Altador Cup IX Predictions

Hi guys, I’m Platypus/Connor and I will be returning to write for my second year with the site.  Here are my bold predictions for AC IX, justified with short but to the point reasoning.  My top 3 all seem crazy, but they are based on where All star groups both legit and cheating are rumored to be going or where I think they are going.

1. Haunted Woods

Rumored to be Codex’s team this year, they will probably dominate the cup.  If Codex’s power remains the same as last year, Haunted Woods will become the first repeat winner.  We will see how the new maxes on games will effect Codex, and see if TNT might have a few other tricks up their sleeve to try and slow down the automatic score senders.

2. Virtupets

Seems like a good fit for Stealth this year.  Stealth likes joining small bottom tier teams, and may rejoin their original team.  With Virtupets being such a small team, Stealth could join them and give them a shot at being the first repeat winner, or at the least get them a podium spot.  Stealth with be strong enough with Virtupets to be able to take down every team except ones with large cheating groups like Codex.

3. Brightvale

Another small team that looks like a prime spot for an all-star group.  Brightvale is small and already has decent strength, and is a good spot for SOTAC this year, and I think SOTAC will join them.  I put them third not first because I think Stealth will be able to beat them by a small margin, since Stealth had a greater influence on Altador than SOTAC had on the Roos.

4. Kreludor

Although Kreludor finishing in seventh place seems like a pretty big drop, they really did not fall very hard.  They finished fourth of the teams without an All-star group, and are poised for a bounceback this year.  Their drop in size looks like a big help, probably the freeloaders who joined them after they won the year before leaving.  Kreludor’s cutdown in size will help them to be even stronger, and they will be the top team without an All-star group.

5. Meridell

Meridell did not live up to the hype last year.  With many people projecting them cup champions, they finished in a lackluster sixth place.  This year they had a large decrease in size with the people who joined them because they thought they were going to win leaving to some other “it team” (probably Haunted Woods).  This size decrease should help them to have a great season this year.  I think with the pressure of being the expected winners of their backs and the drop in size, they will have an improvement this year, and move up to fifth, maybe even beating Krleudor out for fourth.

6. Darigan Citadel

Darigan Citadel has lots of All-stars and devoted players, but freeloaders and massive team size have always brought them down.  They grow more and more each year, and the effects of their All-stars is getting smaller.  I think they will stay in the top two tiers, but expect a small drop for them.  I know most people think the Darigan and Krawk Island yo-yoing each year thing is dumb, but every season since AC IV Darigan and Krawk Island have traded off placing higher than the other.  Last year the Krawks beat out Darigan, this year I think Darigan will just beat out the Krawks.

7. Krawk Island

Krawk Island is in a very similar situation.  Every year tons of freeloaders join Krawk Island because they are consistently good and have a very cool look.  Krawk Island and Darigan Citadel have almost one third of the players in the cup.  When you have a team that big, you don’t attract an All-star group and it is hard for All-stars to make an impact.  Yet every year, the Krawks devoted All-star fans manage to keep them as a cup powerhouse.  If it weren’t for All-star groups, Krawk Island would’ve been the first repeat winner last year, but they weren’t even in the top 3.  That really hurts a team’s morale, when they play that hard and don’t get a top 3 spot.  I think due to decreased moral and having such a big team, Krawk Island will fall this year, and lose to Darigan because of the yo-yo effect I mentioned before.

8. Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is a hard team to predict.  They are a great spot for an All-star group, but I don’t think they will get one.  Being one of the smallest teams in the cup, some dedicated All-stars can make a big difference.  Kiko Lake has a potential for a big rise, and I think their little but dedicated fanbase will step up and boost them up to 8th.

9. Lost Desert

After a solid bounceback from the winner’s curse two years ago, Lost Desert fell hard last year.  They had a drop in size this year, which should help them to move up a little and separate them from the bottom tier teams.  If Lost Desert fans can stay optomistic despite the fall last year and keep playing hard, I think they will experience a small rise, and slowly work their way back up to the top tier over the next few years.

10. Mystery Island

Mystery Island’s relatively small team was hit hard by freeloaders after getting second with Stealth’s help in AC VII.  They crashed into being one of the very worst teams last year.  They experienced a huge loss in size this year, and I think they will have a big jump with all the freeloaders who joined after ACVII leaving.  I’ve predicted a big jump for Mystery Island, but I think they will be able to pull it off.

11.  Maraqua

Maraqua has really struggled under the bracket system, and has been dropping places since it came into existence.  I think Maraqua will keep sliding down the ladder this year, and drop more than most people expect.

12. Shenkuu

Shenkuu is an hard team to predict, like Kiko Lake.  Last year they improved from their worst season ever in ACVII, but they have not finished above tenth since AC IV.  Shenkuu’s anime theme brings in lots of freeloaders,  and  being the third largest team is never a good thing.  I don’t expect Shenkuu to rise this year, but I think with their dedicated All-stars they will not drop into the fourth tier.

13. Tyrannia

We finally arrive at the former champions, Tyrannia.  Last year with Codex they dominated the cup.  Despite winning last year, they managed to remain a small team.  I have them falling hard, but not as bad as the other podium teams from last year.  Tyrannians may even respond to the hate they received last year by playing harder than ever, and earn themselves a top ten spot.

14. Roo Island

I know most of you think this pick is a crazy risk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Roos drop even lower.  Let’s look at the Roos places in the 3 seasons before receiving SOTAC: 4th in AC V, 9th in AC VI, and all the way down to 14th in AC VII.  So as you can see, the Roos were on a massive decline before SOTAC came.  Now with freeloaders joining them because of SOTAC bringing them to third last year and SOTAC leaving, Roo Island goes back to the 14th place team of AC VII plus lots of freeloaders.  The Roos are in for a rough season, and are going to experience one of the biggest drops of the cup.

15. Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain was a decent team, usually placing around 10-12th place before getting some help last year.  Now for some reason Terror Mountain has experienced a large increase in size, and if they don’t get help from an ASG or ASS this year, I expect a large decline for Terror Mountain.  A mediocre at best team getting a boatload of new freeloaders causes reason for concern for the Chillers of Terror Mountain.

16. Moltara

Moltara had a pretty average season for them last year, unfairly given last place.  They got 9 wins in SOSD giving them not horrible strength in at least one sport, and got 3-4 wins in all the others, better than some bottom teams.  I think Moltara will have a little rise this year, beating Faerieland and Altador, but staying a cellar-dweller of the cup.

17. Faerieland

Faerieland, that team that just sucks it up every year.  Faerieland didn’t get last last year, but they were still awful as ever.  I think Faerieland will beat Altador who is in for a colossal collapse this year, but won’t beat anybody else.

18. Altador

Oh the rude awakening freeloaders joining Altador are going to get this year.  Tons of freeloaders joined Altador this year thinking 2nd place will go to 1st, but Altador is going to be in for a horrible year.  Altador was already at the very bottom of the cup, and with a large quantity of freeloaders coming in they are ensured a large drop, probably dead last by a large margin.


Always feel free to comment your opinion or ask me questions on my picks, and



What Made You Join Your Team

Hello my avid readers Joe here. Recently an issue has arisen as to what constitutes a “correct” reason for joining a team. Some people join a team because they think that team has a strong chance of winning, some join because of a friendly neoboard community, others simply join a team because of the general team aesthetics or a team member (I’ve heard rumors of Aldric Beign fan boys). This caused me to remember my own Altador Cup history when it dawned on me that in my 8 Altador Cups I’ve pretty much used every reason above at least once to justify a choosing a team. Also please forgive any grammatical errors you might find as I’m writing this from an unfamiliar computer today (spontaneous writing urges force me to be adaptive).

Altador Cup II: This year I chose Faerieland. Now you know when people say “Faerieland will always have free-loaders because of the theme” well I’m kind of living proof of that (at least partially) as I chose Faerieland because I believed it would be a popular choice, not necessarily a podium contender (I didn’t even know anything about the podium) but I figured considering it was the land with the Hidden Tower, and the fact that faeries just seemed popular, I kinda just winged it and chose them. I played an entire 13 games of Yooyuball, 1 game of Slushie Slinger, and 3 games of Make Some Noise (can you say future MVP). I feel I prove that everyone chooses without really thinking their first cup meaning every team will undoubtedly have a couple of new people who only joined because of some reason that only they really know.

Altador Cup III: This year I chose Shenkuu. After going through last year with arguably the worst team in the cup, I wanted a team that actually had a shot at doing well. Around this time I was big into guilds and the guild that I happened to be in at that time talked about joining Shenkuu because they had gotten 3rd place the previous year. This year I actually got to rank 4 which considering I was also taking drivers-ed course for my learners permit and taking a summer Algebra class. To me that rank 4 was a huge accomplishment (I also had gotten the highest rank in the guild since many stopped at rank 2 once they learned there were no more avatars).

Altador Cup IV: This year I chose Krawk Island. After coming so close the year before with Shenkuu I realized that I wanted a trophy and I made a conscientious choice that the best team to give me that chance would be Krawk Island. I also knew going into that cup that I would have almost no time to play since I would be going to summer camp after the third day. And that’s pretty much how that cup went. I played less than 10 games of YYB with no sides, went away, came back and saw that I had earned a gold trophy. I was shattered to say the least as I had finally earned what I thought I wanted only to find it extremely unfulfilling.

Altador Cup V: This year I chose Kiko Lake. This was also the first year where I discovered the Neo Boards (only took me 5 years). I remember looking at all the team boards during the off-season and thinking “where do I belong” which is hard thing to ask a 17 year old me. I remember Kiko Lake stood out to me because I had remembered them from the year before “the returning team that failed to live up to expectations after taking a year off). When I looked at the team bio I noticed everything about the team screamed “underdog” and I’ve always been a fan of underdogs. That year I got to rank 5 (my induction into the non-wood shields)

Starting with ACVI I found the KLOWNS board, these little funny people seemed to really understand me, while not taking the cup very seriously (which melded with my play style of doing what I want). Under this structure I was able to get rank 16 which shows (at least to me) that the secret to reaching a higher Altador Cup rank is by finding a group of people that you can do it with. Recently however an increase in summer activity (summer jobs and summer classes) and a decrease in interest leads me to believe I won’t be getting higher than rank 5 ever again.

Ultimately there isn’t a “correct” way to choosing a team, because ultimately you need to find a reason to keep yourself playing if that’s what you want to do. If your goal is to just join a team for the sake of joining then by all means join whatever team you feel appeals to you most. But how about you, what made you join the team(s) that you’ve joined in the past, and what methods do you think are the best to finding the team that motivates you to participate in the Altador Cup the most.

Yaz’s ACIX Predictions

Hello friends!! This is Yaz, and I’m back for another year of AC madness! My first post of the season will be a simple outline for predictions. I’ll try to keep them short since they’re pretty arbitrary this early on.  I WILL be taking cheaters, ASGs, and freeloaders into account for these. Simply put, you can’t have complete predictions without considering as many factors as you can process. That being said, they’ll all be wrong anyways.

1. Kiko Lake 

So, KL first. Why? They have a very, very dedicated core. While it’s too small and inconsistent to  take them to the top on its own, the fact is, KL is so incredibly small that intervention by ANY ASGs or cheating groups would rocket them to the top. I can’t imagine at least one group won’t take the opportunity. Maybe more than one. It’s tempting to see the results of your influence before your eyes, and with KL, these groups would definitely see it. Basically, I think they could be like AL, but they have a stronger core to start with.

2. Brightvale

I bumped BV to #2 for pretty much the same reasons as for KL at #1. They’re small (though not QUITE as small) and strong on their own, and pretty boostable.

3. Darigan Citadel

DC is hard to knock down. Despite their massive size and number of freeloaders, they’ve been contenders nearly every year. My sources aren’t strong, but I’ve heard on top of this, they’re being considered by outside groups themselves. If DC can contend with boosted teams without outside help, they’ll certainly rise if they get even a little.

4. Kreludor

KD is a spitfire of a team. They placed an incredible 7th in what should’ve been a terrible year for them. I can’t really think of a steadier team than KD, and the bracket format simply favors steady teams over teams that burst sporadically. This combined with a fierce size drop should put their core players in a great position to carve out a place in the top four.

5. Krawk Island

KI is pretty similar to DC in my mind. You won’t catch them falling too low anytime soon. I haven’t heard much about anything new with them, so I’ll put them safely around 5th.

6. Meridell

MD is a team I’ve bet on in the past, and I seem to lose every time that I do. Unfortunately, I seemed to have predicted them holding steady at 6th-it’s just where they ended up relative to other teams in my lineup. I don’t see them gaining a lot of force, but they already have a lot of force to begin with, so I’ll set them just outside contention.

7. Roo Island 

RI made a run for the cup last year, but couldn’t compete next to the two untouchable teams. Some call them the unofficial winners of ACVIII. I don’t think that they can keep it up two years in a row, especially not with their rocky couple of years beforehand.  They aren’t totally consistent, so I can’t see them making another serious run. It’s pretty much a gut feeling on this one.

8. Lost Desert

I’ve predicted a short jump for LD.  I’ve heard (from Phish, actually) that their board presence  is a little stronger this year, and it’s better reason for a jump than some others, so I put them at 8.

9. Mystery Island

MI seems like they’re getting it together this year, too. They’ve always had potential and I can see them coming together for a rise this year to a respectable 9th. It’s a bit of a gamble, but I’d make that gamble for MI.

10. Maraqua

A very slight drop for MQ. Basically, I see no reason for them to do any better than last year. They’re still massive, they don’t seem like they’ll get ASGs or cheaters, but they’re too big to fall too hard.

11. Virtupets

I’m predicting big things for VP. Maybe too big, but maybe not. They’re one of the smallest teams in the cup and therefore one of the most susceptible to change, and I think their members might just be ready to do a little something more this year.

12. Terror Mountain

TM is a team that is fairly small, but not small enough that I think they’ll be big targets for extra help. They’re still spunky enough on their own, but without help, I think they’ll take a fall.

13. Tyrannia

TY will be taking a hard fall this year. I have them just a bit lower than where they normally sit due to increased freeloaders, but I know they’re consistent and have a strong core, so I think they’ll stay out of the very bottom.

14. Moltara

MT is a candidate for boosting this year, but because they’re a little bigger, I decided not to bet on it.  I gave them a rise because they’re capable, but it’s far from guaranteed. I think they’ll slip by people this year.

15. Haunted Woods

HW has just BALLOONED in size this year. I think it bodes very ill for them; I seriously doubt any groups will be looking at them, and jumps in size can really kill a team like HW. A sizeable drop.

16. Shenkuu

Shenkuu seems like a forgotten team nowadays.  Or, maybe I’ve just forgotten them. They did better than 16th last year, but I have too many people to put ahead of them, so I have them dropping a bit.

17. Faerieland

Faerieland is a bit like TM, to me, but even less likely to receive help, and with fewer strong players in their core. I think they’ll sit pretty around the bottom.

18. Altador

I put AL last, partly for fun. I think they’ll either end up around the bottom few or remain a contender. It depends if any groups decide to shack up with AL again this year, but frankly, it seems like they’ve taken on a lot of freeloaders and I think that the cheaters and ASGs have had their fun with AL for the time being, leaving them worse off than before with regard to placement.



Thanks for reading guys! I’m tired, let me know about typos, and I’m sure I have some horrid reasoning in places, but FEEL FREE to point it out, I love talking about this stuff!

Something Resembling Altador Cup IX Predictions

I’ve been predicting the Altador Cup for years. Almost as long as I’ve been a player in the tournament, and this particular one marks the eighth time I play as a  terror or Terror Mountain. But for the first time in the history of my working brain, I’m having extreme trouble putting my predictions down. Perhaps it’s because I used to enjoy analyzing data from previous cups and incorporating it into a team’s awakened population as the board is freshly posted in May. I did this last year as well, but it amounted to nothing. The three podium placers were boosted by cheaters and team-hoppers highlighting the fact that a team’s dedicated fan-base almost doesn’t equate to anything anymore. Not to mention the bracket system that I can’t grasp; and it’s not because I’m bad at math. Well… not only. Predictions now involve placing the ACG and ASG teams on the podium and shuffling the rest below. Nevertheless, I’ve made my very best guesses just for you loyal readers. Let’s make sure to make it wrong!


1. Haunted Woods

If fate were to crown a new champion again this year then half the teams that compete in the Altador Cup would have won at some point. That’s pretty impressive for any sports league. Mark my words though, a former champion will win this year. Even though no repeats have occurred, many teams have remained powerhouses and contended for the Cup. Haunted Woods was the very first winner of this tournament, getting supported by multiple other teams in a very different format. And it seems like this year they will have alternative ways of reaching their goal; whether it’s legitimate or not. Codex, an infamous group that launched on Meridell and didn’t accomplish a gold that year, will join the ghosts after previously crowning Tyrannia with ridiculous scores. Tyrannia and Haunted Woods are around the same levels in power, so you’re invited to the monster mash. It will be surprising to see the Woods get any red this year.

2. Darigan Citadel

Darigan once again competed last year and started off strong, but faltered in the second half and trailed off to irrelevance. So it goes without saying that Darigan has natural talent and always will have it since the fan-base popularly replenishes itself. But that’s not exactly why the team will be majorly in the running this time. Darigan will be aided by clraik, the group that influenced Altador’s sudden rise. They didn’t actually get the gold, but think of it this way: they made a 17th team into a 2nd place team with scores that were generally unbeatable. Altador would probably have gotten 2-4s without them. Now imagine this group doubling the scores of a powerhouse. If you thought Tyrannia’s scores were unmatchable, then prepare yourself to see two unmatchable teams.

3. Kreludor

Amazing how the winner’s curse works, isn’t it? After years of the curse escalating, Kreludor reversed the charges and finished in 7th place, the original reservation for washed-up champs. Kreludor was aided by SOTAC for two years in a row, dominating both years and getting gold in the second run, but the foundation of the team itself is very strong.
Freeloaders were apparently not much of an issue considering Kreludor is the second smallest team to win, yet Virtupets’ descended even lower. Kreludor’s so well-rounded and consistent that 7th is considered weak. They may not have any interstellar support anymore, but I don’t believe the moon will continuously fall. They’re well trained at defying gravity.

4. Krawk Island

It takes a village to raise a child, or in some other terms, make a team consistent. The pirates are almost always in contention for the win. Last year was no different, and the team nearly qualified for a medal against the likes of a SOTAC-boosted Roo Island. If the team has any one weakness, it will be the collective lack of motivation when they aren’t getting their way with the results. They probably won’t make a dent on their old friends above them so let them hope that the brackets don’t call for rough seas ahead.

5. Maraqua

Here’s where it gets vague. There are a few teams that seem good enough to contend for 5th as if it’s the actual prize, but most don’t seem to be able to vault themselves up that high. One or two standing placements don’t seem that big but it can determine a lot if you read between the lines. I chose Maraqua but I have a lack of confidence. They haven’t adapted well to the brackets system despite getting good results. They also don’t seem to be as titanic as they’ve been in the past, but maybe they’re not obnoxious like I remember. There needs to be another team worthy of contention, and with Maraqua’s long struggle for the top, they might be the team most deserved.

6. Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is an oddity. The last two years have shown the many-faceted faces the team can play as. The Kikos are like a football, in appearance and and action. Chuck it to the ground to see what it can do, and it either bounces right back up or wildly rebounds in the last direction you’d expect. In the AC7 they jumped to 6th place with some random assistance, and apparently lost it in the next year yet still displayed results that could set a geiger counter off. Let’s just lose to a bottom tier team while we suddenly overpower a much stronger team, okay? The team’s also basically the only team that could achieve scores higher than sixes without cheating or being a powerhouse. Maybe it was stealthy cheaters, but that wouldn’t explain the huge drops in other games compared to those one or two large wins. They have big inconsistency problems, but evidently have brutish strength for a tiny team. If the brackets are kind then they can bounce right back up again.

7. Meridell

Meridell has always been an underperformer that seems like they should have been in the champion’s match already, but they’ve come close. In the 7th Cup they finished with bronze and lead many, including myself, to predict them as the winners for the next one. Well, as you know, they fell to 6th. It was revealed afterwards that the rise to 3rd was with the help of a cheating group that hadn’t perfected the art of chaos yet, so the departing of that group left a solid looking team. There’s no reason why Meridell can’t bolster themselves up to 4th but I’m predicting an unremarkable underperforming year.

8. Roo Island

Roo Island plays similarly to the land’s most famous game: Dice-A-Roo. Sometimes a jackpot is rolled while others result in lots of death. After three years of competing for the title, they won, and then it got wonky. They fell to 9th with the winner’s curse, which was the hardest curse at the time, and since then they’ve ranked 4th, 9th, 14th and 3rd. Um, what? I don’t have a rocket scientist close by to explain these numbers, but last year’s return to the podium was brought to you by SOTAC, a great friend of the Roos. Stripped of an all-star group again in addition to freeloaders flocking to the best team that didn’t explicitly cheat results in another mid-standings performance in my science.

9. Terror Mountain

Introducing the first of the AC8’s unreasonably scoring teams, Terror Mountain’s quest for the cup was more subdued than the two top performers. The team started and ended decently but had a string of sudden wins that placed them at 7th. Interestingly, nobody knows why this happened and why it stopped. It seems like a group of cheaters joined but the “group” is anonymous and unknown. Without the brackets, the Mountaineers would have finished in 4th on overall strength, but they once again have to shift gameplay for the brackets. The team that once used to be a side-game powerhouse changed their style when individual games didn’t make a difference in the live standings, so they seem to be using an increasingly balanced playstyle. If the unknown group decides to let it go, then we’ll probably see a team that’s almost at the summit.

10. Tyrannia

Ah yes, finally we get to the current champions. To be fair to the Tyrannians, they were bound to win sooner or later without the bracket system. They are still technically the best team at all of the games. They just can’t utilize these skills with the current system. Nevertheless, they won the cheap way, and now they have to deal with the consequences. Nowadays new players are realizing that the first place team doesn’t automatically mean a trophy, so Tyrannia’s percentage of new recruits isn’t as much as one would expect. But excluding the anomaly of Kreludor, the winner’s curse has gotten harsher. 10th isn’t bad though. It’s a comfortable place for a team in need of a reboot.

11. Brightvale

I’ve suspected Brightvale of gaining a lot of players before and storming the standings one too many times and I can adamantly say it’s not happening this year (unless an ASG aligns after this is posted). The team does have something though. They’re one of the few small teams that are capable of focusing on a game and stealing the win from stronger teams, but that doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. The scholars aren’t bad but they need more astute players to outshine the rest. The team is a light that isn’t going out any time soon.

12. Virtupets

Tough luck for the bots. Virtupets was the first shocking victory of the Altador Cup. Unlike the previous five winners, they didn’t start off strong from the original Cup launch, and they were never exactly a powerhouse before they won either. How often can you say that a former last place team has also won the thing? Once. Unfortunately, the team is in need of an upgrade based on last year’s finish. They tied for 16th, which was actually the second-to-last spot in the rankings. Ignoring the placement and you’ll notice that Virtupets did get snuffed by the brackets. Their Yooyuball skills were quite good for being next-to-worst but the real killer was the side-games. Scoring a one is awful no matter how you look at it. If the brackets don’t ruin the program for them, they should logically place a little higher.

13. Shenkuu

What’s to say? Shenkuu is balancing closely on the edge between becoming a bottom-feeder and still having a chance at improving. But it’s been like this for years now so it’s not fresh from the headlines. I’m calling a mild improvement for the ninjas who are still amazingly not deterring new members from long shut-in nights of combat in the tea house.

14. Lost Desert

When it seemed like the Lost Desert would return to the big leagues after bouncing back from their winner’s curse, explanation decidedly got completely lost. They fell to 12th. Was it a lack of motivation? Was it a secret group ditching from the year before? It’s odd to see two opposite performances using the bracket system, so I don’t even know how to predict this well. As you can see, they’re in 14th, so I don’t think they’ll recover. The team isn’t getting much hype, so obviously another run for the Cup would be a bit shocking.

15. Moltara

I hate predicting Moltara to be last. Coming in last three out of four times since being introduced into the Cup is a painful reminder and it will be a thorn in the side until an improvement is competitively made. Don’t hate too hard though, Moltara is making improvements with every itineration of the Cup. Pull a reverse Shenkuu and erupt with green wins.

16. Faerieland

Bless you faeries, for without you we wouldn’t have a jester in the court. Even TNT has turned on you. Every year there seems to be some rumour that Faerieland will be supported by a bunch of strong players and suddenly they’d win. It was a joke until Altador did just that, so it could happen soon. Not this year though. Faerieland is perpetually one of the worst teams to compete, but they’re no longer a match where you can clean sweep them without fear. Effort has to be made cause the faeries know how to dive-bomb for some points.

17. Altador

It’s a difficult job being the hosts. Three years in a row the Altadorians placed in 17th, not quite the worst but one of the worst. Then last year happened and they got 2nd, not quite the best but one of the best. Altador can’t seem to make that extra hurdle. And I predict that tradition to continue into this tournament. Altador’s hosting duties always add extra freeloaders to the team with the thought that Altador equals strength, and that will definitely be a problem in this round. They’ve received the most newbies in comparison to Tyrannia and Roo Island. They could be more freeloaders or actual dedicated players that may have fallen off the cheating bandwagon. But that’s a large group departing and the population is still up, so a bit of concern would not be uncalled for. Years of lowly irrelevance has lead to an opportunity for a game-changing team and I doubt they want to lose that.

18. Mystery Island

We’ve come to the final team. The worst, if you will. Mystery Island is unfortunately my poster-child for one of the worst cons of the brackets. It’s unfair and inaccurate how a team can finish better than the display they showed throughout the tournament. Mystery Island was actually the worst team in the AC8. It’s a shame, cause the team used to strike fear in me despite the players being laid back and inviting. Now their recent history embodies what I believe will happen to Altador. Mystery Island’s 2nd place two years ago was bolstered by Stealth, and the collapse shows that the team will need to rebuild for a longer period of time. Research shows that they don’t have many new players this year which is not a good sign. I suppose they should hope for another lucky bracket lottery this year.

The Freeloading Saga: Demise of the Altador Cup, or No True Problem?

In order to keep peace, I have, on my own will, edited this post. I apologize for any hurt feelings, but my intentions were just to cause some controversy. The regular season reports will be written in a serious manner, and I admit that I have not represented in a way that is pleasing and respectful to all of the readers. My deep apologies.

Hopefully you are fired up for the Cup, however, and I intend to write 5 power rankings, 3 interviews, and 2 impression reports throughout the duration of the Cup.

Again, please forgive me. Though I do not believe I personally harassed anyone, I will admit to purposefully swaying the truth in order to make a point and in order to stir up some excitement.

I was not asked to take this down. It has been my choice, so please respect that. One thing needs to be clear, though. I am not a man who cusses who blatantly insults people. If you see someone by the name of Pepe swearing in the comment section, that is simply not me.

Thanks, and peace be with you fellow players. Though we disagree, and though I have wrongfully distorted important facts, one thing still remains in common: we all want the trophy.

I look forward to my next 10 reports this year. It was always in my intention to write these 10 regular season posts in a serious manner, and I realize now that I should have written the 3 pre-season ones in that light as well.


– Your reporter, competitor, and friend,


Haunted Woods, Altador grow while Mystery Island, Kreludor shrink

Haunted Woods, Terror Mountain and Altador have received the most new members this year, according to preliminary data collected and released by five Altador Cup fanatics.

The three teams have shown massive growth in team size, with Haunted Woods showing an increase of approximately 59% on its estimated team size last year.

The teams with the next biggest size increases are Terror Mountain and Altador with growths of approximately 53% and 47% respectively.

Roo Island, Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island have all shown signs of growth, while the remaining teams have shown a decrease in team size.

Hardest hit are Mystery Island and Meridell, showing a 38% and 35% drop in supporters respectively.

Team Kreludor is also hit hard, with its 32% decrease now making it the team with the fourth smallest fanbase this year, after Brightvale, Kiko Lake and Virtupets.

Other teams showing a massive decrease in team size are Lost Desert and Virtupets, with both teams showing a loss of over 20% of last year’s supporters.

Information collected regarding team size can be found here:

New Maximum Sent Games

Hey everyone! I’m Cherry/Jack, and I’ll be writing for from now on!  I’m here to discuss the new maxes that TNT has implemented.

If you go to the Altador Cup FAQ page, there is a new question that discusses how new maximums are going to be implemented. It states:

New caps on the number of times you can submit your scores have been instituted for this year’s tournament. Everyone will still be able to strive to achieve their desired rankings and do the utmost to benefit their teams, only now they’ll be able to do so without feeling like they have to spend all day playing. So, if you max out: take a deep breath, feel a sense of satisfaction, and maybe go for a walk around the block or make a tasty sandwich?


Obviously, this has stirred some debate on the AC forums. Most people speculate that TNT has set up a new maxing system to balance the affect of cheaters in the AC. I’m not entirely sure how this would work, but I assume that TNT’s logic is that with the maxes lower, honest players will be able to make a larger contribution to their team and be able to spend less time doing it. Cheaters are able to spend virtually no time (a program sends scores for them) and probably contribute enormously. By having legitimate players be able to do the same thing cheaters do (except without the cheating part), it should negate their effect.

However, this does not completely cure the issue of cheaters. Cheaters can still make numerous accounts, as they have done before, and send more scores with these lower maxes. In addition to this, TNT has not taken any countermeasures to make the games harder to cheat on. However, Yooyuball has players on incorrect teams (Wan Dirx still in play, Coco Metrone and Ealyn Hawkshanks not switched). Maybe it was just a glitch in programming or there really is no change in the games at all. TNT may have something else in mind.

Through all this, one thing is glaringly clear.  Cheaters still remain a threat to the competition.


What do you think TNT’s intentions were with the new maxes? Do you think TNT has anything else in mind for cheaters? Any suggestions to improve the cup? Tell me in the comments below.