Offseason News: Best Site Event

Once again, the efforts of Altador Cup lovers were thwarted in the third Annual Neopies as the AC finished an unfortunate 3rd place with 26% of the vote for best site event. Although unfortunate, this is a solid result for our beloved event. The Daily Dare finished in 2nd with 27% but was aided by the fact that no other general gaming events were in the competition. As a result, this was the DD’s best ever finish at the Neopies both in popular result and placing. The quests of the Negg Festival, which subsequently won with 40% of the vote, gave Neopians the plot like experience they had been longing for especially after the game & click plot, Atlas of the Ancients. With a weak site event like Save the Wheels rounding out the final four, the Altador Cup managed a decent showing.

Previous Results: It had managed 29% in the first Annual Neopies and was noticeably snubbed in the second.

For each of the Annual Neopies, the best site event has been a relatively short one, the Games Master Challenge won with 36% of the vote in the first Annual Neopies. The following year, the GMC would plummet to 4th place as Neopet’s Tenth Birthday became the best site event with 48% crushing the three game-oriented site events. With the Negg Festival winning this year, should TNT consider making the Altador Cup shorter?


Offseason News: The NeoRevolution Begins

In the last few months, we’ve seen:

an improved Altador Cup prize shop
Free 300 NC
A Defenders of Neopia opponent
Emergence of new colours: Woodland and Transparent
Something that looks like a decent plot


What does this mean for the Altador Cup though?

Assuming they continue this trend of shocking us completely, I will assume the following to occur in the next three years:

More roster changes: send Kiko Lake and Meridell a woodland player and send the Haunted Woods or Darigan Citadel, a transparent player

An Altador Cup stamp section (I want that Dirty Navers stamp!)

Animated prizes in prize shops (Imagine the amount of people they could get to participate in their events)

An Altador Cup plot (I know you’ve all been thinking about it!)

Return of Altador Cup All-Star teams

An Altador Cup All-Star game in December —That way we can all have a very enjoyable holiday!


Okay, so maybe I’m asking for a miracle but I expect one way or another to be surprised in June.  What would you like to see for the next Altador Cup?

Offseason News: The Best Possible Prize Shop

It’s been five years of the Altador Cup… prize shop and the only one done correctly was AC 1. If anyone recalls, with limited work, a player could end up with a stamp, maybe a halloween paint brush or one of those supe epic weapons. Normally, I would be against weapons in an AC prize shop since after all, what does the battledome have anything to do with the Altador Cup? However, the battledome has been completely ignored for the most part and good weapons would inflate the prices of all the other AC items available.

The second altador cup brought agony to battledomers as weapons were both overpriced and useless. On the flip side, a cool-looking darigan yooyu, yooyu celebration stamp, a wearable and a paint brush were all available. Although it took forever for the prize shop to be released, this was perhaps the second best prize shop to be created. Some of you would argue that perhaps the ACII prize shop was the best given that the inflation value of the prizes was much higher than the prizes of ACI.

TNT must have gone loony as the crazy Rooligans did in ACIII. It was one of the worst prize shops in AC history or prize shop history for that matter. A fire yooyu was the top prize and at a mere 10,000 prize shop points, it could be yours. In fact, it could still be yours! It never really inflated.

After the debacle of AC3, it was expectedAC 4 would be an improvement. To everyone’s disappointment, it was an improvement but not as spectacular as everyone had hoped for. There was no stamp, a recoloured slushie slinger hat, and ugly coloured yooyus. Let us not forget the insulting overpriced cloud paint brush (which was given away freely by Tarla a week later.)

Although Altador Cup 5 saw a vast improvement over the previous two Altador Cups, all-star performers were given a bit of a shock as several of them were unable to afford the top prize. (Talk about consistency in pricing TNT!) Pirate paint brush was valued at 40,000 prize shop points. What was worse however was the price of the snow yooyu. Yooyus, a yearly collectable, were usually priced within an affordable range. It appears however, that the snow yooyu is now going to be the toughest yooyu to attain.


What would a great AC6 prize shop look like, then?

1. Sandstorm (Wearable)    25,000 points

What would be more fitting than to celebrate Lost Desert’s victory than an animated wearable sandstorm? NOTHING, that’s what.

2. Wearable yooyuball sling    (Wearable)    20,000 points

It’s desperately needed. Knowing TNT though, they’ll probably put it in the NC Mall. One for each team.

3. Lost Desert Paint Brush     15,000 points

Ironically, this is priced slightly more than what I can manage.

4. Mutant Yooyu       10,000 points

This would be one of the few yooyus, I could understand might be priced at 30,000 points. I don’t think it’s going to happen next year.

5. Dirty Navers stamp     7500 points

One of the Desert’s former All-Stars. Not to mention this would be a perfect fit to an Altador Cup stamp section in the stamp album. (Not that TNT has decided to make an Altador Cup stamp section–YET.)

6. Solid Strategy (Book)      5000 points

Because books are priceless.

7. Oversized Leera Heggle action figure      2500 points

Obviously, it is not actually oversized.

8. Layton Vickles Plushie      2000 points

Top Scorers are getting noticed by TNT. I wonder how creepy this is going to look like.

9. ACIV Program  (Book)     1000 points

Another yearly thing.

10. Yooyu Background (Wearable)     800 points

Just imagine a big oversized yooyu as a background.

That’s all I have for now but that just goes to show you the potential of a prize shop! I’ll post again in a few weeks or months.

The All-Star teams of ACV

Given that TNT has abondoned the idea of All-Star teams, I’ve decided to give my humble opinion on the matter.

1st All Star team:

Left Forward: Layton Vickles (DC)

An obvious choice. He was top goal scorer!

Center Forward: Wizard Windelle (MD)

MD were in a hair’s inch of getting to the finals despite finishing 8th overall.

Right Forward: Lilo Blumario (RI)

This was actually a difficult choice to make. However, consider the fact that Lilo Blumario is a right forward, a position that is seldom or rarely seen on the top goal scorer’s list and that Jair did not make the list. It is likely that Lilo, along with Dasher were the top right forwards in the entire AC.

Defender: Derlyn Fonnet (KD)

Captain of the second best team in the AC.

Goalkeeper: Leera Heggle (LD)

How about duh? Does that explanation work for you?
Captain of the best team in the AC.

2nd All-Star team:

Left Forward: XL Striker 3.8 (VP)

One of the best scorers in the game and led the top goal scorers list for a long period of time.

Center forward: Elon Hughlis (MQ)

One of the best “Center” forwards in this year’s AC.

Right Forward: “Dasher” Soley (KI)

One of the few “right” forwards to have ever made it to the top goal scorer’s list. He may not have even graced his presence on the list this year but considering KI sort of bucking the winner’s curse, (in the sense that they were in competition for the finals) I think he deserves credit.

Defender: Luvea Trivon (LD)

They weren’t as consistent as they were in previous years but who cares? Remember the formation glitch that lasted a week early in the tournament? Shudders at thought of getting past gigantic red draik.

Goalkeeper: Jurin T (KD)

The Kreludans may not be ecstatic about him but it is said that he’s tough to score on after 10 goals.

TNT usually honours 5 or 6 teams but given things were apparently close this year, I’ve decided to go with players from 8 different teams.

I may occasionally post some off-season news so if you’re a crazy AC addicted fan that comes to this site at a time when no one person on Earth is even thinking of the AC, you’ll at least have something to read about.

My next future article will cover what prizes TNT should come out with and the plot points they should be worth. I’m afraid I don’t know when I’ll write that. So for now, goodbye!

Final matches begin

Tier I:

Lost Desert’s impressive opening day performance was too much for Darigan Citadel to overcome while Kreludor’s slim lead over Roo Island held.

Predictions: LD over KD, DC over RI

Tier II:

Maraqua powered through Meridell while Virtupets won in yooyuball against Krawk Island, slaying the deficit they had in day one.

Predictions: VP over MQ, KI over MD

Tier III:

Terror Mountain and Tyrannia just wanted to win more, period.
Now they face each other for 9th.

Predictions: TM over TY, HW over SK

Tier IV:

Mystery Island and Brightvale were simply better than Kiko Lake and Faerieland. Not surprising, considering both of those teams had the potential to reach better tiers.

Predictions: MI over BV, KL over FL

Consolation Tier:

Altador stormed back into the match with a victory in YYB against Moltara.

Prediction: AL over MT

Surprising Results on Day 1

Perhaps the only non-surprise is TNT’s epic failure of getting the tournament started on time. Here is an overview of Day 1 results:

1) Lost Desert Returns

Apparently, like previous champions, many LD’ers were just resting until now. They managed a surprising WWLL against DC.

2) Is Kreludor a new favourite?

They were strong at side games and now with draws being instituted in the finals, Kreudor has a fighting chance to win.

3) Draws

Apparently, draws are now possible in the AC.

4) Maraqua

If they had the power to squash Meridell rather easily, you’ve got to wonder instead of being the next Lost Desert, they may be the next Mystery Island. Perhaps Meridell is disappointed in their ability to make top tier though and are not playing as hard.

5) Tier 3 shocker

 Tyrannia and Terror Mountain dispatch Shenkuu and Haunted Woods with decisive yooyuball victories! Unbelievable upsets!

6) Moltara manages overall win against Altador with DWDD.

Wow. I couldn’t predict this from a mile away.

I found the other results rather predictable so I won’t cover them here. Despite these first day results, there was still time to turn the tide and snatch victory away from the hands of defeat. It’ll certainly be interesting to see the final results of the matchups.

Last Chance for Lost Desert

No team has made the final four in 4 consecutive Altador Cups and I don’t think any team ever will. Ultimately, this means that this is very likely Lost Desert’s last chance to win the Altador Cup for a relatively long time (~2 or 3 AC’s.) The team that was often commended for its sportsmanship, never-say-die attitude and consistent performance showed cracks within their interior shell. Lost Desert has had a history of infighting within its groups (Solid, Gold, Sandy) that have led to a tense atmosphere and the destruction of Gold. The team gained a notorius number of noobish freeloaders and a reputation that was usually befitting to all previous champions aside from the Haunted Woods in ACI (in which a different format was used.) How do I know that the solidarity of the team has been shredded completely? Even their major supporters are thinking about leaving whether they lose or win. Let’s not forget that their performance is buoyed by several former Krawk Island supporters and Sotac, both of whom may ultimately give the team the boost they need in the finals but both groups are unlikely to give them such support the following year. Camaraderie is important to create a supportive environment. For now it appears, Lost Desert has lost theirs. Unlike  previous champions however, there is doubt as to whether they will win or not.