Day 30 (July 1st): The First, The Last and the Repeat

The Altador Cup always signals summer and this may have been the longest, most dramatic summer so far. And we’ve only just entered July. The official victory ceremony hasn’t been staged yet and the prize shop hasn’t opened for the masses, but we do know the final placements of all eighteen competitors in the ACIX.

9 years ago when the Altador Cup first began, sixteen teams set out to win the trophy after a one thousand year hiatus. In an intense Yooyuball tournament, the Haunted Woods became the first team to hoist the Cup in the modern age. Much has changed since then. Three new games were added to the slate and the five member squad looks a lot different. But nevertheless, the team has finally done it again and has become the first ever team to win the Altador Cup twice. Congratulations.

But when we get down to the reality of it, Haunted Woods had a lot of help. Then again, in the first cup they did as well. Eliminated players were allowed to join the remaining teams in the tournament, so the Woods were made up of anybody opposing Darigan Citadel. The help is different this time around though. An ACG joined the group and prompted the scores to rise to nearly unbeatable levels, but not quite as strong as Tyrannia, the previous year’s champs. It’s unfortunate that the true flesh and blood of the team will be overshadowed by these circumstances, but this is the new Altador Cup that we have to deal with until it’s fixed.

Virtupets and Moltara also made the medal podium. This is the first silver for Virtupets after they won gold in the ACVI and promptly dropped in the standings yet never ceasing on Yooyuball strength. Silver certainly matches the glimmering metallics of the Space Station, and I’m sure they’ll want more in the future. Elsewhere, this marks the first time that Moltara has hit the podium, let alone placing in a number that wasn’t double digits. Going from the worst team in the Altador Cup to a bronze contender will bring the spotlight and speculation to them in the next tournament.

The final standings are as follows:

1. Haunted Woods
2. Virtupets
3. Moltara
4. Darigan Citadel, Tyrannia
6. Kiko Lake
7. Kreludor
8. Krawk Island
9. Meridell
10. Brightvale
11. Mystery Island
12. Maraqua
13. Terror Mountain, Shenkuu, Roo Island
16. Lost Desert
17. Faerieland
18. Altador

It’s been great being able to write for for another year and graduating from a guest writer to a full time writer. I’m thankful for the readers that spend a moment every day to read my thoughts and humour as well as leaving comments or simply liking my stuff. You probably already know, but this could potentially be the last Altador Cup if TNT’s “threats,” so to speak, are true. I hope it won’t be but I also hope that it’s not anything like this format again cause it will only tear away more of our dedicated fanbase. We have a year to see. I’ll likely write more if the interest is there, so keep this place bookmarked or keep an eye on the Neopian Times. If you want to contact me at all on Neopets, hit up hol123.


Day 29 (June 30th): Going, Going, Done

Here we are everyone! The last day of the Cup is finally upon us. We’ve come so far and yet we’ve got so far to go. Most of the day will be dedicated to abusing the system in order to increase our prize points as well as rounding out or totals so that it doesn’t trigger the OCD in the vast majority of players. Total games ending in a 1, 3, 7 or 9? No thank you.

Yesterday had 7 sweeps and none of them were interesting or relevant because the brackets ceased to move. Maraqua drew Shenkuu in the overall match by taking Yooyuball only, so that’s not surprising, but Altador got a keen 5 in Slushie Slinger against Kreludor and that’s something.


Darigan Citadel vs Moltara
I actually don’t think it would be beneficial for Darigan to focus on Yooyuball here if they want to keep their slot in the bracket. I don’t actually know how far behind Kiko Lake is but they definitely can’t pass Moltara. But the Yooyuball score is close enough to see a draw.
YYB – D | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Haunted Woods vs Meridell
In the exact same manner above, Meridell can draw Yooyuball but I feel like they could pass Kiko Lake at any moment so a spread over the games to get good scores all around may be a good plan.
YYB – D | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Kiko Lake vs Lost Desert
Wow, this puts it into perspective how much Kiko Lake has fallen. Lost Desert could sweep here despite being swept for this entire last round. The Desert’s scores have generally been better though and sometimes it’s more than a marginal decimal. I don’t know if I see a complete sweep occurring though. Kiko Lake’s gotta unleash something on the final day.
YYB – LD | SS – LD | MSN – LD | SOSD – KL | WIN – LD

Krawk Island vs Virtupets
Virtupets gets another shimmering silver sweep.
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Maraqua vs Tyrannia
It wouldn’t shock me to see some of the random boosted scores Maraqua’s posted inconsistently but even Tyrannia can combat them.
YYB – TY | SS – TY | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – TY

Mystery Island vs Shenkuu
This match could end in all draws and that would be a great way to close the Cup since we haven’t seen a result like that in years. Normally Mystery Island would be the better Yooyuballers while Shenkuu is definitely more prone to winning the sides, but I’m not so sure. Shenkuu is 6th in Minitheus and they really don’t have anything to lose. So I’m going with a minor shocker.
YYB – SK | SS – D | MSN – D | SOSD – SK | WIN – SK

Altador vs Brightvale
I don’t think Slushie Slinger is a priority for Brightvale today and thinking of their final standing is more important then protecting the one volatile game.
YYB – BV | SS – AL | MSN – BV | SOSD – BV | WIN – BV

Kreludor vs Terror Mountain
Terror Mountain will have to struggle to get a 4 in Slushie Slinger or Make Some Noise where there only real chance to dodge a sweep lays.
YYB – KD | SS – KD | MSN – KD | SOSD – KD | WIN – KD

Faerieland vs Roo Island
An easy sweep should finish the Altador Cup but the Roos need more than an easy sweep to ensure that their spot in Vaeolus is safe.
YYB – RI | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – RI | WIN – RI

Day 28 (June 29th): Power to the People

Come to me, power of 9s in side-games!

Today’s article is brought to you by power surges. Those things that randomly help your team and makes it look like everybody maxed out everything.

In Alabriss 5 Moltara swept Lost Desert with some very low scores. They lost 9 points in Slushie Slinger alone from one day to the next so clearly Lost Desert isn’t at threatening as Meridell was. Meridell, on the other hand, managed to draw another powerhouse in Yooyuball. The rest of the match was close to call but in the end another sweep was avoided. Success, sort of. Haunted Woods swept Kiko Lake in the bracket’s latest match with only single digit scores. It was enough though. And on a bonus day Kiko Lake still only scored a 1 in Make Some Noise.

In Minitheus 5 the pirates actually prevailed and won against Old Maraqua, not new Maraqua, if you know what I mean. They were pretty adamant about winning Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown with two 5s and Maraqua won the other games with two 5s. Shenkuu and Mystery Island faced Virtupets and Tyrannia expecting little success and they got it as the latter two swept them with double the scores.

In Vaeolus 5 Brightvale pulled a sky-high score total out of nowhere to sweep Terror Mountain, who appears to be closed for the season. Brightvale’s still trying to rise in their bracket, and with these scores it could be fulfilled. Kreludor looks the weakest they’ve been in the Cup with a dominated loss against Roo Island. Only able to draw in Yooyuball, Roo Island took the side-games with strong scores. Lastly, Altador got their first win of the season in the exact same manner. Faerieland was shut down as Altador surprisingly side-swept them in addition to staving off the Yooyuball front to a draw.


Darigan Citadel vs Haunted Woods
Even with Haunted Woods’ lowest scores Darigan has a tough time ahead to block a sweep. Yooyuball is obviously the closest bet and could potentially be drawn but I see the Woods taking this one more seriously and at least bumping it to a 7.
YYB – HW | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Kiko Lake vs Moltara
Far from a dominating win but Kiko Lake hasn’t shown much except struggling recently.
YYB – MT | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Lost Desert vs Meridell
6s don’t come everyday for Meridell so Lost Desert has a chance in Yooyuball.
YYB – D | SS – MD | MSN – MD | SOSD – MD | WIN – MD

Krawk Island vs Tyrannia
Tyrannia’s got an iron grip on every game pretty much against any lower team they fight.
YYB – TY | SS – TY | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – TY

Maraqua vs Shenkuu
Ignoring any Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario, Maraqua could still win this closely contested match. Shenkuu’s no danger in Yooyuball but neither is Maraqua so the fun turns to the side-games. If Maraqua can bring out more 5s then advantage to them.
YYB – D | SS – MQ | MSN – SK | SOSD – MQ | WIN – MQ

Mystery Island vs Virtupets
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Roo Island vs Terror Mountain
Roo Island has the drive and the scores to sweep relatively well.
YYB – RI | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – RI | WIN – RI

Altador vs Kreludor
Kreludor should absolutely be worried about losing a few games today when a sweep is entirely possible. The biggest giveaways are Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, and if Altador can fling out 4s again then good for them.
YYB – KD | SS – D | MSN – KD | SOSD – KD | WIN – KD

Brightvale vs Faerieland
Getting dominated by Altador puts a poor perspective on you but Brightvale has a strong advantage anyway.
YYB – BV | SS – BV | MSN – BV | SOSD – BV | WIN – BV

Day 27 (June 28th): Total Draw-ma Cup

In Alabriss 5 the teams from the darkest corners of the colosseum pulled off two of the few sweeps we had today (few is like less than 7 at this rate). Haunted Woods defeated the Lost Desert and Darigan defeated Kiko Lake. Lost Desert gave it their best in Yooyuball and Kiko Lake seemed to drop Make Some Noise, Darigan’s best, but couldn’t gain any ground in the other games. The third match in the bracket had Meridell pulling off a draw in Yooyuball against Moltara. It’s impressive, but Moltara’s Yooyuball scores have fallen enough so that even Faerieland can draw.

In Minitheus 5 the rogue piranhas stepped back into the fray with a sweep over Mystery Island. Virtupets also gained a sweep on Tyrannia versus some rather unimpressive scores from the dinosaurs. The most exciting match of the day was Shenkuu and Krawk Island drawing. The two got draws in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger then Shenkuu got Make Some Noise while the Krawks got Shootout Showdown. It’s a great result for the ninjas since they’ve been nonthreatening in Yooyuball this year and the 5 came out of nowhere. Pirates vs ninjas lives on.

In Vaeolus 5 the faeries jeopardized on the chance they were given against Terror Mountain and pulled off an impressive 5 in Yooyuball to capture the win in the game. It presumably took a lot of effort but clearly shows Faerieland’s a force more than ever before. Slushie Slinger resulted in a draw and Terror Mountain took the hold on the sides, so Faerieland won the match but lost by a margin of one in points. Brightvale and Kreludor also drew each other into sketches. Yooyuball and Slushie were draws and the latter games split. The Moon go loud and the scholars got trigger-happy. Kreludor got the one point marginal win in the end. Lastly, Roo Island nearly swept Altador except not really since the team got a huge 7 in Slushie Slinger. Where was that every other day?


Darigan Citadel vs Meridell
Too much trouble shouldn’t stem from here. Darigan has high side-game scores at the ready so Yooyuball is the only game up in the air. Meridell can get 5s so Darigan needs one of those 6s to pull off a slate of green.
YYB – DC | SS – DC | MSN – DC | SOSD – DC | WIN – DC

Haunted Woods vs Kiko Lake
If this was two rounds earlier Haunted Woods may have been able to lose anything, but Kiko Lake’s effectively done and aren’t getting the unpredictable scores that they need.
YYB – HW | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Lost Desert vs Moltara
A Yooyuball draw is possible if Moltara spits out another 5.
YYB – MT | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Mystery Island vs Tyrannia
Even on a slow day in the Tyrannian office the dinosaurs can still get passable scores to post against half of the teams. Mystery Island’s one of those teams who just aren’t threatening with unsupported scores.
YYB – TY | SS – TY | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – TY

Shenkuu vs Virtupets
I have a feeling we’ll have more than a few sweeps today.
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Krawk Island vs Maraqua
The latest hot commodity by roaming bands of cheaters is Maraqua so they’ve got a sweep on lock with scores that they don’t need. Krawk Island’s like a crew that’s been lost at sea for weeks. Malnourished, weak, lost and out of cannonballs. Scurvy is not a performance enhancer.
YYB – MQ | SS – MQ | MSN – MQ | SOSD – MQ | WIN – MQ

Altador vs Faerieland
Thank you Vaeolus for saving us from sweep hell. This match is straightforward as can be though. Altador only has strength in Slushie Slinger so Faerieland can likely spread across the three other games and claim them.
YYB – FL | SS – AL | MSN – FL | SOSD – FL | WIN – FL

Kreludor vs Roo Island
A pretty close match where draws can occur in a specific score range. They fluctuate off of no particular strategy. Maybe a bonus in Make Some Noise will change that? I think that this point in the Cup the Roos are more constant in scoring while Kreludor has retired a fraction of their strength.
YYB – D | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – KD | WIN – RI

Brightvale vs Terror Mountain
Another close match but it depends on Brightvale’s strategy since the Mountain usually remains unchanged. If they can get 6s in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown then Terror Mountain can’t touch those, but perhaps they’ll risk it and go for the Make Some Noise bonus that they’re terrible at? (Also, congrats on the streak Brightvale broke yesterday. They got a 2 in MSN instead!)
YYB – BV | SS – TM | MSN – TM | SOSD – BV | WIN – BV

Day 26 (June 27th): I’m Afraid to Sweep Alone

The closer of round four dropped a few bombs on us, namely the scoring coordination of Maraqua and Mystery Island. Maraqua swept Kiko Lake with some unexpected high scores while Mystery Island dropped their scores and didn’t even manage to sweep Faerieland. But the beginning of round five was all about backtracking. At this point many matches are repeats but many of them saw a change in strategy and thus a change in the results.

All of Alabriss 5 was a repeat. This time around, Darigan swept Lost Desert while Meridell took their turn to shut down the Kikos, leaving them only with a draw in Shootout Showdown. Haunted Woods and Moltara fought their second match in a row and shifted the side-games around, leaving Moltara with Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

Minitheus 5 was sweep central. Virtupets swept Maraqua in what could have been a disaster for Virtupets, or so I thought. Maraqua’s scores are back to normal so perhaps they didn’t receive help to double their scores for that one day. If there wasany doubt about Mystery Island though, it’s confirmed today. Assistance has set sail as the pirates got a strong sweep against the Islanders. Tyrannia swept Shenkuu in the third match.

In Vaeolus 5 Terror Mountain and Kreludor swept the lower placed Altador and Faerieland while Brightvale and Roo Island split games. Brightvale once again gained a strong Yooyuball victory along with go to Shootout Showdown and Roo Island easily got the rest of the available games.


Darigan Citadel vs Kiko Lake
Darigan wants to go out with a bang (though it’s too little too late) and the scores that they post today won’t be able to be matched by the Kikos who seem to have gone home for the season.
YYB – DC | SS – DC | MSN – DC | SOSD – DC | WIN – DC

Haunted Woods vs Lost Desert
An easy match to shrug off.
YYB – HW | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Meridell vs Moltara
I’m not sure why Moltara is so adamant in winning Make Some Noise but it will be the first win to insure though it won’t take much. Moltara can probably take the whole match, but the weak Slushie Slinger score from yesterday’s Moltara match could be exploited by Meridell.
YYB – MT | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Krawk Island vs Shenkuu
Yooyuball is on point, even if it’s only a margin of difference. The sides are really close though since they both usually have the same scores of 4s and 3s. Occasionally it boosts in various games, so Shenkuu may win Make Some Noise and Krawk Island may win Shootout Showdown.
YYB – KI | SS – D | MSN – D | SOSD – KI | WIN – KI

Maraqua vs Mystery Island
They both got the exact same score spread in the last match so it’s a little hard to predict winners considering they’re fundamentally different teams at different points in the Cup. Mystery Island has advantage in wins but I imagine it will be closer.
YYB – MI | SS – MI | MSN – D | SOSD – MQ | WIN – MI

Tyrannia vs Virtupets
The last strategy of Tyrannia pooling the players towards a Yooyuball win over Virtupets worked so it definitely could again. Can Virtupets predict it though? It’s possible to outplay them with the similar scores they have.
YYB – TY | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – Draw

Altador vs Roo Island
Roo Island still has something to fight for.
YYB – RI | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – RI | WIN – RI

Brightvale vs Kreludor
Brightvale doesn’t necessarily like to repeat Yooyuball wins day-after-day for some reason despite having the ability to win again today. Shootout Showdown is a lock too. Kreludor’s the one scrounging for wins and will take the latter two games if Brightvale doesn’t try again. The 1 in Make Some Noise is a streak that’s lasted 6 days and will long live in our hearts.
YYB – BV | SS – KD | MSN – KD | SOSD – BV | WIN – BV

Faerieland vs Terror Mountain
Similar to the match above, Faerieland has a good Yooyuball squad as well as a respectable hold on Shootout Showdown to threaten Terror Mountain. The Mountain does have the advantages of a dirty win though.
YYB – D | SS – TM | MSN – TM | SOSD – D | WIN – TM

Day 23 (June 24th): It’s Hard Out Here at the Top

In Alabriss 4 Krawk Island’s swords were dulled by the bitterness of winter, granting them only full victories in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown while Terror Mountain drew Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. Faerieland also did similarly well to avoid a sweep against Lost Desert. They got a noise win and a draw in Slushie Slinger but no more since they couldn’t get more than a 3. Mystery Island’s fluctuating scores shifted around again and it was enough to leave Meridell winless.

In Minitheus 4 Moltara swept Altador with scores that are plummeting. There was no danger to losing to Altador but a slightly stronger team could do damage. Tyrannia beat Virtupets in a riveting Yooyuball competition while Virtupets side-swept the match. Tyrannia’s ability to drop and focus shows the power behind the scenes. On the other hand, Haunted Woods swept Kreludor, making this look easy.

In Vaeolus 4 Darigan swept Maraqua up with scores that the fish couldn’t compete with. Kiko Lake and Brightvale traced victories against Roo Island and Shenkuu. Both won Yooyuball and clinched the match with Shootout Showdown.


Krawk Island vs Meridell
A good pressurized match to end the round for these two. I believe they’ll both actually try to win so Yooyuball will raise 5s and draw. In fact, all of the games are close. Meridell seems to be the better performer on a day-to-day basis and it shows in my prediction since Krawk Island won’t get a win. That seems wrong, but we’ll see.
YYB – D | SS – MD | MSN – MD | SOSD – D | WIN – MD

Lost Desert vs Terror Mountain
Yooyuball is probably a lost win so Terror Mountain should readjust to side-games where they can perform better but it’d require a lot of sent scores to side-sweep. They’re actually ahead in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise so pulling off wins should begin there.
YYB – LD | SS – D | MSN – TM | SOSD – LD | WIN – LD

Faerieland vs Mystery Island
Faerieland should provide little challenge to Mystery Island at the end of this round.
YYB – MI | SS – MI | MSN – MI | SOSD – MI | WIN – MI

Altador vs Tyrannia
Man, after the strength of schedule Tyrannia’s had this round, they deserve a slushie break. Altadorian upset notwithstanding.
YYB – TY | SS – TY | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – TY

Kreludor vs Virtupets
Virtupets has a great advantage in this match. It’s hard to believe Kreludor will be able to close out the large margins.
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Moltara vs Haunted Woods
This is a match that could screw up Haunted Woods’ streak. Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise fluctuate so much that it’s funny, but the latter two usually stay the same. And “the same” is a draw tossup. I could actually see Moltara splitting the match here if they don’t continue to drop scores.
YYB – D | SS – HW | MSN – MT | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Brightvale vs Darigan Citadel
Darigan, as usual, gets teams fired up. Brightvale can likely get a win out in Yooyuball if they go all out, but the sides look lost.
YYB – D | SS – DC | MSN – DC | SOSD – DC | WIN – DC

Kiko Lake vs Maraqua
Kiko Lake has the daily scores to sweep but Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise – Maraqua’s weaknesses – are their best bets since they’re also Kiko Lake’s weaker games.
YYB – KL | SS – KL | MSN – D | SOSD – KL | WIN – KL

Roo Island vs Shenkuu
Yooyuball could draw since they usually have the same scores but I’m going to grant it to Roo Island since this isn’t a Yooyuball season for Shenkuu. Even with a draw in the sport Roo Island would still win with the majority of side-game green blocks.
YYB – RI | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – SK | WIN – RI

Day 22 (June 23rd): Knick Knack Knock Off?

So day 21 ended with six sweeps and three matches where Yooyuball was the place to dodge the broom bullet, so you could call it a regular day in the cup. Virtupets swept Altador, Meridell swept Faerieland, Darigan swept Shenkuu. Moltara swept Kreludor in a rather restrained performance and Kiko Lake really did manage to pull a 180 on Brightvale.

In terms of the non-sweeps, Lost Desert drew the Krawks in Yooyuball. Lost Desert clearly can’t clinch a side-game to save them. Maraqua drew Roo Island in Yooyuball, which isn’t bad since Roo Island’s still getting the points from the sides. Tyrannia actually managed to draw Yooyuball against the Woods in the only way that they could.

The most concerning match to me is Terror Mountain and Mystery Island. Mystery Island swept, tell me something new. Well, ever since their intense victories over Darigan, there’s scores have begun to rise. It was relatively unnoticeable at first and seemed like a natural progression. I don’t want to be the one to shoot first, but a 12 in Make Some Noise is the ultimate sketchy alarm. Throughout the Cup, the Haunted Woods and Moltara have gotten ridiculous scores in Make Some Noise that even exceed 12. We know what’s behind the curtain in the Woods, and we kind of assume that Moltara’s getting help this year too. Is Mystery Island being supported now in the same vein? This is less of an accusation and more of a point of discussion being raised since the c-word is widely loathed by the community. It’s just so pointless. We know Haunted Woods will win and we know Mystery Island is smack dab in the centre of the standings. We’ll have to see in the coming days if the scores continue to rise. /controversy begins.

Faerieland vs Lost Desert
I doubt Lost Desert could even sweep if they tried. It doesn’t usually work out that way for them. Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise are consistently in drawing territory so the faeries have multiple legs up.
YYB – LD | SS – D | MSN – D | SOSD – LD | WIN – LD

Krawk Island vs Terror Mountain
One margin wins are still wins all the same.
YYB – KI | SS – KI | MSN – KI | SOSD – KI | WIN – KI

Meridell vs Mystery Island
Meridell hasn’t been that strong in this round but they haven’t had significant competition which finally comes today. Underwhelming scores compared to Mystery Island’s strength surprisingly spells a sweep.
YYB – MI | SS – MI | MSN – MI | SOSD – MI | WIN – MI

Altador vs Moltara
Industrial oven vs microwave
YYB – MT | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Haunted Woods vs Kreludor
As Virtupets and Tyrannia showed before, Yooyuball is the only way. Kreludor couldn’t beat Moltara who has similar scores so I don’t think they can pull off the draw.
YYB – HW | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Tyrannia vs Virtupets
Ouch, not something Tyrannia would like to see when they have a small chance of winning. Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown have potential to be upsets, and even Slushie Slinger. It would take some intense effort though and Virtupets regularly gets the better scores without trying. This match will probably be marginally close but a sweep all the same.
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Brightvale vs Shenkuu
Shenkuu can continue the trend of side-sweeping in this round since Brightvale’s scores aren’t too much of a challenge. If Brightvale maintains a 5 in Yooyuball then it’s their win but any lower and suddenly Shenkuu will draw it.
YYB – BV | SS – SK | MSN – SK | SOSD – SK | WIN – Draw

Darigan vs Maraqua
Maraqua doesn’t have any spare 6s laying around.
YYB – DC | SS – DC | MSN – DC | SOSD – DC | WIN – DC

Kiko Lake vs Roo Island
Roo Island’s looked good in this round while Kiko Lake is a lesser team than what they started out as. The Roos can probably take the sides by storm, but again, Yooyuball is where it’s lacking and the Kikos can fill the gap.
YYB – KL | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – D | WIN – KL