Pre-Season Predictions

The 6th Altador Cup starts tomorrow! So today I figured I would make some pre-season predictions, which I will compare to the actual results and reflect on how accurate I was after the cup ends.


1st Tier

1: Kreludor~ KD has always been an underdog sort of team, They seem to grow stronger year after year, and having only narrowly missed the gold trophy last year, I see nothing being able to stop them from winning this year.

2: Darigan Citadel ~ DC is nearly unstoppable when they work hard, But with more freeloaders joining this year, i don’t see them taking home a second gold trophy just yet.

3:  Maraqua ~ MQ was very impressive last year, They barely missed 1st tier, But won overall in the 2nd tier. I could easily see them making 1st tier this year, but it wont be easy.

4: Meridell ~ MD had a rough year last year, Finishing in only 8th place. They have a very good YYB record, and if they work on their side games they might be able to make it into 1st tier, but I don’t think they can hold their own against the others, putting them in 4th.


2nd Tier

5: Roo Island ~ RI is a really strong team, They should be able to win their tier

6: Krawk Island ~ KI did really well last year considering they had won the previous year, I don’t see them doing any worse than last year, But I don’t think they will place much higher.

7: Mystery Island ~ MI is extremely unpredictable, They are known for upsets and finishing 6th, last year they fell hard. If they try as hard as they did the previous cups, work on their side games. they should narrowly make it into 2nd tier again, And upsetting their rivals, Lost Desert, Placing them 1 rank lower than their usual 6th.

8: Lost Desert ~ LD was nearly unstoppable last year, but after winning, A lot of people may leave. KI finished 7th last year after winning. I don’t think LD can top that, but they will come close.


3rd Tier

9: Virtupets ~ VP Slipped under the rader last year. Many thought of them only as side-game players. This year they won’t be underestimated, and the competition is fierce. They will narrowly miss 2nd tier, but will win 3rd tier.

10: Shenkuu ~ SK, The former powerhouse, Also fell hard last year. If they can get organized and motivated, they should be able to rise in the rankings

11:Terror Mountain ~ TM has always been side game strong, They have never made it into 2nd tier, and I think it will stay that way this year

12: Haunted Woods ~ HW is almost as unpredictable as MI. They should be able to make it into 3rd tier.


4th Tier

13: Tyrannia ~ TY has normally been 11th place. They rose a few spots the year before last, but declined last year. they are a 3rd tier team, but they haven’t been showing much improvement, while other teams have. They should win the tier.

14: Brightvale ~ BV has never been in the 3rd tier (AC1 and AC2 didnt have tier systems) I just don’t think they will be able to make it this year, They are still the best 4th tier team.

15: Faerieland ~ FL has always been close to last, but with their new earthly home, they might attract more players, but I think 15th is where they will stay.

16: Moltara ~ MT finished dead last on their first year. Hopefully they have lost a lot of freeloaders, leaving only dedicated players. maybe it will be enough to place them a little bit higher, though not much


Consolation Tier

17: Altador ~ AL can’t seem to catch a break, they have finished poorly in nearly every cup, despite the home-field advantage. I just don’t see them improving just yet.

18: Kiko Lake ~ KL hasn’t shown any improvement, if anything they have gotten worse. Their team is full of nice people, and I’d love to see them prove me wrong. But as far as I’m concerned, Kiko Lake will finish last.


The new YYB change could really affect how things could turn out, anything could happen! Good luck to everyone!





One Response

  1. i think freeloaders might hold back KD, but good picks other than that.
    Goooooooooooooooo Brightvale!

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