New Guest Writer and My Predictions

Hi, my name is Connor and I am a new guest writer for  I support Lost Desert.  I will try to post daily predictions and commentary on results for the day before.  Here are my preseason predictions.

Altador Cup VIII Predictions

1. Meridell– I don’t think the winner’s curse is going away, and Meridell is the best of the teams who haven’t won a cup.  They have been on the rise going from 11th to 8th to 5th to 3rd in the last four cups.

2. Darigan Citadel– Darigan Citadel is a powerhouse.  Picking them 2nd is the safe pick because they are so consistently good.

3. Krawk Island– Krawk Island had a bit of a down year last year, but I think they will bounce back strong.

4. Tyrannia– Tyrannia has been greatly improving their yooyuball strength and showed their potential to be a powerhouse with the upsets they had last year.

5. Lost Desert– Although many say they didn’t deserve their 5th place finish last year, it was still a good rebound from 13th.  They will probably stay at or just below 5th place again this year.

6. Maraqua– Maraqua is always an interesting team to project.  They never seem to live up to the high predictions they get.  I think that 6th is fair rank for them.

7. Virtupets– After the winning curse, I think Vitupets will get back in the middle of the pack.  The year before they got Stealth and won, they had improved a lot.  I think they may get to that rank again, but no higher without an all-star group.

8. Mystery Island– Mystery Island was a shocker last year, but I can’t see them staying near the top.  They have always been somewhat inconsistent.  I don’t think they will go back to 14th place like in ACV and ACVI, but they probably will be hurt by freeloaders since they are such a small team.

9. Brightvale– Brightvale is a bit like Maraqua in the fact that they never really reach their high expectations.  Brightvale always disappoints, and I think this year won’t be much different.

10. Kreludor– Winning Curse.  I doubt even Kreludor, the team that was so dominant for the last few years, will be able to avoid it.  They will still beat lesser teams, but I don’t think they will be a top contender.

11. Roo Island– Except for fourth in ACV, Roo Island has been going lower in the standings since they won ACIII.  I don’t think they will finish quite as low as last year, but not really a threat for the cup.

12. Kiko Lake– This is a tough pick.  I’m not really sure how Kiko Lake will come back from last year’s rise up the standings.  I don’t think they will stay at 6th, but they might surprise me.

13. Terror Mountain– I picked Terror Mountain a little lower than their usual finish, and it is because I think there are a lot of other teams (Brightvale, Mystery Island, and Kiko Lake) who are improving while Terror Mountain isn’t.

14. Moltara– Moltara is getting better.  They are probably going to pass teams that are falling off like Shenkuu and Haunted Woods.

15. Haunted Woods– Haunted Woods was one of the worst teams in the cup last year, having only one yooyuball win.  I think that they will move to the bottom.

16. Shenkuu– After Shenkuu got second in ACIV, they have been really bad.  I think there three-win yooyuball record last year showed that most of their all-stars have left.  I can’t see them winning any games except verse Altador and Faerieland.

17. Altador– Altador always is weak, and probably always will be.  However, they weren’t nearly as bad as Faerieland was last year.

18. Faerieland– After Faerieland actually showed signs of getting better in ACV and ACVI, they sank back to last place last year.

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