Teams that “Deserve” to Win

Throughout my years on the AC boards and visiting a few AC petpages or blogs, I’ve often come across predictions or articles saying that “X team really deserves to win,” usually with some reason behind the comment – dedication, sportsmanship, etc. Now, I personally don’t like the idea of a team “deserving” to win; in my mind, the team that wins deserved to win because they outplayed the competition. (i.e. HW deserved it in ACI, DC in ACII, RI in ACIII, KI in ACIV, and LD in ACV)

Still, it’s interesting to me to hear people’s reasons that a team “deserves” to win the next AC, and that’s what this is about. I personally don’t think any team “deserves” it more than the others, since all the teams have plenty of players that work hard, until the end of the AC (after a team wins), but if you’re particularly adamant about a team that deserves a win, let me know in the comments! (It gives us something to talk about :P)


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  1. *clap*
    Brightvale deserves a consistent year which should lead to a win 🙂 (hopefully based off of the first day again- we always win those 😉 )
    I do always wonder why weaker teams tend to start off with a bang, then go downhill . . . Brightvale was in 5th last year for a good amount of time . . . good times 🙂

  2. Well said, Neon.

    … Moltara deserves to get out of 18th. We were continually sassed by both big teams, small teams, trolls, etc. Fights would start inside our own chat group, it was that bad. Some of the members of bigger teams (Lost Desert, Krawk Island, etc) would go “W00T we’re versing Moltara? YAY I don’t have to play today!” or “We’re versing Moltara? All too easy” or “We’re playing MOLTARA? *lol* VACATION!” Some would make “hate boards”, about how they blame Moltara for loosing and that they should just give up.

    Moltara deserves to get out of 18th so that all this sassing can stop. So people can actually start to respect Moltara, because my teammates play their hardest daily. I really dislike how immature some people can be, and I really hate how my teammates have to suffer because of it.

  3. Eh, no team really deserves it more than another. I would find a repeat champion boring however. In the end it’s up to the players themselves, the uber players and the free loaders lol. Now that I know what i am doing during the cup, I will most likely pick a small team and not worry about winning the cup and leave others to fret over that.

  4. I don’t think any team DESERVES to win, but I think that if you freeload and don’t even try you should not get a trophy if your team gets 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

  5. Shenkuu sooo deserve to win. they were always so close to winning since ACII, the only exception is ACIV, when who knows what exactly pinned them down. Anyway, if any team deserve to win at all, Shenkuu deserve it most in ACVI!

  6. I deserve to win because, quite simply, I’m awesome

  7. Anyone/Any team that uses teamwork to their advantage.

  8. I think Kreludor deserved to win the past 2 years. They practically owned first place throughout the season, and had the most consistent records. It’s the finals that gets them.

  9. No team really deserves to win, except Altador. It’s their sport.

    But it would be fun to see a historically weak team like BV, KL, or FL have a single surprise season and steal the cup, then slink back down.

  10. thanks hol, we at kreludor definately deserve to win.

  11. Meridell deserves because they are very hard working also I wouldt be surprised if Fiorina the right forward and star of meridell jumps to another team.

  12. Shenkuu and kreludor deserve to win cuz they have been so close so many times

  13. I think that Kreludor deserve this cup. I mean, for 2 years, they were only runner-up. Come on! And also Shenkuu. It’s scary that they’ve gotten a bad start last year despite being a major powerhouse in the past.

    BTW, I’m joining Roo Island for the 2nd time.

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