In light of the recent exclusives.

We at were given the unique opportunity to find out the backstory of the infamous score-sending group, NeoCodex. The opportunity was given to all writers on our site, but ultimately, Joe (Lady_elegant) took the opportunity to conduct interview, and posted the raw, uncensored result.

At, we endeavour to bring you the best Altador Cup related coverage possible, and to do so all stories must be heard, including unpopular opinions. We do not condone the use of score-sending programs, autobuyers or other illegitimate gameplay means.




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  1. I do not think much of cheaters in the Altador Cup. I reached rank 8 with Terror Mountain and I’m content with the prizes I’ll get. I do not care much for a piss-yellow trophy. It just bugs me that people who complain about them gives the ACGs an inflated head and more reasons to cheat like what Keil said. If we stopped caring about them, they would probably disband because they cannot fester bigger without the lack of drama..

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