An Altadorian Conspiracy – Part 1

Hey, this is Niku, and I’m going to try and write a series! Before I try to submit this to the Neopian Times, I wanted you guys to see it first. It is about the Altador Cup, after all. 🙂 Also, I would like to note this story is fictional. It contains real elements, like the Altador Cup and Team Moltara, but they are used in a fictional story.



Click. Zoom in. Zoom out. Switch. Repeat.

This is my job. I am paid by the minute to perform these simple actions over and over again. Although… they’re not as simple as I have made them sound. It’s not just about clicking or zooming and repeating. I have to take extreme care to detail.

For I am Gamma. I am a green skeith, and I am a member of the Altador Cup Committee.

My entire summer consists of me staring at monitors, and making sure that nobody is bending, breaking, avoiding, swerving around, or severely violating the rules I helped to set in order years ago. I also control the entire game. At all times. Sure, you get those referrees that coach the actual game, but do you really think they can see all that’s going on all by themselves? That they can watch the clock, the yooyu, and all the players at all times? This is where I come in.

I’m the reason you got a timeout for tripping that one player. I’m the reason you got a Mutant Yooyu instead of the Fire Yooyu you so desperately need. I’m the reason your goalie “missed” that one yooyu that cost you the game.

I, along with Alpha and Beta, control the entire game. We all work to make sure the game is going as planned. That nobody breaks the rules, or decides to cheat the system, or pull a miracle without our consent.

It’s been going like this for years. However, there will always be that one Neopian year that will always be in my mind. It was the most challenging when it came to us keeping the game in order, mainly because a new team joined the mix. A team we expected, we planned to fail, but decided otherwise.

The year Moltara joined the cup. AC V…



“Yo, toss me the yooyu!”

Mor Gollog clutched the fire yooyu in his bare hand, unaffected by the flame because he was painted relic, and threw it at amazing speeds towards Zax Bannet, standing nearer towards the middle of the field. Zax caught the yooyu with his sling, and instantly, only a second or two after catching the thing, flung it back at Mor Gollog. Mor, nicknamed “Abs” by his teammates, caught the yooyu in his hand without even looking. Or trying. Abs was always meant to be a Yooyuball Goalie, and his instinctal reflexes showed it.

Aldric Beign, the Team Moltara captain, held a stopwatch in his hand. After Abs caught the yooyu, he pressed a button. “Impressive! 0.4 seconds off your previous record!”

Zax did a fist pump, and said, “Oh yeah! That was pretty sweet, you have to admit!”

Aldric chuckled, and replied, “Yes, I do admit, that was pretty sweet.”

While Zax, Abs, and Aldric practiced with Yooyuballs, Tulah Kisner and Vere Polnicek were doing various things like pushups and laps around the stadium. Basic warm-ups to get them ready for the Altador Cup 5, which was only a few days away.

“So, you excited for your first year in the big leagues of Yooyuball?” Tulah asked Vere, while running around the field.

Vere, getting somewhat exhausted from so much exercise, said, “Yeah, it’s my first time even being accepted into a Major league of Yooyuball, such as the one that represents our entire land. You?”

Tulah shrugged. “I guess. I mean, I played for the Gears of Moltara, the only Minor league in all of the Underground, but yeah, nothing I’m not already used to.”

Vere nodded, and slowed down to get a drink of nice, cool ice water. Tulah went to go get some boiling water out of her flask. They both took a sip at the same time, and said, “Ahh, refreshing”.

Vere pointed at Tulah’s bottle, and asked, “How do you get refreshed from boiling water? Isn’t that, like, dangerous to drink?”

Tulah laughed, and replied, “Well, you gotta remember I’m made of magma. My average temperature is around 1000 degrees! Boiling water is pretty refreshing when there’s that much of a temperature difference!”

Vere and Tulah collapsed into giggles, and Aldric turned around. “Hey, are you two goofing around? You have to remember the Altador Cup is 4 days away! We need to be more than prepared; we have to be extra, extra, extra prepared! We need to be 200% ready!”

Tulah walked over to Aldric, and said, “Oh, lighten up, will ya? We’ll be fine for the AC. We’re at the top of our game, and practicing all the time may cause our downfall one day. Breaks won’t hurt; in fact, they’ll help.”

Aldric stroked his goatee (Which just so happened to be made of fire), and said, “Well, I suppose you’re right. A break won’t hurt. Right, guys?”

Zax yelled, “Right, Captain!”, while Abs replied in a low, manly voice, “Breaks are fine by me if they’re fine by you, captain.” Both Zax and Abs did a slow jog over to where the rest of the team was gathered.

Aldric said, “Alright, I say we all go to Molten Morsels. My treat. Now remember, no getting overstuffed on food, and Zax!”

Zax looked up. “Yeah?”

Aldric sighed, and said, “No burning anything. Please try to keep your wing flames under control.”

Zax, looking awfully saddened by the remark, said, “Ok.”



The rest of the team did a little happy dance, and ran off to Molten Morsels. Zax noticed they were all leaving and ran after them, back in his happy mood.

Little did any of the team know I was watching their entire conversation.

I knew about everything they just said.

I dialed a number on a phone. Two rings later, someone answered.

I said, “Hello, Molten Morsels? Make me one lunch reservation under the name of Gamma.”

To be continued…