we still have to face are Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island. It’s such a shame that my WINnocent little team is exposed to such evil and dark teams. Darigan will be easy-sleazy-I mean peasy. They are always fighting and rude, not to mention they aren’t even on the map! Maybe they can learn a lesson or roo-oops, two- from my rooyuball players? Krawk Island is also an easy day for us, the ancient curse says “Thou who wins will not be able to achieve greatness the following year.” Even if those Pirates won by fluke last year, they dont stand a chance this year. Anyway good…bye? What rhymes with bye?……..

Even if kings Skarl and Roo were a bit petty, we’ve got to watch the next two days. Both teams are fighting for Top Tier and even though Roo Island is on top, Meridell has the easier schedule. Who will win the fourth spot, and will they win the gold?

Day 33 Overview: My hovercraft is full of eels.

Recap: So, going through the list as I see it.
Lost Desert, Virtupets and Roo Island swept Altador, Moltara and Shenkuu respectively.

Brightvale drew with Krawk Island in Slushie Slinger, but lost everything else.

Faerieland drew Haunted Woods in TWO games, but lost everything else. Good job Faerieland, I might add.

Kiko Lake defeated Maraqua. Good job Kiko Lake.

Kreludor mopped the floor with Meridell. Poor Meridell.

Tyrannia swept Mystery Island. Who saw that coming? Seriously? :O

And Darigan drew and lost Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown respectively.

Lost Desert
2. Darigan Citadel
3. Kreludor
4. Roo Island
5. Meridell
6. Virtupets Space Station
7. Maraqua
8. Krawk Island
9. Haunted Woods
10. Tyrannia
11. Shenkuu
12. Terror Mountain
13. Brightvale
14. Mystery Island
15. Faerieland
16. Kiko Lake
17. Altador
18. Moltara

Last Round|Predictions:
Kreludor defeated Kiko Lake | Kreludor defeats Kiko Lake
Tyrannia defeated Faerieland | Faerieland defeats Tyrannia
Virtupets defeated Maraqua| Virtupets defeats Maraqua
Darigan Citadel defeated Roo Island | Roo Island draws with Darigan Citadel
Haunted Woods defeated Shenkuu | Haunted Woods defeats Shenkuu
Brightvale defeated Terror Mountain | Terror Mountain defeats Brightvale
Krawk Island defeated Altador | Krawk Island defeats Altador
Meridell defeated Lost Desert| Meridell draws with Lost Desert
Mystery Island defeated Moltara | Mystery Island defeats Moltara

Match of the Day:

Meridell and Lost Desert.
Meridell is hoping to gain a spot in the finals from Lost Desert, but Lost Desert is trying to prove that they are a force that can be reckoned with. Hard call.

Likewise, Roo Island and Darigan Citadel.
Roo and Meridell are so close. A slip up from either team could spell disaster and 5th place. D: