Podcast number 2: Team Faerieland

Recorded 21/1/11. With your hosts Tails and Gin, with special guest Renee (Zombiesrock1991) from FLUFF.

Featuring overview of Neopian news, and analysis of Team Faerieland.

Music used are ocremixes of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks.



Altador.com – Our Future Home!

Well… our site has been at many different locations and been called many different things. Luckily the loyal fans of the site have stayed with us and followed us wherever we’ve gone. We started out at altadorcup.wordpress.com, and then moved to altadorcup.jellyneo.net, and after that moved on to our own domain at AltadorCup.net. After that, we moved back once again to altadorcup.wordpress.com where we started. Well… it’s time for one more (hopefully final move). Our home for the Altador Cup 6 (and beyond) will be ALTADOR.com. Right now it just redirects here, but in a few months (as the Altador Cup 6 gets closer) we will be working on moving everything over as well as setting up a bunch of new stuff (such as forums). See you on the other side!

Podcast number 1: Team Lost Desert

Recorded 11/1/11. With your hosts Tails and Gin.

Featuring overview of Neopian news, and analysis of Team Lost Desert.

Music used are ocremixes of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks.


Altador.com Podcasts, coming soon.

That’s right. Altador.com will be running weekly podcasts in the near future, and we’re putting out the call for people to join us for a chat. More specifically, we are looking for a representative from each team to help us get the inside scoop on the functioning of the teams. How will we do this? Preferably a voice chat over Skype, but a written transcript will also be accepted. Anything to promote discussion from our Podcast team, and give you a more accurate and unbiased point of view of the background behind a team. Currently, we are on the lookout for an active representative from Faerieland, but don’t let that stop you from putting your name down. Eventually, we will do an evaluation of all teams, and will need your input.

And later in the year, there will be an opportunity for our readers from Melbourne, Australia to join in the fun, during Altador Cup time. More information will be posted closer to the date.

To be a representative for your team, leave a comment, leaving an active email address in the email section of the comment.

We hope to hear from you!