First look at Altador Cup

Today, the first images of the new Altador Cup teams were released, further adding to the pre-season hype that comes every year around late April-early May.

So what changes have been made?

Team Faerieland has changed their team colours,  to better suit their new earthy position on the ground, as caused by a certain speckled xweetok late last year. Rather than a pink and purple motif, Team Faerieland is now sporting forest green, symbolising their new spot in a crater near Haunted Woods, and purple, symbolising the reign of their beautiful, but powerful queen, Queen Fyora.
Elbin Kroe has changed teams for the second team in a row. Now sporting a snazzy green and purple uniform, for Team Faerieland. He replaces Faerie Kacheek, and favourite Babolino, much to many dedicated Faerielander’s disappointment.


Kroe was not the only player with a team change, as former Lost Desert defender Lamelle Turow joins the Maraqua squad, replacing Maraquan Aisha Dorina hals. A little fact for Maraqua, every year Turow was on Team Lost Desert, they won a trophy.


With Kroe’s departure from Tyrannia, he has been replaced by a Tyrannian Krawk, leading up more speculation of  Krawk Island’s Dasher Soley being replaced.


Nope, still here. HURRY UP AND RETIRE YOU OLD MAN!!!!


Finally, Lost Desert has replaced Lamelle Turow with a Desert Kiko. When asked for a statement, forwards Derbi Azar and Vonde Cayle had this to say.