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The Altador Awards

Hello once again peasants, with a lot of hype and agreement I have asked to throw the sites first ever awards show and my wish has been granted!

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The Eighth Victory

The exhilaration of the final hours finished in the 28th day’s results, and has also likely given us the final standings before we see the official confirmation on Monday.

In Alabriss 5, Kreludor’s calloused fingers were not quite enough against Roo Island’s extensive collection of Altador Cup arcade machines. The dorks were able to manage a Make Some Noise win, but they did not advance beyond the one win. Still, it’s a good accomplishment against the bronze team. A match of two oceanic island resulted in an unsurprising sweep for Krawk Island wiping out Mystery Island’s last hopes to get a single Yooyuball win. The last of Alabriss had Virtupets fighting Maraqua to no avail. Despite Virtupets winning Yooyuball, they were unable to rise in the standings. Unless TNT’s hiding any changes?

In Minitheus 5, Shenkuu and Meridell fought in a challenging match for two teams that underperformed this year. Shenkuu did what they had to do and won Slushie Slinger, preventing another sweep from occurring. Two former champions, Darigan Citadel and Haunted Woods, had another challenging match that forced scores to be 5 and above. Haunted Woods won Yooyuball and Darigan got the side-sweep, giving Darigan the win. Closing out Minitheus featured Tyrannia sweeping Moltara. Shockingly, Tyrannia’s scores were not that high. The primitive players had a quiet final victory before claiming the podium.

In Vaeolus 5, Terror Mountain’s commanding presence did not effect the Kiko Lake team. They were able to win Slushie Slinger, their prime strength, and Make Some Noise. But Terror Mountain won Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, giving them a clincher and the win. Lost Desert’s poor performance this year was capped off with an impressive sweep over the Faeries, their new rivals in their new standings position. I predicted a Lost Desert win, but not a sweep. And lastly, the final match of the day was a shining sweep for Altador. Brightvale was unable to win Slushie Slinger or anything at all. They got a good Yooyuball score but it was too far gone. Altador’s silver is only shining brighter.

And that ends the Altador Cup VIII. The victory ceremony and the prize shop will be opened on Monday. I will also have new articles that compare my predictions from the season to the standings, analyzing just what happened in this tournament. Stay tuned!

June 28th Commentary

Well, that’s it folks! The Altador Cup is mostly over. There should be a tiebreaker, though, since TNT did mention that there would be one for any ties–but I guess they aren’t always true to their word.


RI vs KD
Ah, there we are! KD makes a comeback, possibly because it was their last chance to do so, and takes MSN from the Roos. Their SlS score, while losing, was still pretty high at 7. Naturally, RI still takes 3/4 of the match, though.

KI vs MI
KI sweeps like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, hey…

MQ vs VP
MQ did not watch YYB closely enough, and VP does manage to take it. It was the borderline game though, so I’m not surprised.

DC vs HW
The match goes as expected, though it was close in several aspects.

TY vs MT
This one also goes as expected, though TY’s scores were just a bit lower than normal in a few games.

MD vs SK
SK takes SlS rather than MSN, but MD still misses the sweep, nothing to be ashamed of as this seems to be SK’s forte this year.

LD vs FL
Surprisingly, LD actually does manage to pull off the sweep, finishing off their year on a good note.

TM vs KL
TM’s scores were actually kind of down, enabling KL to also take SlS.  I don’t know what’s up with that, but I hardly know what’s up with anything anymore. =P

AL vs BV
It kinda seems like BV might’ve gone for YYB since their MSN/SOSD scores were so low (and SlS wasn’t remarkably high), so I applaud them for their guts, but it didn’t seem to pay off.

Day 29 Results

ACVIII is over. 😦  Here is the final points table.


points yyb

















Roo Island






Terror Mountain












kiko lake






Krawk Island


















Darigan Citadel






Haunted Woods


















Lost Desert












Mystery Island



















First in Alabriss, Kreludor came out of their slump and won MSN against Roo Island.  They also came close in slushies.  Next, Krawk Island swept Mystery Island.  Virtupets won yooyuball, but was side-game swept by Maraqua.

Final Alabriss standings

  1. Roo Island
  2. Krawk Island
  3. Kreludor
  4. Maraqua
  5. Mystery Island
  6. Virtupets

In Minitheus, Shenkuu avoided a sweep against Meridell by putting up a six in slushie slinger.  They have been a great focusing team all year.  Haunted Woods won yooyuball, but Darigan won all the sides and had much better scores overall in the match.  Tyrannia swept Moltara.

Final Minitheus Standings

  1. Tyrannia
  2. Darigan Citadel
  3. Meridell
  4. Haunted Woods
  5. Shenkuu
  6. Moltara

In Vaelous, Altador swept Brightvale.  Brightvale didn’t seem to go all out in one event and had pretty low scores, so I’m not sure what happened there.  Terror Mountain verse Kiko Lake had surprisingly low scores, making me think it was mostly legit.  Yes I somehow predicted this right!  Terror Mountain won yooyuball and shootout showdown, and Kiko Lake got the other two.  Each team scored a total of 20 points.  Last in Vaelous, Lost Desert swept Faerieland.

Final Vaelous Standings

  1. Altador
  2. Terror Mountain
  3. Brightvale
  4. Lost Desert
  5. Kiko Lake
  6. Faerieland

Unofficial Final Standings

1.  Tyrannia

2. Altador

3. Roo Island

4. Krawk Island

5. Darigan Citadel

6. Meridell

T-7. Terror Mountain

T-7. Kreludor

T-9. Haunted Woods

T-9. Maraqua

11. Brightvale

T-12. Lost Desert

T-12. Shenkuu

14. Kiko Lake

15. Mystery Island

T-16. Faerieland

T-16. Virtupets

18. Moltara

Great Season Everyone!  Congrats to legit fans of Tyrannia, Altador, and Roo Island!  Congrats to anyone who reached All-Star!  And Lastly Congrats to anyone who’s team had a top goal scorer!

I’ll probably write a few more articles this year like when the results are officially posted.

Day 28: 28 Days Later

28 days ago, the tournament launched for the eighth time. Is it like anything you expected? Will you reminisce 28 weeks later? There certainly are some upsets to talk about.

In Alabriss 5, Maraqua not only won but swept Kreludor in a match with some of their highest recent scores. Maraqua might actually be able to pass Kreludor in the bracket if it decided to update. Roo Island also defeated Mystery Island with a sweep, and Krawk Island swept Virtupets. The win was expected, but Virtupets wasn’t strong enough to win Yooyuball despite dropping the side-games.

In Mintheus 5, Tyrannia swept Meridell will all double-digit scores. I told you! Darigan Citadel did better than I predicted against Shenkuu for some reason and only let them get away with a win in Slushie Slinger. Haunted Woods also failed to get a sweep against Moltara, who won Shootout Showdown with the highest score of the match.

In Vaeolus 5, Terror Mountain proved to be more of a problem to Altador than predicted. The Mountaineers scored another huge Yooyuball score but were unable to beat Altador’s bigger one. The Mountaineers dropped Make Some Noise to win Altador’s lower scoring sides and won them without a challenge. Lost Desert vs Brightvale was much different than I thought. Brightvale apparently didn’t think they could win Yooyuball, so they focused on the sides instead, which got them the overall win over Lost Desert’s Yooyuball. Finally, in this shocking bracket, Faerieland was close to beating Kiko Lake. It appears as though my statement about Kiko Lake yesterday was wrong. They slacked off big time, allowing Faerieland to get an upset win in Yooyuball.

Krawk Island vs Mystery Island
I doubt there will be a lot of focusing in today’s matches due to people wanting to round out their records or reach higher rankings. I know I’m doing so. That means that I doubt Mystery Island can work any island voodoo magic.
YYB – KI / SS – KI / MSN – KI / SOSD – KI / Win – Krawk Island

Kreludor vs Roo Island
Kreludor’s sweeping yesterday had some low scores on their side, and even Roo Island’s isn’t as dominant as they should be. Roo Island can probably sweep if things stay the same, but maybe Kreludor can win Slushie Slinger to prevent it. They might drop in the standings though, so for now, it’s a funeral.
YYB – RI / SS – RI / MSN – RI / SOSD – RI / Win – Roo Island

Maraqua vs Virtupets
Maraqua’s great with the sides, so they’ve got it covered. I lack faith in Virtupets right now and have doubts that they could win, but it’s the final playing day and they should go all out. Remember, they should still rightfully pass Mystery Island.
YYB – VP / SS – MQ / MSN – MQ / SOSD – MQ / Win – Maraqua

Darigan Citadel vs Haunted Woods
Neither have been that impressive in terms of scores. Maybe Haunted Woods slacked playing Moltara, so it will be higher? I’ll follow the records they have now because they’re pretty equal and worthy of draws.
YYB – HW / SS – DC / MSN – DC / SOSD – DC / Win – Darigan Citadel

Meridell vs Shenkuu
It may be a sweep for Meridell, but I think it will resemble Shenkuu’s previous match. Whether they focus or now, I think Shenkuu can win Slushie Slinger to prevent a sweep.
YYB – MD / SS – SK / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / Win – Meridell

Moltara vs Tyrannia
Why does it taste like dirt?
YYB – TY / SS – TY / MSN – TY /SOSD – TY / Win – Tyrannia

Altador vs Brightvale
Brightvale is definitely worthy of beating Altador in Slushie Slinger. They can get higher than Altador’s low scores in it, and some focus on it would help. It would be a big accomplishment too. Shootout Showdown is too far gone for Brightvale.
YYB – AL / SS – BV / MSN – AL / SOSD – AL / Win – Altador

Faerieland vs Lost Desert
If the Faeries attract more attention to themselves at the end of this season, then I think they might get a special visit next year. They’re low, they’re capable and they have potential. Anyway, I actually think Lost Desert will win today and come out as stronger when both spread their forces across the 4 games.
YYB – LD / SS – LD / MSN – FL / SOSD – LD / Win – Lost Desert

Kiko Lake vs Terror Mountain
This could go either way depending on who shows up. Considering that a sweep could happen for both (unlikely), but a close domination may happen too. That means they’ll be spread thin and games will likely fall to usual scores. At the very least, Kiko Lake will want to get away with Slushie Slinger, which they can probably do.
YYB – TM / SS – KL / MSN – TM / SOSD – TM / Win – Terror Mountain

June 27th Commentary / June 28th Predictions


KD vs MQ
Amazingly, MQ sweeps–a combination, again, of KD underperforming and MQ performing better than usual. KD got a 3 in SlS, unusually low for them, but MQ also got sixes in MSN/SOSD, so they definitely earned their wins.

RI vs MI
RI sweeps as expected, nothing unusual here.

KI vs VP
KI also sweeps as expected, but VP’s scores weren’t really as high as usual, surprisingly.

HW vs MT
Rather than taking MSN, MT randomly went for, and took, SOSD. Alright then.

DC vs SK
DC does just a little better than expected, pulling off a 6 in MSN in order to protect it.

TY vs MD
Nope, not even MD… I don’t even want to talk about TY’s scores.

KL vs FL
FL took YYB, which is frankly just amazing. KL’s scores were way below the norm though, so it seems like that came back to bite them in the butt.

AL vs TM
TM’s scores take another leap again, but this one might be at least mostly natural, judging by the hit that their MSN score took.  Then again… their scores are still much higher total than they have been for quite a while.

BV vs LD
Shockingly, BV amped it up and took MSN with a 6, winning the entire match.

Predictions (yyb / sls / msn / sosd)

RI vs KD
With how KD’s been performing lately, I don’t think they’ll manage to upset.

KI vs MI
MI doesn’t have much of a chance.

MQ vs VP
YYB is the game to watch, and I think MQ will watch it closely enough to secure the sweep.

DC vs HW
This match is a little tough. Surprisingly, HW has the edge in YYB… They have the edge in SlS too, but it’s smaller, and I think DC will put forth at least a little more effort than usual on the last day of matches.

TY vs MT
I seriously doubt we’ll see an upset this big on the last day of the cup.

MD vs SK
This match seems pretty cookie-cutter, as far as strengths and weaknesses go.

LD vs FL
LD has the edge in every game, but FL’s fully capable of upsetting. In every game. LD’s just more consistently better.

TM vs KL
This match could go just about anywhere. First I had to decide if TM’s scores would be up or down–I decided up since it’s the last day. I had to decide the same for KL. Both teams could drop games or pull funny business–this could go anywhere.

AL vs BV
BV could take SlS or SOSD–especially SOSD–but I think AL’s going to go all-out today. I don’t think anyone but TY can stand up to AL when they’re going all-out.