The Changes…


Wow, Yooyuball is now incredibly difficult to play. But it looks much nicer. I’m sure it’ll seem easy once you adjust to the new revamped game, but I sure as heck can’t even score a goal. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to post a strategy guide once one becomes available. They also changed up how the finals are done.

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In addition the quiz now features new questions. It’s located here. But the results are still randomly generated so don’t count on it finding a compatible team 😉

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We’ll have a full report tomorrow (or later tonight) on team member changes. But all the Krawk Islanders out there will be glad to know that Dasher Soley did not hang up his hat.
The double round robin is the same as last year, but TNT has changed the way they do the finals. Taken from the rules page:

At the conclusion of the double round robin phase, all 16 teams will move on to take part in the four-day finals phase, which will consist of a playoff match-up and a final match-up. Each finals phase match-up lasts for two days. Within each four-team rank grouping (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16), the highest and lowest ranked teams will play against each other, while the second and third ranked teams will also pair off, with the winners of each match-up then facing off for first place of that group, and the losers facing off for third place of that group.

The four leading teams overall will still be in contention for a place on the Altador Cup winners’ pedestal, but now, a fourth place team could sneak to the top on two wins, and emerge victorious!

Finals Tournament Style

Personally, I think this is a VERY smart idea on TNT’s part. Now every team gets to participate in the finals and I assume there’ll be no team switching.

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TNT also announced that they will be doing weighted averages again this year. This means that “freeloaders” WILL count. Here’s the quote:

The Altador Cup Committee bases scores on win/loss/draw record, point scores, individual performance, and a weighted average based on team membership.

Translation: A team with more players has no advantage over a team with fewer players!

Note, this article is a work in progress. If you know of any changes not listed, please leave a comment, or neomail me, krawk_islander. Thanks for staying with us for your 2008 Altador Cup Coverage! Good luck on the field!

AC Neomail Icon Edit: Oh and I should probably mention that Kiko Lake is officially out. But if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve known that for a while.



Many people expected the cup to be released today since June 12th’s news comes out today. However, the news is now out, but the Cup is not. Last year TNT stated that sign-ups would begin on June 2nd, and they released them on June 1st, with June 2nd’s news. This was not the case this year. There is still hope that TNT will release sign-ups tomorrow, June 12th, with June 13th’s news, however if the Cup is not released tomorrow with the news, a full scathing article will be written up on TNT 😛

Our Advice: With TNT, your best bet is to keep your expectations low.

Rumor Control: There is also a rumor that often gets repeated on the boards that events/plots don’t come out on special days (like Quiggle day).  This is completely untrue.   Plots have come out on special days before.  In fact, the last Altador Cup was released on Fyora Day.  Tomorrow being Quiggle day shouldn’t have any bearing on sign-ups being released.


The Neopets Team was kind enough to give us some information about the Altador Cup in today’s news post. Here is the link to the coming soon page. At the end it says 6.12.08 which means the Altador Cup should be coming out on June 12, 2008. Which is the upcoming Thursday. Of course it’s possible that they mean sign-ups will be released on Monday and the cup will officially start on Thursday. After all TNT has historically released sign-ups a few days before it actually begins. Or TNT could mean that sign-ups will be out on the 12th and then the cup will start a few days later. TNT was a little vague on that aspect. We’ll have to wait and see. As always we’ll be keeping you up to date on any new developments.

It should also be noted that if sign-ups start on June 12th, then they’ll probably actually be out on Wednesday evening, June 11th since that’s when the news for June 12th comes out.

Editor’s Opinion: I personally believe that when TNT says “6.12.08”, they mean that sign-ups and team bios and the practice team will come out on June 12th. I also think that it will be out with June 12th’s news, meaning it’ll actually come out on the evening of June 11th. We’ll have to wait and see.

Edit Note: Monday’s news is now out and sign-ups are not out yet.  Not a big surprise.  We are still predicting that sign-ups will still most likely start on June 11th, around 3pm NST when the news is released.  Stay tuned…

An Indepth Look at ‘Freeloading’

Firstly, I would like to point out that we have a RSS feed located here. There’s also a link to it at the bottom of the page, but as a commenter pointed out to me, it’s pretty hidden. Also, in case you forget the website’s address you might want to bookmark the blog. You can do so by pressing Ctrl + D. Also, I would like to thank all my readers. Just in the past 7 days I’ve gotten close to 9,000 views. And now, on to the article…

As you may know, freeloading is a topic frequently discussed on the neoboards. Freeloading is when you join a team that you think is going to win and then don’t play any (or very few) games for that team. TNT has weighed in on the matter. A question was sent to the Neopian Times asking:

“People are saying “freeloaders” (people who don’t participate but join a team) in the Altador Cup are affecting the overall score (as in negatively). Please clear this up, thanks!”

TNT then replied:

Nope, that is completely untrue. You can only help your team, not hurt it.

But is this true? TNT actually contradicts themselves here. Why? Because this is how TNT says they calculated scores (posted during the first Altador Cup):

The Altador Cup Committee bases scores on win/loss/tie record, point scores, individual performance, and a weighted average based on team membership. Translation: A team with more players has no advantage over a team with less players.

Well if it’s a weighted average, then freeloaders would negatively affect their team. A weighted average means that a weight is applied to a team based on how many members they have. For example (purely hypothetical) if Krawk Island were to get a total of 100,000 points with 2,000 members, and Shenkuu got 88,000 points with 1,700 member, then Shenkuu would’ve beaten Krawk Island. In this hypothetical scenario, a weight of 1.1765 would’ve been applied to Shenkuu’s score since 1,700 x 1.1765 = 2,000. Therefore the real score would be Krawk Island with 100,000 points and Shenkuu with 103,532 (since 88,000 x 1.1765 = 103,532). So as you can see, if you have more members on your team, you also need to get a higher score in porportion to the amount of members you have. So why then did TNT state that you can only positively affect your team in the NT article? Here’s some theories:

  • Right off the bat, it’s possible that TNT changed the way they do scoring during the second Altador Cup from a weighted average, to just a adding up of the scores without taking into account the population of the team. However, I must say, If TNT does scoring this way, it’s highly unfair to smaller sized teams. The Altador Cup should be based on playing ability, not team size.
  • It’s also possible that TNT’s reply has been taken out of context. Or that TNT didn’t completely understand the question. TNT simply stated that a person can’t negatively affect a team’s score. It’s possible that they meant you can’t subtract from a team’s score, thus having a negative impact. Well that’s true. Of course you can still have a negative impact by simply not playing (if it’s weighted) since you would be adding to the teams population but not adding any points to the team, thus inversely and accidentally having a negative impact on a team’s score without actually directly subtracting points from the team.
  • It’s also possible that TNT has set up a system where they don’t factor in any players who play 0 games. In other words, they would subtract any players who played 0 games from the team’s population, thus those players wouldn’t negatively affect their team. However, it would still be possible for freeloaders to negatively affect a team’s score. After all, once they play one game they’re going to be negatively affecting their team if they no longer play many games. It’d almost be better to play 0 games than play 1 game and then stop if TNT does indeed use this system.
  • It’s also possible that TNT simply told a little fib in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings. After all, it’d be pretty rude for them to say, “Yes, freeloaders bring a team’s score down. So stop freeloading you lazy freeloaders!1!!!!

It should also be noted that I don’t begrudge freeloaders in any way. People have the right to play as little or as much as they want. They’re simply part of the game. However, it’s my job to analyze how they’ll affect the game. So… what is your opinion on the subject? Get your opinion across by posting a comment.

Kiko Lake being kicked out? … And a neoboard icon…

There is a new neoboard icon:
Altador Cup 3 neoboards

Not only that, but there is some BIG news. Jellyneo was smart enough to get out their magnifying glass and see that Kiko Lake’s colors on the icon were replaced with Kreludor’s colors. You heard right folks, Kiko Lake is most likely getting kicked out.

The Return of Dr. Sloth Chat Board Removed…

The “Return of Dr. Sloth Plot” board has been removed by TNT. It had ID #7, which is what the plot board uses. Most likely it was done because the new plot board will be released very soon…. the Altador Cup 3 Chat board that is. The Altador Cup excitement is definitely heating up.

An Altador Cup (potential) prize already found…

Looks like TNT’s been uploading a plethoras of Altador Cup related items today. Here is an unreleased item that may be used as a prize in the future:
Fire Yooyu

Credits: Thanks to our friends at Jellyneo.