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  1. Lots of people are joining Virtupets.

  2. ikr!hmmmmmmmm but that doesnt necessarily mean they’re gonna be beast.

  3. I must admit, I was surprised to see that many people say they will join Virtupets. Very weird

  4. Does having a team sit out a year and joining another team for that year count as switching teams? Even though your team sat out that year?

    • Eh, that’s debatable. Technically you were on a different team, but only because you were forced to. I’d say that does not count as switching teams.

  5. Lots of people are saying they think a team not mentioned will win…

    • I’m not sure I’d call 1/3 of voters “a lot of people”. But I’m curious who those voters think has the best chance of winning.

      • Well, 1/3 of people think that Kreludor, darigan, roo and maraqua all will not win. Its picked more than any of the other choices

  6. Shenkuu is going to win, all the ppl who just joined bc they thought shenkuu was good will leave. Im joining Shenkuu

    • I honestly have no idea who I’m going to join. I’m leaning a little bit towards DC, but I’m also thinking about KI. Who do all you guys plan on joining?

      • You should join Darigan, thats who im thinking of joining.

      • If I had to choose a team today I would pick Darigan. What are your guys neopets accounts so I can add all you as neofreinds.

  7. I respect every team except for Faireland,Kiko lake,Marqua(I know there not bad but Elon Huglus has such bad sportsmen ship),altodor,and maybe Moltaria if they get higher than 13th place this year.I dont respect them Im not underestimating them.I am currently honeing my skills on Tdn playing yooyuball Its a great place to practice during the offseason i have played 197 games on there and the closest I came to losing was in a game against Moltaria I had a tie2 to 2.P.s I am behind Mystery island And I was the 3rd vote for them I am also not forcing you guys to join them but I love Mystery island and will pick them.

  8. Who else is joining the virupets?

  9. Im joining Mystery island

  10. Altodorchamp are you saying that or are you just a fan of altodors team?

  11. No it’s just my name. Im going to join Darigan this season

  12. Cool

  13. I think Virtupets can get into the finals

  14. Virtupets had it’s chance at AC V.(We did really beat all top tier teams except for LD. Got 2 wins vs KD etc) I can only see us having even a better chance at VI.

  15. Meridell will get into the top 4

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