Soley to retire. Collibridge to play.

Krawk Island favourite, and veteren Yooyuball player “Dasher” Soley has inevitably hung up his sling, and walked away from the game of Yooyuball. The former Krawk Island captain, the oldest yooyuball player on the field, has been speaking of retiring for many years now, in fact, he was set to retire last year, but due to a last minute injury of his replacement, he returned for one more year.

In his retirement, Soley plans to teach his petpet new tricks, and to becoming world-class players at both Deckball and Amarda. Do not be surprised to see Soley cheering from the sidelines whenever his beloved Krawk Island play.

Though adored by supporters from every team, Dasher is set to be replaced by bright new Yooyuball talent, Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge.