Probably shutting down…

I’m probably going to be closing this site soon… so there’s that. Of course nobody seems to visit here anymore, so I’m not really sure who’s going to read this. I truly cherish some of the friendships and interactions I’ve had through this site. And if you’ve just been a lurker on this site but never participated on the forums or comments section, then I truly appreciate your time over the years. It’s been a long journey, but I think it’s finally time for it to come to an end. Feel free to friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Just send me a message that you’re from the site, so I don’t think you’re some random person. will live on in our hearts and in our minds, just not in a tangible format.



Hi, Apparently I Own This Site

Hi, I’m Alex.  Apparently I am the owner of this website *hears gasps and awws as people bow down to me*.  No, please, there’s no need to bow down to me.  I’m just a regular person, like you guys.  Well… maybe not like you guys.  I am the owner after all.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) I started this website to give my opinionated views on the Altador Cup.  But over time my interest in the Altador Cup waned, and my free time to devote to the site went down.  But the site still trudged on and morphed into something new.  Something beautiful.  It’s now a site where several fine writers are able to give their opinion on what goes on and I sit back and try to do as a little as possible.  But several times a year I am forced to do stuff for the website.  Believe me, it’s not easy.  Oh… my server bill is due?  FINE, I’ll log in to my hosting account.  Ugh…. what’s my password?  *password reset*  Alright, here’s my credit card info… please don’t steal my identity.

Anyway, where was I?   Oh, yes, we have a team of people who keep this site up and running.  Well, that’s where you come in.  I am looking to add new writers to the site once again this year.  Are you interested in having your articles appear in front of… *goes to log in to google analytics account… ugh, what’s my password?*…. a lot of people?  You are interested?!  Well good!  Instead of just sitting there being interested, you should do something about it.  “But Alex, I don’t know how to do something about it…. you haven’t told us that part yet”.  Umm, hello, I’m getting to it.  Please hold your questions until I finish my article… sheesh.  If you are interested in writing for this site, please head over to our forums (“what… you have forums? But I’m one of those weirdos who only comments in the comment section”) and send me (username: Alex) a PM.  It’s so easy, even you could do it (probably).

Uhhh… yeah, I got nothing more to say.  How do I end this article?  I don’t have a famous sign-off saying.  Good night and good luck, I guess.

Altador Awards Voting…

Don’t miss out on voting in the Altador Awards on the Forums.  Found here:

And if you’re not already a member… why not sign up now?

Second Movie Night: Finding Nemo (plus Google Hangout)

Kiko Lake is presenting the second ever Movie Night. This weeks movie is “Finding Nemo”. Movie Night is open to members of all teams, not just Kiko Lake. If you don’t already have access to the movie, make sure you have it by 5pm NST/8pm EST (it’s fairly easy to find free versions of it online). If you weren’t around for the last movie night, this is how it works. Everybody has the movie “Finding Nemo” ready to go at 5pm NST. At exactly 5:00pm NST we all hit the play button and watch the movie together while commenting about it on the neoboards and in our Google+ hangout. For the first time, we are corresponding watching the movie with having a “Google Plus Hangout”. This means you’ll be able to watch the movie with all of us on cam on our Google Plus page, here. Make sure you add us to your circles and you will be able to join us on cam at 5pm NST (8pm EST).

If you can’t join us on cam, no worries, you can join the discussion on the neobaords, located here. + KLOWNS + Finding Nemo + Google+ = Movie Magic

See you then!

First Ever KLOWNS Movie Night (All Welcome)

I am pleased to announce that the KLOWNS are putting together the first ever Movie Night tonight (since it’s a bye day) at 6:00pm NST (9pm EST). The movie for tonight is Mean Girls. This is how it will work. At precisely 6:00:00pm NST we will all have the movie ready to go and click play so that we are all watching it together. We will be making comments on the KLOWNS Movie Nightboard on the neoboards. Don’t own the movie? No worries, you can find it many places online for free (either streaming or a torrent). Just do a google search for it and you should be able to find it. You do not have to be a member of the KLOWNS or a member of team Kiko Lake in order to participate. All are welcome to join (even those who normally only lurk on the neoboards). So get the popcorn ready and meet us at 6:00pm NST (or a little before 6 so you’re not late for anything ;))

All credit for this idea goes to Nikkie and the KLOWNS for putting this together. I am merely promoting it on this site because I believe it’s a great idea. If things go well, the KLOWNS will likely put this on again during the next bye day, with a new movie. If that happens we will co-ordinate it so that we can also use the Google+ hangout so we can all watch the movie on cam (if you’d like). We’re not doing the G+ hangout this time because of the short notice. More info will be given on that when the next movie date approaches.

Update: After some discussion on the neoboards the movie was changed to Mean Girls. See you at 6pm NST 🙂

Accepting New Writer Applications…

With the Altador Cup VIII approaching, is now accepting applications for guest writers. You’ll be able to write articles for the site under the guest writer column. And should you chose to return for the Altador Cup IX there’s a good chance you’ll have your very own column. To apply to be a writer for, simply go to our forums at and send a PM to me (Alex). In addition to being a guest writer you will also have access to the staff board on the forums. I hope to see you on the team for the upcoming Altador Cup!

You’ll also notice that we’ve made a few changes to the site. One of those changes is we now have some ads on the site. For years we have run without ads, and the site has personally cost me a decent amount of money. I certainly don’t run this website to make a profit, but I would like to start breaking even. Having ads on the site will help pay for server and domain costs. I made sure that the ads are not overly intrusive. will never have pop-up ads or annoying flashing banners that give you seizures. If you have adblock on it would help me out if you turned it off for this domain. And if you see an ad that’s relevant to you, of course it helps the site out if you visit our sponsors 😉

WELCOME: Yaz and Soriel To The Team!

I am very excited to announce that both Yaz and Soriel are joining the team.  Yaz will be moving her page over to and will be doing her daily predictions exclusively on here.  You can find all her work under her column, here.  Soriel will be hosting all his statistics exclusively on our site as well.  You can find them all towards the top of the site where it says “Altador Cup Stats”.

I am also pleased to announce that Tails, Niku, and Neon will continue posting for the site.  If you would like to write for the site, please send me a PM (username: Alex) on the forums.  I know some people had PM’d me earlier in the year asking if they could be a writer, but if you would like to be a writer for the site please just PM me again as I have lost some of the those original PMs.  Newcomers start out as a guest writer, but if they do well and come back another year they have the opportunity to have their own column.  This is exactly what happened to Niku who did a great job for the site last year.  I personally don’t plan on writing for the site this year, but I will continue to do administrative behind the scenes work.  Also, big thanks to “Dude” who agreed to help me again this year with behind the scenes administrative work.

And finally I am glad to announce that a Live Chat Room has been added to the site.  There’s a link at the top of the page, or you can just visit  I recommend keeping a tab of it open while playing yooyuball.  It’ll make a sound why somebody posts something new.  Or you can disable the sounds by clicking where it says “sound”.

I hope everybody has a great Altador Cup this year!