Offseason News: The NeoRevolution Begins

In the last few months, we’ve seen:

an improved Altador Cup prize shop
Free 300 NC
A Defenders of Neopia opponent
Emergence of new colours: Woodland and Transparent
Something that looks like a decent plot


What does this mean for the Altador Cup though?

Assuming they continue this trend of shocking us completely, I will assume the following to occur in the next three years:

More roster changes: send Kiko Lake and Meridell a woodland player and send the Haunted Woods or Darigan Citadel, a transparent player

An Altador Cup stamp section (I want that Dirty Navers stamp!)

Animated prizes in prize shops (Imagine the amount of people they could get to participate in their events)

An Altador Cup plot (I know you’ve all been thinking about it!)

Return of Altador Cup All-Star teams

An Altador Cup All-Star game in December —That way we can all have a very enjoyable holiday!


Okay, so maybe I’m asking for a miracle but I expect one way or another to be surprised in June.  What would you like to see for the next Altador Cup?