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I’m probably going to be closing this site soon… so there’s that. Of course nobody seems to visit here anymore, so I’m not really sure who’s going to read this. I truly cherish some of the friendships and interactions I’ve had through this site. And if you’ve just been a lurker on this site but never participated on the forums or comments section, then I truly appreciate your time over the years. It’s been a long journey, but I think it’s finally time for it to come to an end. Feel free to friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Just send me a message that you’re from the site, so I don’t think you’re some random person. will live on in our hearts and in our minds, just not in a tangible format.



Examining the Altador Cup’s Problems

Hey, it’s that time of year again… I’m Neon, and I’m back for the first time since last year to share my thoughts about the state of the AC. More specifically I’m addressing some of the Cup’s major issues and offering some suggestions on its improvement. I may update this article slightly as time passes, but this covers pretty much everything. This is lifted straight from one of my petpages, and addressed “to TNT,” but hopefully everything stays clear and formatted. Thanks for reading!


Examining the Altador Cup’s Problems

Background: I’m Neon, and I’ve participated actively in the Altador Cup for a very long time now, as one of the leaders of Krawk Island on the boards and as a general AC enthusiast. I’ve spent a lot of time playing the games, observing and discussing the results and systems, and making friends inside and outside of my Altador Cup team. The past few years have been very disappointing for most AC fans, and I’m here to offer my feedback once again. I do not claim to speak for Krawk Island or the entirety of the site’s users, and I did not come up with everything in this post on my own. I’m merely speaking my mind, as a long-time fan of the AC who has thought and read about the various issues regarding the event. To everybody who has expressed their concerns or discussed these issues with me — thank you for helping me formulate my thoughts here. (I apologize about the formatting as well — I’m not a design/HTML wizard, but I tried to make it readable, at least.)

I’ll try to fit the issues as neatly/concisely as possible in the following four categories: Communication, Cheating, Competitive Legitimacy, and  Quality of Life , along with some closing words. I apologize to TNT in advance if some of the issues discussed are sensitive ones. I’m just desperate to at least discuss what’s going on. And with that out of the way, here we go:


For me, (lacking) communication is the biggest problem for the AC and the site as a whole. Users are almost entirely left out of the decision-making process behind the AC each year. As someone mentioned on a recent board, the team uses a “decide, announce, defend” process as it decides how to run the tournament. The users are aware that you consider feedback in some way, but the efforts there have been far too limited. A “discuss, decide, do” style would serve TNT and the users far better than the current system would. Transparency is an absolute necessity for making your dedicated users happy.

This means that we need more than the occasional survey about our opinions on the site or the Altador Cup. The AC community was delighted to see a staff member, Comastar, answering questions on the board and via neomail shortly before the AC began. We are aware that you all have work to do, so it is unreasonable to expect constant, direct communication like this. But it is important for us to know what’s going on. We need to have some idea of your plans each year, so we can provide feedback before another year is wasted on an event that isn’t as good as it could be.

The AC staff desperately needs to open up lines of communication. Not only are the boards a great source of feedback from many users, but there are also a smaller subset of people who have led various groups of players and participated in the event very actively for a long time. Why not discuss potential changes with these two groups? There are plenty of users still participating in the AC, and their feedback is important. Open Q&A or at least more careful observation of feedback with the general population is necessary. Additionally, the smaller group of fanatics is knowledgeable enough to provide even more in-depth, specific solutions that you could consider implementing. Just ask, and you would get plenty of sincere advice from users that care about this event.

Closing words – Communication is a basic necessity for the site and for the Altador Cup, and the users are tired of being left in the dark. Even if you refuse to “break the fourth wall” any more than they absolutely have to, something must be done to make things more transparent. When the primary response to complaints about the bracket system (in its third year of existence, after nearly universal complaints) is basically an insult toward the community, something has gone very wrong. We need to be able to respectfully communicate with each other for the site to grow and improve.


As you know, the last few years have been dominated by “ACGs” — players who cheat on multiple (from a few to over a hundred) “shell” accounts. The effects have been clear since at least AC 7 and have only grown more obvious as the years go by. I don’t want to dwell on the problem here, as it’s rather simple: the competition is dominated by users who aren’t legitimately playing the games, and this is unacceptable for any event on the site, especially a competitive one. You guys know how it works at this point, so I’m going to focus on some potential solutions, some of which would be trivial to implement.

The most fundamental solution, of course, is to totally redo the way that scores are accepted into the system. Find ways to make this process more secure, and continue to vigilantly watch for breaches or flaws. I understand that this is likely very difficult, and likely never completely secure. Even if the system can’t be completely redone, surely there are ways to tweak the system as the AC goes on to halt cheating methods temporarily. Although I’m sure most of us would be willing to wait as long as we needed to for a new, secure system (whether this means a transition from Flash, or more encryption, or whatever), I’ll also offer some ways to mitigate the impact of cheating when it occurs.

First, and most obviously, is to close sign-ups as soon as the AC begins. This would prevent people from joining on even more shells as the tournament goes on, and it would prevent people from shifting their illegitimate scoring from one team to another, either to boost another team or to attempt sabotage. Sure, this means that some users may run out of time to join their team, but that is far less important. There is plenty of buildup before the event starts, so users have no one to blame but themselves if they can’t find thirty seconds to join a team in time. You could either let users join the Practice Team to play for rank points and not count them for any team, or let them join as a “Reserve Player” (a distinction that, to my knowledge, no longer exists) where they can play and be on a team, but would not have their scores counted for the team.

Further options include requiring the completion of the Altador Plot (or, preferably, a newly designed plot or mini-plot, as the Altador Plot can likely be automated) before joining a team. This would make it more difficult for cheaters to join the Cup on so many accounts. There are other potential solutions, like the use of Captcha to confirm scores after every X games, but this idea seems to have mixed support. My last proposed solution is to cap the maximum score in YYB, SLSL, and SOSD, like you have with Make Some Noise’s hard limit of ~9999 points. The maximum score in YYB should be 18-0, ~800 or a bit more in SLSL, and 1200 in SOSD. Illegitimate players can abuse the unlimited scoring potential if they’re willing to lose their accounts.

Finally, it’s extremely important that the cheaters that you can identify and freeze are removed from the system, even retroactively. If accounts can impact results for a day or until they are frozen, then people will continue to create them. Removing their scores from the scoring system might require changing the system, but it’s another necessity. This might even change prior matches results — but that’s okay! It might be confusing, but I would rather see honest results than deal with another year of illegitimate players getting the satisfaction of a victory.

Closing words – Again, this is a pretty simple issue. Something big must be done about the cheating, or the AC is hardly worth having. There must be a way to eliminate the cheaters or at least minimize/neutralize their impact. If not, I fail to see the point of having a competition in which the winners aren’t really (necessarily) playing the hardest.

Competitive Legitimacy

I’ll start off with the infamous bracket system. We first met the brackets with cautious optimism that everyone could be happy — the AC would still be around for us to enjoy, but it could be a bit shorter to give people a break. Unfortunately, the system has failed to deliver a fair AC.

First of all, yes, we understand that the Double Round-Robin was too long for a lot of people; we know it needed to change. But the issue of length does not demand brackets, and as far as we know, AC fatigue was the only problem with the DRR (perhaps this is an issue of communication, again, but I’m working with what you’ve told us). With this in mind, the most sensible and widely suggested solution is a Single Round-Robin. It’s quite simple. We could have 17 matches (one day to play each team), followed by a bye day, two days of playoffs, another bye day, then the final playoff match for two days (i.e. the playoff system used before the brackets, along with the SRR). We end up with 23 days this way, which is even more manageable for people who don’t want the AC to go on too long. But yeah, the brackets are sort of ridiculous, as teams don’t go against each team once (despite this being a stated goal in your FAQ, oddly enough), and daily results don’t even matter like they used to.

There are more issues here than just the brackets themselves, though. The current system appears to weigh each game equally, even though Yooyuball is considered the focus of the tournament. This doesn’t make any sense, and it should be reverted to the old formula where Yooyuball granted the overall win, while the sides combined for an equal number of points that the YYB win gave. Further, the experiment over the last two years of showing each team’s “points” from the games has been a bit of a disaster, as the eventual winner becomes quite obvious after one or two days, and the cheating is emphasized. Finally, there should not be any cumulative elements in the system (although this is not a concern with a SRR tournament), as this basically makes it impossible for a team to achieve a “comeback win” in later brackets.

Disregarding the system, scoring, and cheaters, there are some serious imbalances in the system that have persisted over the years. Teams like KI or DC, where many players join for the “cool” themes and hardly play, were always carried by the players that dedicated an insane amount of time to the AC. With the lowered maxes this year, the influence of these less active players seemed more clear. As the AC goes on, the smaller teams with higher proportions of their players on the board are easier to positively influence, while teams with disproportionate numbers of less active players struggle to improve.

The best way to combat this would be to ignore scores that count for NP. This way, the masses of players that don’t play more than one or two games can still earn a few prize points and get some NP from the games, without any team having their averages pulled down too far. Admittedly, this will skew things in the other direction somewhat, but this year’s lower maxes reduce the impact of the “crazy” players that might join certain teams more than others.

This change, combined with the lower maxes, could help bridge the gap between “normal” teams and those with one or more of the roaming “All-Star Groups” (ASGs) of which I’m sure you’re aware, as well. Of course, ASGs do not appear to be in violation of any rules, but they are an important factor to consider because they’re capable of dramatically throwing off the balance of the Cup, which leaves a lot of users less interested in playing. There isn’t an easy way that I know of to reduce their impact (without reducing the impact of All-Stars, which seems kind of silly), but it’s something to keep in mind as you try to make the AC fun for everyone.

Closing words – We need a system that makes more sense, Yooyuball needs to be more important, and outside groups (legitimate or illegitimate) as well as users who hardly participate in the event need to have their impact lessened somehow. My last suggestion here is to consider a way to group teams together somehow, so that a relatively small group of users can have less of an impact and perhaps things would be more balanced overall. I’m not sure exactly how this might work, but again, I’m hoping for a fairer AC if it comes back next year.

 “Quality of Life”

This last set of problems and suggestions involves less critical issues that would still provide a more interesting/exciting/enjoyable experience for the next AC. I’ll do a simple list for this section to cover as much as I can without making this page too much longer than it already is.

  • In YYB, revert the Darigan Yooyu back to it’s former state, where it made a bit more sense.
  • Raise the YYB “max” to at least match SLSL’s 139.
  • Loyalty bonuses of some sort would be nice, considering the advantages that ASGs have as they roam to small teams.
  • Modify SLSL to avoid the slow, boring start, and/or consider giving it a time limit.
  • Even if SLSL is somehow changed, the rank points per game need to be rebalanced around the amount of time that a game takes.
  • Raise the minimum score in SOSD or, again, balance the points better.
  • Bring back achievements and expand them to make the daily grind more interesting. Consider adding NP rewards for ranking up (like leveling up in Habitarium).
  • Consider bringing back the post-season awards like All-Star teams.
  • Consider adding a new side game or two, and/or removing SLSL, MaSN, or SOSD.
  • Add mouse controls for the side games (at least SLSL and SOSD) to make them easier to play for people who have trouble with all the arrow key pressing. WASD controls would be nice too!
  • Work on the player art and make the teams’ players more diverse/unique.
  • Make it more “special” to win, somehow. This year, people were okay with losing teams getting gold trophies via individual effort because of all of the illegitimate play, but I don’t think that sort of thing would be popular in a fairer year.
  • All-Star or team-specific avatars?

Closing message – Keep the AC interesting with new elements, and make sure your design choices make things fun for everyone. The AC is growing stale for many users, even without considering the real flaws.

Final Thoughts

That pretty much wraps things up. I know that a lot of this is not new or unique, and there’s always more to say, but I tried to cover as much as I could in one place (without going overboard with it). The Altador Cup is a fantastic, unique event on this site, and I hope it can recover from recent changes. Rather than making slight changes over time that don’t appeal to the users that care about the event, I hope the AC can become a fun, competitive experience once again in its tenth year. If the event continues to be a messy, watered down version of what it used to be, I’d rather not have it at all, but I don’t want to give up on it yet.

I look forward to feedback from other users and, hopefully, from TNT as well.

ESGs are the Future: A Cam Editorial

I just this photo in every article...

I just use this photo in every article…

Hello peasants,

I come to you on a grave day, cheating groups and allstar groups have overrun the Altador Cup and skew its results so much that even an eggplant could predict what happens next.

We have begun bitter infighting on the various boards trying to get our opinions across…..opinions on the internet…..pssssh.

But I, the glorious, handsome, all around better than any other writer, Cam have a solution, a solution to all of our problems with this Altador Cup, a solution that stops the affects of cheaters and ASGs alike. This solution is ESGs.


Now you may ask yourself, What is a ESGs? What affect do they have? Cam, how are you so awesome?

Well let me tell you citizen!

A ESGs is as follows:

Life alert standing by

SOSD? more like AARP

That’s right! ESGs = Elderly Superstar Groups.

Who has the most time on their hands? Old people.

Who can sit in the same place for hours? Old people and rocks….

Who goes to eat dinner at 4:00 pm? Old people!


The Elderly are the perfect Altador Cup players, they can grind away at all the games until maxing out. I envision a cup where each team on Neopets has an elite group of Neopet playing elderly. Just imagine a retirement home filled with computers and old people grinding away day after day to get those max scores. The only way to fight cheating is by cheating, with slightly older people.




The American population will consist of close to 50,000,000 elderly people. This is an untapped resource for the Altador Cup that must be utilized to save our failing cup! If any of you know the battle of Helms Deep from the Lord of the rings movie, and remember the scene where Gandalf rushes down the mountain, imagine all those people being elderly and instead of rushing down to Helm’s Deep, they are rushing towards the Altador Cup.

Betty White plays for Mystery Island

Betty White plays for Mystery Island

So I speak to you now. Enlist your grandparents, your elderly neighbors, or your local retirement home.

For those who doubt my plan, I ask, Do you have a better one?


The Future is Now and the Future is Old.

Long live ESGs, seriously……Long Live, some might not even make it to the end of the cup.

I'll go to my doctors appointment after I get my next rank up!

I’ll go to my doctors appointment after I get my next rank up!

PS: We need more elderly Neopets on teams

Would you like some cookies?

Would you like some cookies?

Leave a comment?

Altador Cup IX Predictions

Hi guys, I’m Platypus/Connor and I will be returning to write for my second year with the site.  Here are my bold predictions for AC IX, justified with short but to the point reasoning.  My top 3 all seem crazy, but they are based on where All star groups both legit and cheating are rumored to be going or where I think they are going.

1. Haunted Woods

Rumored to be Codex’s team this year, they will probably dominate the cup.  If Codex’s power remains the same as last year, Haunted Woods will become the first repeat winner.  We will see how the new maxes on games will effect Codex, and see if TNT might have a few other tricks up their sleeve to try and slow down the automatic score senders.

2. Virtupets

Seems like a good fit for Stealth this year.  Stealth likes joining small bottom tier teams, and may rejoin their original team.  With Virtupets being such a small team, Stealth could join them and give them a shot at being the first repeat winner, or at the least get them a podium spot.  Stealth with be strong enough with Virtupets to be able to take down every team except ones with large cheating groups like Codex.

3. Brightvale

Another small team that looks like a prime spot for an all-star group.  Brightvale is small and already has decent strength, and is a good spot for SOTAC this year, and I think SOTAC will join them.  I put them third not first because I think Stealth will be able to beat them by a small margin, since Stealth had a greater influence on Altador than SOTAC had on the Roos.

4. Kreludor

Although Kreludor finishing in seventh place seems like a pretty big drop, they really did not fall very hard.  They finished fourth of the teams without an All-star group, and are poised for a bounceback this year.  Their drop in size looks like a big help, probably the freeloaders who joined them after they won the year before leaving.  Kreludor’s cutdown in size will help them to be even stronger, and they will be the top team without an All-star group.

5. Meridell

Meridell did not live up to the hype last year.  With many people projecting them cup champions, they finished in a lackluster sixth place.  This year they had a large decrease in size with the people who joined them because they thought they were going to win leaving to some other “it team” (probably Haunted Woods).  This size decrease should help them to have a great season this year.  I think with the pressure of being the expected winners of their backs and the drop in size, they will have an improvement this year, and move up to fifth, maybe even beating Krleudor out for fourth.

6. Darigan Citadel

Darigan Citadel has lots of All-stars and devoted players, but freeloaders and massive team size have always brought them down.  They grow more and more each year, and the effects of their All-stars is getting smaller.  I think they will stay in the top two tiers, but expect a small drop for them.  I know most people think the Darigan and Krawk Island yo-yoing each year thing is dumb, but every season since AC IV Darigan and Krawk Island have traded off placing higher than the other.  Last year the Krawks beat out Darigan, this year I think Darigan will just beat out the Krawks.

7. Krawk Island

Krawk Island is in a very similar situation.  Every year tons of freeloaders join Krawk Island because they are consistently good and have a very cool look.  Krawk Island and Darigan Citadel have almost one third of the players in the cup.  When you have a team that big, you don’t attract an All-star group and it is hard for All-stars to make an impact.  Yet every year, the Krawks devoted All-star fans manage to keep them as a cup powerhouse.  If it weren’t for All-star groups, Krawk Island would’ve been the first repeat winner last year, but they weren’t even in the top 3.  That really hurts a team’s morale, when they play that hard and don’t get a top 3 spot.  I think due to decreased moral and having such a big team, Krawk Island will fall this year, and lose to Darigan because of the yo-yo effect I mentioned before.

8. Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is a hard team to predict.  They are a great spot for an All-star group, but I don’t think they will get one.  Being one of the smallest teams in the cup, some dedicated All-stars can make a big difference.  Kiko Lake has a potential for a big rise, and I think their little but dedicated fanbase will step up and boost them up to 8th.

9. Lost Desert

After a solid bounceback from the winner’s curse two years ago, Lost Desert fell hard last year.  They had a drop in size this year, which should help them to move up a little and separate them from the bottom tier teams.  If Lost Desert fans can stay optomistic despite the fall last year and keep playing hard, I think they will experience a small rise, and slowly work their way back up to the top tier over the next few years.

10. Mystery Island

Mystery Island’s relatively small team was hit hard by freeloaders after getting second with Stealth’s help in AC VII.  They crashed into being one of the very worst teams last year.  They experienced a huge loss in size this year, and I think they will have a big jump with all the freeloaders who joined after ACVII leaving.  I’ve predicted a big jump for Mystery Island, but I think they will be able to pull it off.

11.  Maraqua

Maraqua has really struggled under the bracket system, and has been dropping places since it came into existence.  I think Maraqua will keep sliding down the ladder this year, and drop more than most people expect.

12. Shenkuu

Shenkuu is an hard team to predict, like Kiko Lake.  Last year they improved from their worst season ever in ACVII, but they have not finished above tenth since AC IV.  Shenkuu’s anime theme brings in lots of freeloaders,  and  being the third largest team is never a good thing.  I don’t expect Shenkuu to rise this year, but I think with their dedicated All-stars they will not drop into the fourth tier.

13. Tyrannia

We finally arrive at the former champions, Tyrannia.  Last year with Codex they dominated the cup.  Despite winning last year, they managed to remain a small team.  I have them falling hard, but not as bad as the other podium teams from last year.  Tyrannians may even respond to the hate they received last year by playing harder than ever, and earn themselves a top ten spot.

14. Roo Island

I know most of you think this pick is a crazy risk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Roos drop even lower.  Let’s look at the Roos places in the 3 seasons before receiving SOTAC: 4th in AC V, 9th in AC VI, and all the way down to 14th in AC VII.  So as you can see, the Roos were on a massive decline before SOTAC came.  Now with freeloaders joining them because of SOTAC bringing them to third last year and SOTAC leaving, Roo Island goes back to the 14th place team of AC VII plus lots of freeloaders.  The Roos are in for a rough season, and are going to experience one of the biggest drops of the cup.

15. Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain was a decent team, usually placing around 10-12th place before getting some help last year.  Now for some reason Terror Mountain has experienced a large increase in size, and if they don’t get help from an ASG or ASS this year, I expect a large decline for Terror Mountain.  A mediocre at best team getting a boatload of new freeloaders causes reason for concern for the Chillers of Terror Mountain.

16. Moltara

Moltara had a pretty average season for them last year, unfairly given last place.  They got 9 wins in SOSD giving them not horrible strength in at least one sport, and got 3-4 wins in all the others, better than some bottom teams.  I think Moltara will have a little rise this year, beating Faerieland and Altador, but staying a cellar-dweller of the cup.

17. Faerieland

Faerieland, that team that just sucks it up every year.  Faerieland didn’t get last last year, but they were still awful as ever.  I think Faerieland will beat Altador who is in for a colossal collapse this year, but won’t beat anybody else.

18. Altador

Oh the rude awakening freeloaders joining Altador are going to get this year.  Tons of freeloaders joined Altador this year thinking 2nd place will go to 1st, but Altador is going to be in for a horrible year.  Altador was already at the very bottom of the cup, and with a large quantity of freeloaders coming in they are ensured a large drop, probably dead last by a large margin.


Always feel free to comment your opinion or ask me questions on my picks, and


New Maximum Sent Games

Hey everyone! I’m Cherry/Jack, and I’ll be writing for from now on!  I’m here to discuss the new maxes that TNT has implemented.

If you go to the Altador Cup FAQ page, there is a new question that discusses how new maximums are going to be implemented. It states:

New caps on the number of times you can submit your scores have been instituted for this year’s tournament. Everyone will still be able to strive to achieve their desired rankings and do the utmost to benefit their teams, only now they’ll be able to do so without feeling like they have to spend all day playing. So, if you max out: take a deep breath, feel a sense of satisfaction, and maybe go for a walk around the block or make a tasty sandwich?


Obviously, this has stirred some debate on the AC forums. Most people speculate that TNT has set up a new maxing system to balance the affect of cheaters in the AC. I’m not entirely sure how this would work, but I assume that TNT’s logic is that with the maxes lower, honest players will be able to make a larger contribution to their team and be able to spend less time doing it. Cheaters are able to spend virtually no time (a program sends scores for them) and probably contribute enormously. By having legitimate players be able to do the same thing cheaters do (except without the cheating part), it should negate their effect.

However, this does not completely cure the issue of cheaters. Cheaters can still make numerous accounts, as they have done before, and send more scores with these lower maxes. In addition to this, TNT has not taken any countermeasures to make the games harder to cheat on. However, Yooyuball has players on incorrect teams (Wan Dirx still in play, Coco Metrone and Ealyn Hawkshanks not switched). Maybe it was just a glitch in programming or there really is no change in the games at all. TNT may have something else in mind.

Through all this, one thing is glaringly clear.  Cheaters still remain a threat to the competition.


What do you think TNT’s intentions were with the new maxes? Do you think TNT has anything else in mind for cheaters? Any suggestions to improve the cup? Tell me in the comments below.


Interview With Krell Vitor

Interview With Krell Vitor

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley, and I’m here to bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Krell Vitor, captain of the first-ever Altador Cup champions: Team Haunted Woods! Mr. Vitor has been gracious to allow me some of his time; the team is currently taking a quick rest in between some fierce last-minute training for the Cup.

Me: Mr. Vitor, thank you so much for being here.

Krell: You’re most welcome, and you can just call me Krell; everyone does.

Me: Thanks. Well, it seems you’ve all had quite a bit going on, both in the offseason and leading up to the Cup.

Krell: (laughs) That’s an understatement. Between Yooyuball practice, the Spooky Food Eating Contest, and Wan’s retirement…well, suffice it to say I haven’t had much time to relax…or sleep for that matter. 

Me: Ruckus from the contest kept you awake?

Krell: Oh yes. We could hear those fans screaming all the way from Neovia. Who knew watching Neopets gorge themselves on Spooky Food would be entertaining?

Me: (laughs) Well, at least it’s all over now, right?

Krell: Right. 

Me: I guess now I can ask you the big question: what are you feelings on Wan Dirx’s retirement?

Krell: Wan’s decision to retire didn’t come as a complete shock to us; we knew he had been considering the move for a couple of years now. The way he explained it to us was that he felt it was just time for him to move on to other things. 

Me: Such as?

Krell: He’s always been into acting…and…well, (looks around surreptitiously), I’m not sure if he wants me saying this just yet, but what the heck…he wanted to focus on acting and word is he got a part in an upcoming film.

Me: Ooh, really?

Krell: (smiles) Yes. However, I can’t really tell you much more that that; even he didn’t give me a lot of details. I think he wants it to be a surprise. 

Me: I guess he’s not going to start that fountain soda shop?

Krell: (laughs) Nope; that’s always just been a silly rumor. 

Me: How are you getting along with his replacement? 

Krell: Very well, actually, he fits right in with us (and not just in appearance). He’s actually a friend of Wan’s they played together ages ago, long before the first Cup, and Wan was actually the one who pushed for him to be the replacement. Practices have been going great; we’ve tweaked our strategy a bit so I think we’ll be really prepared come time for our matches.

Me: That’s pretty neat; can you tell us any more about him? His name, perhaps?

Krell: (smirks) Nope. You’ll have to wait and see. Another surprise Wan wants to keep.

Me: (laughs) Darn! Oh well, not too much longer now. I just have one more question.

Krell: Sure.

Me: Do you think with the addition of the new player your chances of making a comeback are improved?

Krell: That’s yet to be determined. I know ever since our win all those years ago our performance has been….not so great. We’re really hoping to place in the top ten this year; if we can do that, then I’ll be happy and willing to try to take it all again. But as of now, we’re just focusing on the little improvements. 

Me: Sounds like a solid plan. Well, I think that’s it for now; I don’t want to cut into the rest of your training time. Thanks again, and good luck in the Cup!

Krell: My pleasure, Ashley; thanks.

Well, there you have it! We’ll be keeping an eye on the Haunties to see how well the newcomer fares in the rapidly-approaching cup. Be on the lookout for my next interview! 

I got Good News and I got Bad News

"Which news do you want first?"

“Which news do you want first?”

Hello peasants!

Cam here, as you may not be aware, the Altador cup begins very soon! But of course you knew that, you’re not idiots, your on a site called, I’m writing an article on……I’m just insulting your intelligence, I should probably just shut up and get back to my news, but you know I have a problem where i just start typing and I can’t stop and it makes me seem like a fool sometimes but i keep typing anyway its a rea-

*Knock Knock*

Who’s there?

“Yes hi, this is the spam police…”

What can I do for you officers….?

“Yeah we’ve gotten a reported spam article that claimed to have some sort of good and bad news about the Altador cup but just went ranting on a different subject…”

I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m just a looking for love columnist who was just writing a short artic-

“The spammer is you sir, you know I eat spammers for breakfast, I’ve been on the force for 20 years now and today’s my last day before retirement, I’m getting to old for this shi- (almost forgot, kids read these articles)…..”

You spam pigs got nothing on me, you can’t prove nothin….

“Are you aware at 21:00 you knowingly created a neopets fanfiction between two Altador Cup players and tried to post it on the avatar neoboard, thats spam you low life spamming piece of dirt, by the way I’m both the good and the bad cop in this random scene”

well I….I mean….I can explain….

“Explain it to the Admin judge!”

The End

Pretty sure I have mental problems...

Pretty sure I have mental problems……


Anyway back to the actual news.

Good News: Expect to see some parody articles from me including but not limited to, “what grinds my gears” and some other random funny things

Bad News: I’m a rising high school senior which means I’m at a critical time in my road to college and will not have a lot of time for this AC so expect any expected articles to be infrequent (I know you’re crying now), your tears only fuel my funnyness (that’s a word right?).

I love making articles, I loved hosting the Altador Awards last year, I love this site, but I love my education more and would delete my account and hack into yours and delete yours just to get into the colleges I want. (I’m a hacktivist!)

So in conclusion, I won’t be gone, I’ll just be here on holidays, and weekends……(just like my father, *sobs internally*)

I hope to make you laugh, cry, and maybe puke, hopefully all at the same time.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I’d be happy to address any that praise me for the wonderful individual that I am…….

This is goodbye and hello!


Should not have had that Mexican food last night....

Should not have had that Mexican food last night….My heads not the only thing that will be on fire tonight!