…And the Winner Is?!

After 25 days of competition, Kreludor can officially be declared as the Altador Cup VII Champions! We’ve already known this for a few days now, but it’s official. As for that tiebreaker match between Mystery Island and Meridell, the winner turned out to be who I predicted, with Mystery Island taking the silver medal. Meridell got on the podium with bronze. Now, since you’re probably waiting for the prize shop to open so you can greedily buy those pillows to resell quickly, here’s a comparison of the official standings (left) and my pre-season predictions (right).

1. Kreludor / Kreludor (0)
2. Mystery Island / Meridell (+1)
3. Meridell / Maraqua (-5)
4. Darigan Citadel / Darigan Citadel (0)
5. Lost Desert / Krawk Island (-2)
6. Kiko Lake / Tyrannia (-4)
7. Krawk Island / Virtupets (-5)
8. Maraqua / Terror Mountain (-3)
9. Haunted Woods / Haunted Woods (0)
10. Tyrannia / Roo Island (-4)
11. Terror Mountain &  Brightvale / Brightvale (0)
12. Kiko Lake (+6)
13. Virtupets / Lost Desert (+8)
14. Roo Island / Shenkuu (-2)
15. Moltara / Mystery Island (+13)
16. Shenkuu / Faerieland (-2)
17. Altador & Faerieland / Altador (0)
18. Moltara (+3)

As evident by the zeroes, I got 5 predictions correct, which is the highest I’ve ever gotten. I successfully predicted the champion after predicting Kreludor winning for the past 3 years. I predicted Darigan getting 4th. I predicted Haunted Woods getting 9th, even though I expected them to get it with a much stronger showing. I predicted Brightvale getting 11th and I predicted Altador getting 17th.

There were quite a few dramatic misses though. I expected Maraqua to finish as a top tier powerhouse again, but that obviously did not happen. I totally thought Virtupets would hold up better for some reason, but they fell into Lost Desert’s warmed spot. Not really surprising, but they statistically got around 9th. I completely misinterpreted Kiko Lake and Mystery Island, but that could partly be blamed on Stealth joining these teams after I made the predictions. And lastly, I had no faith in Lost Desert’s recovery.

Now that these predictions are signed and sealed, it’s time for the ACVIII predictions already! I’ll likely post them here shortly as soon as I think of some final choices and explanations.


Day 25 – The Coconut and the Babaa

Welcome to the last    unscheduled update of the Altador Cup VII season! I guess my heartfelt sentences would do better here today, so here it is:  Thank you for letting me write for you, and thank you for reading my predictions and commentary every day. I really enjoyed it. Now, we do have results from yesterday, and we do have an official champion, but we are still looking for that silver medal winner, which will result in a tiebreaker match against Meridell and Mystery Island tomorrow.

Meridell unsurprisingly swept Faerieland to end their season, while still radiating with the most predictions as winner of silver with all these sweeps under their tunics.

Terror Mountain and Haunted Woods brought out the best in each other that we haven’t seen in awhile. The showdown ended with Haunted Woods winning, getting wins in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown, while drawing the other two.

Virtupets was able to hold on to most of the side games against Moltara, but the Moltarans got the shootout showdown bonus and an improvement with that.

Lost Desert obviously knew about Brightvale’s plan to win Shootout Showdown. It’s their best game. So Lost Desert retaliated, and Brightvale regrouped, winning Make Some Noise and stopping a sweep.

I predicted Shenkuu barely defeating Kiko Lake, but it was far from that. Shenkuu once again stomped Kiko Lake, getting one of their best results of the entire cup, and only letting up in Make Some Noise to allow the Kikos a draw.

Roo Island was also able to overcome an impending sweep by winning Slushie Slinger. Unfortunately they didn’t get the bonus, and enough to rise out of their group standing’s sinkhole.

Maraqua shined their fins for the last day and annihilated Tyrannia, a second consecutive day of surprising defeat for Tyrannia. It’s a good thing the Cup ended today, because the stamina was going down into the sweeps.

Kreludor once again swept, this time Altador, and has officially swept their way to being Altador Cup Champions. Congratulations for the much deserved win, Kreludorks!

Finally, with the last match of the day, Krawk Island brought their A-game and soundly defeated Darigan Citadel in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. If they hadn’t gone down for those few days, they could have struck back to steak Darigan’s spot.


1. Kreludor
2. Meridell/Mystery Island
3. Meridell/Mystery Island
4. Darigan Citadel
5. Lost Desert
6. Kiko Lake
7. Krawk Island
8. Maraqua
9. Haunted Woods
10. Tyrannia
11. Terror Mountain
11. Brightvale
13. Virtupets
14. Roo Island
15. Moltara
16. Shenkuu
17. Altador
18. Faerieland


Meridell vs Mystery Island
As you can see, 2nd place is up for grabs. The tiebreaker may not be today, but I’ll include my prediction in this last daily update. Looking at the standings, their strengths alternate. Mystery Island has Yooyuball and Make Some Noise on their side, and Meridell has Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. The side games are likely to be all over the place because we’re back to the good ol’ match deciding factor, where Yooyuball is the most important sport to win. Both teams are getting rest days, which definitely helps Mystery Island. If this was today, I would have predicted Meridell, but I’m going to have to go with Mystery Island as the winners.
YYB – MI / SS – DRAW / MSN  – DRAW / SOSD – MD / WIN – Mystery Island

Day 24 – Sleep’s for Tomorrow, Victory’s for Tonight!

Unless the extra tie-breaker day extends the anxiety, today is the last scheduled match of the season. Thank you for letting me write for you, and thank you for reading my predictions and commentary every day. Good luck to everyone today.

Faerieland struck back at close rival Moltara in Alabriss 4, almost getting an entire side game sweep against the team, when many thought they would be swept. It’s unusual for the Faeries to dominate in the side games, especially against a team that’s still marginally better. Haunted Woods was able to stop the Meridell sweeping with their best game, Make Some Noise, drawing. Finally, Virtupets was supreme over Terror Mountain, taking the main sport, Make Some Noise and a draw in Slushie Slinger.

Diving in Minitheus 4, Brightvale vs Kiko Lake should have been a little more obvious. I predicted Kiko Lake, but Brightvale was clearly stronger in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, and that’s how they won. Mystery Island did not smooth over Lost Desert, and the sand got Shootout Showdown in addition to a Slushie Slinger draw. The last Minitheus has Roo Island and Shenkuu face off for the 4th time. While every match may have gone downhill for Shenkuu in this rivalry, they were still able to draw Yooyuball in each won. Slushie Slinger in this one, too.

Vaelous 4 had an odd anomaly. Krawk Island nearly swept Tyrannia, mind a draw in Make Some Noise. If the pirates have returned for their final matches, then they sailed in magnificently. Altador and Maraqua ended exactly as I predicted. Last but not least, Kreludor was pretty much able to secure their throne by sweeping Darigan Citadel.


Meridell vs Faerieland
The sweepings will start up again for one last day. Faerieland was impressive in the sides yesterday, but they can’t fly past Meridell’s defence.
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / WIN – Meridell

Terror Mountain vs Haunted Woods
This is very, very ironic. For the past two years, both of these teams have been fighting for a place in the 2nd tier. Each time, Terror Mountain stopped Haunted Woods, and even last year, benefitted themselves by it. If Haunted Woods wins this match, they probably get 8th. History may repeat itself yet again, because the advantages seem clear. It will likely go beyond that though.
YYB – TM / SS – HW / MSN – HW / SOSD – TM / WIN – Terror Mountain

Virtupets vs Moltara
This one seems fairly clear cut too. Both have their one advantages, and I don’t see it going far beyond that.
YYB – VP / SS – MT / MSN – VP / SOSD- MT / WIN – Virtupets

Brightvale vs Lost Desert
Brightvale could possibly pull off a Yooyuball upset, but I’m not betting on it at this point in the game. The match will be as safe as can be. Brightvale should focus on the bonus anyway.
YYB – LD / SS – LD / MSN – LD / SOSD – BV / WIN – Lost Desert

Shenkuu vs Kiko Lake
Kiko Lake should easily get the middle two games, but Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown can go to anyone. Kiko Lake really does have the advantage, but I’m going to give the match to Shenkuu, who will win by a smidgen.
YYB – SK / SS – KL / MSN – KL / SOSD – DRAW / WIN – Shenkuu

Mystery Island vs Roo Island
Mystery Island should safely win this one, but Roo Island could do serious damage to the side games. The Roos will probably try to get Shootout Showdown at the very least.
YYB – MI / SS – DRAW / MSN – MI / SOSD – RI / WIN – Mystery Island

Maraqua vs Tyrannia
I’m not sure what to expect. There’s probably black magic at work here, but these two seem to go along the statistical lines. I see Tyrannia fighting harder because they’ve pulled off better wins, and I think they could still take Maraqua’s 4th.
YYB – TY / SS – TY / MSN – MQ / SOSD – MQ / WIN – Tyrannia

Kreludor vs Altador
Unless Altador does a miracle and wins Yooyuball, this may not even matter. Kreludor doesn’t take rests though, so it can be wrapped up easily.
YYB – KD / SS – KD / MSN – KD / SOSD – KD / WIN – Kreludor

Darigan Citadel vs Krawk Island
Welp. At least it’s exciting now. I think Krawk Island may be on board for this finale, but Darigan has been at the helm for this entire time. I give them the win but I don’t think they’ll sweep this time.
YYB – DC / SS – KI / MSN – DC / SOSD – DRAW / WIN – Darigan Citadel

Day 23 – The Penultimate Battle

Just in time for the second-to-last day, an upset extravaganza rolls around that could put the leader in jeopardy.

In the Alabriss group, Faerieland avoided a dire sweep by Terror Mountain’s hands by grabbing a draw in Shootout Showdown. Haunted Woods and Moltara faced off again and the result was a draw, with Moltara winning Yooyuball and Haunted Woods winning the side games. Lastly, Virtupets’ Yooyuball wasn’t enough to take down the Meridell machine, and Meridell swept the match.

Kiko Lake confirmed my guessing by nearly getting swept by Mystery Island, hanging on by a thread to a Shootout Showdown draw. Roo Island vs Brightvale did have Roo Island prevailing, but they also completely won Yooyuball to do it. Shenkuu also was able to stay unswept against Lost Desert by shining in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

Vaelous is where the upsets occured. I said that Krawk Island vs Altador had the potential for a trainwreck, in Krawk Island’s terms. I was right, but nobody would have predicted Altador winning Yooyuball. Unfortunately, it’s likely to go unnoticed because Altador won’t be able to rise into their 5th, and it was an overall draw anyway. If this accomplished anything, it would be shutting Krawk Island out. Darigan and Maraqua was relatively normal. The Citadel swept Maraqua for a win. The last match of the day, and possibly the biggest upset of the season, Tyrannia defeating Kreludor in Yooyuball. Kreludor was undefeated in the sport up until that very moment though, so getting a draw instead of a win could threaten their throne.


Moltara vs Faerieland
Moltara could potentially sweep, but Faerieland could take a side game draw, maybe even completely.
YYB – MT / SS – DRAW / MSN – MT / SOSD – MT / WIN – Moltara

Meridell vs Haunted Woods
Meridell has double the records and more in everything. There’s no reason to stop the sweep train until it crashes.
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / WIN – Meridell

Terror Mountain vs Virtupets
The focus is pretty clear cut, and the winner seems to be too. This leaves the side games open to be stolen by Terror Mountain though.
YYB – VP / SS – TM / MSN – TM / SOSD – TM / WIN – Draw

Brightvale vs Kiko Lake
It still surprises me to see Brightvale win a higher record in Yooyuball than most of the teams they face. It must have been real early in the cup. The sides seem to be locked in, but Yooyuball is in the air. It’s close enough to be a draw, which would result in a win for Kiko Lake.
YYB – DRAW / SS – KL / MSN – KL / SOSD – BV / WIN – Kiko Lake

Mystery Island vs Lost Desert
Last time this happened, Lost Desert was nearly swept. Bad news for them is that it’s probably going to be a similar result. Mystery Island has hefty advantages in everything but Slushie Slinger. If they refocused, they could probably sweep.
YYB – MI / SS – DRAW / MSN – MI / SOSD – MI / WIN – Mystery Island

Roo Island vs Shenkuu
The ACVII rivalry is back for the final time this year. This wouldn’t be the same without a draw in Yooyuball, so that’s thrown into the mix. Overall, I think Roo Island will win because of the sidegame advantage, although Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown is close.
YYB – DRAW / SS – RI / MSN – RI / SOSD – SK / WIN – Roo Island

Altador vs Maraqua
It would be interesting to see if Altador goes for another Yooyuball win. It’s possible, Maraqua is weaker than Krawk Island… I’ll play it safe and give them Slushie Slinger, and Maraqua wins the fight.
YYB – MQ / SS – AL / MSN – MQ / SOSD – MQ / WIN – Maraqua

Tyrannia vs Krawk Island
It’s relatively close. Tyrannia is likely pumped though, so I’m giving them the match on an adrenaline rush. Krawk Island could take any of the side games, but a this point, one seems to be the most.
YYB – TY / SS – TY / MSN – TY / SOSD – KI / WIN – Tyrannia

Kreludor vs Darigan Citadel
I wouldn’t even call Kreludor’s Yooyuball loss a rude awakening, since they were probably not slacking off. Tyrannia was strong enough to win, and Darigan may see this as an opportunity. This win is crucial for Kreludor, it could cost them the Altador Cup. Even worse for them, Darigan gave them their first non-win. The anticipation is heavy in this one.
YYB – KD / SS – KD / MSN – KD / SOSD – DC / WIN – Kreludor

Day 22 – Perks of Being a Slushie Slinger

The excitement and anxiety that comes with results was upped today, now that I’m officially on summer vacation! Oh, um, I guess there was some exciting results too.

Virtupets, as most recent champions, defeated the original champions, as predicted. I predicted an additional draw in Make Some Noise though, so I should of known that the champs at that game would win too. The song of ice and fire didn’t end in a draw at all. In fact, Terror Mountain demolished Moltara, nearly sweeping by slipping in a draw for Make Some Noise. Last up in Alabriss 4 was Meridell sweeping Faerieland.

Roo Island versus Lost Desert ended very close to my predictions. Roo Island’s side game streak continued into all games, but the draw was in Shootout Showdown, not my prediction of Slushie Slinger. Mystery Island toppled Brightvale with a sweep. And now for another stunning, albeit less surprising upset, Shenkuu over Kiko Lake. I kind of foreshadowed this by saying Shenkuu was close to Roo Island’s power, but I never thought they would do it. By “do it”, I mean getting all games but Make Some Noise. Congratulations for hanging on Shenkuu, but this doesn’t explain why Brightvale bounded over you in the standings. It really looks like the Kikos are out of stamina.

Darigan Citadel versus Krawk Island, a supposed powerhouse battle, did not have the results that one wanted. Darigan swept, and Krawk Island didn’t even stop it by getting a Slushie Slinger draw like I predicted. Meanwhile, Maraqua managed to sneak in a win in Make Some Noise against Kreludor. Look at what Maraqua has become: a down powerhouse forced to choose a side game and mooch off of it. And for the final match of the day, Altador got the precious and delicious Slushie Slinger bonus against Tyrannia.


Terror Mountain vs Faerieland
Terror Mountain may not be in great shape this year, but they are doing well against their lower tiered counterparts. Faerieland will likely try to steal Slushie Slinger and maybe even Yooyuball, but Terror Mountain does not consider this a rest day.
YYB – TM / SS – TM / MSN – TM / SOSD – TM / WIN – Terror Mountain

Haunted Woods vs Moltara
I’m going to outright say it. I wanted Haunted Woods to lose so badly. It’s quite frustrating to chase after the coveted second place, but getting nowhere. Anyway, I don’t think they will. I hope Moltara has the morale to challenge Yooyuball again, because they certainly have the power to do it.
YYB – HW / SS – HW / MSN – HW / SOSD – MT / WIN – Haunted Woods

Meridell vs Virtupets
I honestly can’t remember the last time Meridell didn’t sweep. This match is probably their toughest one of the bracket, but even then, it’s not dangerous. Virtupets will probably go for Yooyuball, and Meridell has a large advantage.
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / WIN – Meridell

Mystery Island vs Kiko Lake
The Kikos are losing stamina and may even be drained by now. I’m giving them one last chance in my predictions, since this could perfectly well end in a sweep. I think they play better against stronger teams.
YYB – MI / SS – KL / MSN – MI / SOSD – MI / WIN – Mystery Island

Roo Island vs Brightvale
Brightvale has the record advantage to win this, but Roo Island has been impressing me lately. Then again, they’ve been doing well in the side games. The side games may end up skewed because the focus should really be on Yooyuball.
YYB – DRAW / SS – RI / MSN – RI / SOSD – BV / WIN – Roo Island

Shenkuu vs Lost Desert
Shenkuu’s win against Kiko Lake in Yooyuball was a large boost in their wins, but they do now have the same number of losses. Lost Desert’s Yooyuball record is much higher, but I don’t think Shenkuu’s confidence can be stopped until they’re defeated soundly (is there any confidence, anyway?)  I think they can stop a sweep, at least.
YYB – LD / SS – LD / MSN – LD / SOSD – SK / WIN – Lost Desert

Krawk Island vs Altador
Yeesh, this definitely has the potential to be a trainwreck for Krawk Island. I’m not feeling their presence any more, and Altador can be an unpredictable pest.
YYB – KI / SS – AL / MSN – KI / SOSD – KI / WIN – Krawk Island

Darigan Citadel vs Maraqua
If Darigan can sweep Krawk Island, they can sweep Maraqua. Maybe. I think Maraqua has sort of accepted that they aren’t in the top of the standings any more, while Krawk Island is in denial. A sneak attack like they used on Kreludor yesterday is possible.
YYB – DC / SS – DC / MSN – MQ / SOSD – DC / WIN – Darigan Citadel

Kreludor vs Tyrannia
Tyrannia has opportunities, but Kreludor has heavy weighting for them.
YYB – KD / SS – KD / MSN – KD / SOSD – KD / WIN – Kreludor

Day 21 – Flashdance, What a Sweeping!

Half of the matches today ended in sweeps, and some had me staring at it with a gaping jaw and wondering how this happened.

Haunted Woods versus Faerieland left us with more questions than answers. Haunted Woods ended up winning, but only with a draw in Yooyuball and a win in two side games. Totally unexpected for Faerieland to do that, and it places them on the board for Yooyuball. Meridell unsurprisingly swept Moltara. And Virtupets and Terror Mountain nearly had an overall draw, but Virtupets was able to draw Make Some Noise as their only side game point, netting them the win.

Strap in now, because Roo Island… girl, wait for it… SWEPT KIKO LAKE. WTF? WT flying F? Roo Island had half of Kiko Lake’s Yooyuball and Slushie wins. Kiko Lake has finally been defeated in Slushie Slinger, by the way. So how did this happen? Did the Kikos suddenly go extinct? Has Roo Island suddenly peaked? I think my theory yesterday was right. Kiko Lake is still a small team and they’re probably drained. They needed to fall sometime. Shenkuu also finally got their first Yooyuball win against Brightvale, and even got Slushie Slinger too. Of course, the age old rivalry of the tropics and desert can’t be forgotten, but it was nearly a sweep. Mystery Island won all but a draw in Shootout Showdown.

And finally, Vaelous 4, where every match was a sweep. Kreludor swept Krawk Island, which ironically was the most predictable. Darigan Citadel swept Tyrannia, the most shocking since Tyrannia was on par with the darkness, and Maraqua swept Altador, showing that they’re down, but they can still sweep bottom tiered teams.


Virtupets vs Haunted Woods
Yooyuball will definitely go to Virtupets. Haunted Woods seems to be abnormally weak in it this year. The side games are likely to be more dominated by Haunted Woods though, even if they don’t have the edge in records.
YYB – VP / SS – HW / MSN – DRAW / SOSD – DRAW / WIN – Virtupets

Terror Mountain vs Moltara
This match is definitely close. Moltara seems to be a slightly stronger Terror Mountain in this case, except Terror Mountain is usually better at being unswept. I’m … predicting a draw.

Meridell vs Faerieland
Hack n’ slash.
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / WIN – Meridell

Roo Island vs Lost Desert
Now that Roo Island has swept Kiko Lake, they have my full vote of confidence. However, Lost Desert still has the large advantage in Yooyuball. Even if their performance is disappointing, they are still probable.
YYB – LD / SS – DRAW / MSN – RI / SOSD – RI / WIN – Lost Desert

Mystery Island vs Brightvale 
As usual, it’s tough to get on the board against Mystery Island. Brightvale could go for the bonus for additional points if a result is given, or choose the safe route of Shootout Showdown.
YYB – MI / SS – MI / MSN – MI / SOSD – BV / WIN – Mystery Island

Kiko Lake vs Shenkuu
Kiko Lake may be faltering a bit, but the match should easily be given to them. But the question is if is Shenkuu determined enough after finally winning Yooyuball? They’re relatively close to Roo Island’s power…
YYB – KL / SS – KL / MSN – KL / SOSD – SK / WIN – Kiko Lake

Darigan Citadel vs Krawk Island
Wow, this is way different from their very first match, isn’t it? Darigan is still doing well and fighting for bronze. They swept Tyrannia and should feel accomplished. As long as they’re still awake, they can probably take the very weakened and diminished Krawk Island. It may be over after this result.
YYB – DC / SS – DRAW / MSN – DC / SOSD – DC / WIN – Darigan Citadel

Kreludor vs Maraqua
Going for gold.
YYB – KD / SS – KD / MSN – KD / SOSD – KD / WIN – Kreludor

Tyrannia vs Altador
Tyrannia should easily sweep, but Altador could pose danger with a bonus Slushie Slinger strength.
YYB – TY / SS – TY / MSN – TY / SOSD – TY / WIN – Tyrannia

Day 20 – So is this the point to worry about other results?

As evident by my own opinion, yes, it’s time to root heavily against your opposition.

The 48 hour match between Meridell and Terror Mountain left the two tired, which also left Meridell with a sweep that they countered well. Moltara did not end up beating Haunted Woods, but Yooyuball ended in a draw, so it was relatively close to an overall draw anyway. Faerieland also ended up taking more from Virtupets than was necessary, touching on both Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown.

Roo Island didn’t take a loss so easily from a close leveled competitor. It was a draw! Brightvale won Yooyuball while Roo won the side games. It’s still surreal to see Roo Island being good at the sides. Shenkuu was also good enough to steal Shootout Showdown from Mystery Island. The last one in this group was Kiko Lake vs Lost Desert, and Kiko Lake only took Slushie Slinger, losing the match.

Meanwhile in Vaelous 3, Darigan Citadel stopped Altador’s unswept streak, showing that they still have their dark hearts in the game. Krawk Island and Maraqua also provided an interesting result, ending in a complete draw. Was this a match of low morale or did it get more heated between the rivals to result in this? Nevertheless, it’s bad and good news for each team respectively. Oh, and Kreludor swept Tyrannia.


 Haunted Woods vs Faerieland
It’s pretty much an uphill battle for Faerieland not to get swept. Haunted Woods isn’t in a sweeping shape, but they’re still here, playing. I think the Faeries results against the Space Station was for different reasons.
YYB – HW / SS -HW / MSN – HW / SOSD – FL / WIN – Haunted Woods

Meridell vs Moltara
Meridell is just waiting for Kreludor to slip up. They’re not going to let up.
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / WIN – Meridell

Virtupets vs Terror Mountain
Supposedly Virtupets is not going to stop for anything but Yooyuball. It’s tough to nab, but it’s not out of realm. But I think this leaves the side games more open for the Mountaineers.
YYB – VP / SS – TM / MSN – VP / SOSD – TM / WIN – Virtupets

Brightvale vs Shenkuu
Brightvale has most of the advantage. It may not be a full on domination, but I have a feeling Brightvale will fight hard for this one. They have Yooyuball, anyway.
YYB – BV / SS – SK / MSN – BV / SOSD – BV / WIN – Brightvale

Kiko Lake vs Roo Island
The Kikos seem to be getting tired, no? They’re only hanging on to Slushie Slinger against their upper strength rivals. Roo Island is not that, but it’s comes to a point where they have equal Yooyuball losses.
YYB – KL / SS – KL / MSN – RI / SOSD – RI / WIN – Kiko Lake

Mystery Island vs Lost Desert
The Islanders are unlikely to slow down and lose sight of second, even first, but this could pose a challenge. Both have 3 losses in Yooyuball, TOTAL. The side games are probably locked in, but the Yooyuball result could end up unusual at midnight.
YYB – MI / SS – LD / MSN – MI / SOSD – MI / WIN – Mystery Island

Kreludor vs Krawk Island
If anything, I think Kreludor will put even more effort into this one. Krawk Island is probably tired and depressed.
YYB – KD / SS – KD / MSN – KD / SOSD – KD / WIN – Kreludor

Darigan Citadel vs Tyrannia
This is closer than it has any right to be. I’m not sure how Tyrannia got these records when I wasn’t looking, haha. I do, however, NOT predict any draws. I don’t feel it. I think Darigan firmly has it.
YYB – DC / SS – TY / MSN – TY / SOSD – DC / WIN – Darigan Citadel

Maraqua vs Altador
Altador has a better Slushie Slinging record. No reason to lose that.
YYB – MQ / SS – AL / MSN – MQ / SOSD – MQ / WIN – Maraqua