My First Offseason Predictions…

Our views are down, so I thought I might as well post something to perhaps generate some discussion here. In the Virtupets Board on Neopets, mythress (host of a popular prediction page) made a prediction board, so I posted my predictions a few minutes ago. I kept them fairly brief, and they’ll probably change a lot before the AC starts.

Anyway, here they are:


1. Roo Island – I think that they’re an incredibly strong YYB team, as they showed when they didn’t lose a match for 20 days (June 1st – lost June 21st to VP). They beat every team at least once. Wow. I think 4th place is low enough to avoid freeloaders, and I haven’t heard of many RI All-Stars leaving.

2. Krawk Island – I know I’m biased, but I do have a couple of reasons why this might happen. First, we’re losing the winner’s curse. We weren’t a bad team last year – especially in the second half – and without as many freeloaders we should be able to fix our inconsistency issue.

3. Maraqua – I don’t think this needs much explaining… They’re a strong team, an organized team, and I think a few of the teams above them last year will falter. They could definitely outperform this prediction.

4. Meridell – Really good YYB team last year… I don’t really like that they gave up at the end last year, but I’ll believe it and say they’ll be a powerful team again this year. My prediction assumes that they’ll lose to RI in Round 1 of the finals and won’t try as hard against MQ.

5. Darigan Citadel – Bumped them down because of their 3rd place spot last year and because they’re losing some of their really powerful players.

6. Lost Desert – Consistently good (and improving) for so long that they’ll do well again.

7. Virtupets – Basically what they did last year… They could go ahead of LD, but I wouldn’t expect them to do better than any of the top 5 teams. Who knows, though? I could be totally wrong there.

8. Shenkuu – They’ll do better, but it’ll take more time for them to fully recover, I think.

9. Haunted Woods – They had a nice streak after a bad start. I think they’ll be close to Tier 2 again, but I don’t expect such a great streak.

10. Kreludor – I’m pretty sure KD is a small team, and freeloaders will hurt them more because, proportionally, they may be getting a ton of them. This is the prediction I’m least sure of. SK’s fall last year could’ve been an anomaly and they’ll sweep the competition like most of the 2nd place teams have.

11/13. – Terror Mountain/Tyrannia – I never put too much faith in the teams that only seem to dominate in side games, but I suppose one (TM?) could do what VP did.

12. Mystery Island – Maybe they just had a down year, but I just don’t think they’ll be able to get back to tier 2 this year. There’s already a lot of competition ahead of them filling tier two.

14) Moltara – I don’t think they’ll be great, or even “good”, but the novelty is gone… Hopefully they’ll lose some freeloaders and be a little more competitive.

15) Brightvale – After their collapse last year? I’m not going to predict a great season.

Last 3 – Faerieland, Altador, and Kiko Lake – There were a couple of good days for each of these teams, but they’ve been consistently bad. I don’t really know what order they might place in, but I think they’ll be down here. (Fun fact – My prediction for the bottom three is exactly the same as it was last year :P)