Day 1 Review, Day 2 Preview

Edit/Note – Results are apparently glitched? Hmmm…

First off, Day 1 was absolutely insane. I just saw the results (obviously, they were just posted)

All I can say is WOW.

On to the results –

Brightvale vs Darigan = BV – BV – BV – BV (YYB – MSN – SS – SOSD)
Moltara vs Altador = AL – AL – AL – AL
Shenkuu vs Kiko Lake = KL – SK – SK – D
Tyrannia vs Virtupets = VP – TY – TY – VP
Kreludor vs Haunted Woods = KD – KD – KD – KD
Roo Island vs Mystery Island = D – RI – RI – RI
Lost Desert vs Terror Mountain = LD – D – LD – TM
Maraqua vs Meridell = MD – D – MD – MQ
Krawk Island vs Faerieland = KI – FL – KI – KI


So, let’s take a deeper look:

Brightvale SWEPT Darigan Citadel, a team predicted to place high in the 2nd tier, if not in the first. This could either be a case of DC being weighed down by freeloaders, or BV being a strong contender this year… And I’m saying, for now, that DC underestimated BV and paid dearly for it. Who knows? It’s only the first day.

Altador SWEPT Moltara. Saying “Altador swept” sounds very strange. Well, looks like our newest team is, as most predicted, weak. Or… Did Altador gain power? I think MT is weak, full of weaker/newer players, but we’ll find out in the upcoming days.

Shenkuu LOST to Kiko Lake. What? The favorites to win LOST to a team expected to place 13th or worse. This one was a huge shock to me. Shenkuu might have been hit with more freeloaders than even I expected. Wow. Again, it’s impossible to tell, though, if KL might be strong this year.

TY lost to VP – not a huge surprise, although I might predict VP in 8th instead of TY this year.

Kreludor swept Haunted Woods – and the sweep streak begins for KD… They’ll probably be the leaders going into the elimination rounds.

Roo Island beat Mystery Island. Here’s that consistency thing. MI either needs to snap out of it and start playing more, or they’ve lost their edge in YYB.

Lost Desert beat Terror Mountain – TM won SOSD and drew in MSN. An interesting start for both teams, to say the least… We know nothing about either of them, now. xD LD might be in a position similar to SK, except they’ve maintained YYB strength.

Maraqua LOST to Meridell. Ok, what? This organized team was supposed to come out and at LEAST win YYB against almost everyone this year. Big surprise for me. Tip for WAM – if you guys are focusing on SOSD, you should cut back and play more YYB. Clearly.

Krawk Island beat Faerieland. Not a huge surprise here. WAIT. FL beat KI in MSN? Krawk Island is supposed to be good at that! Well. That’s strange. I was on the KI boards and I did notice (and point out several times…) that our MSN score was low. *sigh* We’ll see what this leads to for KI.

Wow. I’m (almost) speechless. I have to believe that TNT has changed their method for formulating the results. I simply have to believe that something like team size is being taken completely out of the equation and scores are being averaged. That’s the only way I could see SK, MQ, and DC losing YYB. I can’t believe that any of those teams would lose YYB without SOME change to TNT’s top-secret formula.

On to today’s matchups –
KI vs KD
DC vs MT
BV vs KL
AL vs VP
SK vs HW
TY vs MI
RI vs TM
FL vs MD
LD vs MQ

Very interesting matchups…
KI vs KD – KI will be looking for revenge (I assure you) after KD’s sweep last year. This could be another sweep for KD, or another surprising result on the year if KI manages to win. I hate to predict KD, but I’m going to. KI might have a chance at YYB, but I honestly don’t know how weak/strong either team is this year.

DC vs MT – Both teams were swept yesterday. I think DC will come close to a sweep, but we’ll see. If MT beats DC, does that mean AL is actually good this year?

BV vs KL – I can’t wait to see the YYB result here.

AL vs VP – Eh, the winner of this one might look like an early contender this year. Sort of hard for me to fathom.

SK vs HW – Anything less than a sweep would not be satisfactory for SK if they wish to keep up with KD.

TY vs MI – I think MI will get the YYB win here, but everything else will go to TY. Fairly typical results expected.

RI vs TM – These teams both did surprisingly well on Day 1. This is another matchup whose winner might be a contender this year. I think RI will win YYB and the match.

LD vs MQ – What looked like a great matchup going into ACV might not be so interesting, based on LD and MQ’s results yesterday. We’ll see what happens, but I think LD will win YYB and the match, possibly a draw there.

MD vs FL – Looks like I left this one out at first. Oops. MD will win everything except for drawing in SOSD. Just a thought.

I think I covered everything. I’m going to go ahead and apologize for typos. It’s 2 AM and I just wanted to release my article early since I stayed up for results (and so I can play as much as possible tomorrow).

Good luck to everyone. I’d like to hear everyone’s rank and predictions for the day in this post’s comments.

I made it to 100 wins in YYB, 1294 goals. 201 SOSD games, 13 MSN, and 1 SS (lol, for the achievement). Rank 2.