Day 1 (June 2nd): Begin Again

Wake up! I said WAKE UP! Don’t make me dump cold water on you and scream. Good, you’re up, cause this thing is starting now. Welcome to the Altador Cup IX everybody! *claps pots and pans together*

That being said, the brackets are not what we expected. Here they are:

Alabriss 1: Lost Desert, Moltara, Maraqua, Krawk Island, Kreludor and Roo Island
Minitheus 1: Darigan Citadel, Meridell, Virtupets, Shenkuu, Faerieland and Altador
Vaelous 1: Brightvale, Terror Mountain, Haunted Woods, Kiko Lake, Mystery Island, Tyrannia

As you can see, they aren’t based on the standings last year, but they look surprisingly balanced. There’s some great matches on the slate today so why don’t we get to some predictions!?

Lost Desert vs Moltara
Since there’s nothing to go off of except last year’s numbers and this year’s hype, predictions today will be a wee bit baseless. Moltara seems to be a perpetual worst team at the moment while the Desert is low but has room for a rising. This shouldn’t be a sweep since the Lost Desert are weak in the sides and Moltara can easily strike if they’re hot.
YYB – LD | SS – LD | MSN – LD | SOSD – MT | WIN – LD

Maraqua vs Krawk Island
Awesome enough to be a war, good enough to be a first match. These two are unaffected by ASGs and ACGs so it’s just a raw powerhouse struggle here. Maybe? Maraqua’s been quiet this year while Krawk Island has had the usual share of hype. I believe Krawk Island will be on another level but not enough to take everything here.
YYB – KI | SS – MQ | MSN – KI | SOSD – MQ | WIN – KI

Kreludor vs Roo Island
I can see this being very close but I’m still sure of my predictions that Kreludor will do well. The Roos were so amazing last year though so it’s hard to pinpoint where they will lose today.
YYB – KD | SS – KD | MSN – KD | SOSD – RI | WIN – KD

Darigan Citadel vs Meridell
Another war rematch today! We are #blessed. Based on who Darigan is being joined with it’s an easy prediction but I hope I’m massively wrong to show that changes have been made and it’s more balanced. I wonder if Meridell can break through in SOSD or something more?
YYB – DC | SS – DC | MSN – DC | SOSD – MD | WIN – DC

Virtupets vs Shenkuu
The first predicted sweep of the year. Of course news came out of Virtupets getting Stealth right after I post my official predictions, so I expect to see Virtupets do better than I expected. They last won when Stealth joined so here’s to another year of side-game scores that don’t suck.
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Faerieland vs Altador
As I right this, Faerieland is tied for first and they’re the top scorer with a ~3.0 lead over the second one. Is it too early to suspect anything? Well, regardless, I do think this match is in the Faerie’s favour. Wouldn’t have said that if they were against Altador last year. This match could show just how bogged down Altador may become.
YYB – FL | SS – AL | MSN – FL | SOSD – FL | WIN – FL

Brightvale vs Terror Mountain
Brightvale has a rep for storming a game against anyone and basically winning. With first day excitement it could be Yooyuball. Terror Mountain is pretty evenly matched though so the results should be mixed bag. I’ll be surprised if it’s one-sided even if the scores are close.
YYB – BV | SS – TM | MSN – TM | SOSD – TM | WIN – Draw

Haunted Woods vs Kiko Lake
Haunted Woods is stacked this year with an ACG and I’m still predicting them to be very hard to win against. The Kikos are aware of this though and they might be the perfect team to avoid a sweep.
YYB – HW | SS – KL | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Mystery Island vs Tyrannia
The last match of the day pits the best against the worst according to last year’s stats, and this time it should be radically different. Even though I predicted Mystery Island to be the worst this year, I could definitely see them being a dark horse. So I’m actually calling this one an Islanders win and seeing where it goes from there.
YYB – MI | SS – MI | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – MI


Day 1: Curtain Up on the Altador Cup

The game is afoot. And shockingly, without glitches. Today’s revealed brackets may look familiar to you. They’re designed based on last year’s standings, as well as the matchups, where 1st fights 2nd, 3rd and 4th battle, and so on. TNT wants to make some new rankings, don’t they? So without further early morning zombie yawns (and misspellings, maybe), let’s go!

Alabriss: Kiko Lake, Kreludor, Meridell, Darigan Citadel, Lost Desert, Mystery Island
Minitheus: Krawk Island, Maraqua, Haunted Woods, Tyrannia, Brightvale, Terror Mountain
Vaelous: Altador, Roo Island, Moltara, Shenkuu, Virtupets, Faerieland

Kreludor vs Mystery Island
I’m surprised to see Kreludor doing so well on the standings as of now. I’m doing these at 12:50 NST, and the standings are definitely shifting right now, for you late risers. Mystery Island is floating near the bottom. I already think Kreludor will place better anyway, but maybe the curse isn’t kicking in yet. It will come down to an impressive match in Yooyuball.
YYB: Draw / SS: Draw / MSN: KD / SOSD: KD / Win: Kreludor

Darigan Citadel vs Meridell
Awesome. A powerhouse rivalry match on day one. These two titans are bound to give their all today. It’s going to be a close one and I don’t think the final scores will make sense later in the Cup. Immediately, Meridell is barely edging out Darigan, and since I predict them to win, they gain my prediction. Yeah, that’s basically all I can go on today.
YYB: Draw / SS: MD / MSN: DC / SOSD: MD / Win: Meridell

Lost Desert vs Kiko Lake
Okay, so I thought that this would be unanimous, but Kiko Lake is at the top of their bracket now. Not to mention that they’re always weirdly strong on day one, at the very least. I’m going to tentatively stick to my original predictions, cause the standings could change during the day…. Or not. My mind is jumbled already!
YYB: KL / SS: KL / MSN: LD / SOSD: LD / Win: Kiko Lake

Krawk Island vs Maraqua
Two more titans with a fierce rivalry are up to the plate next. Very exciting. Very exciting. Once again, going with my original prediction now, Krawk Island will win but not unscathed. They’re leading Maraqua in the bracket too, but this bracket has moved everywhere in the last few minutes.
YYB: KI / SS: MQ / MSN: MQ / SOSD: KI / Win: Krawk Island

Haunted Woods vs Tyrannia
Blah blah blah, undeserved, blah blah blah, underrated. It will be proven on the field today. Both have flaunted different placements in their bracket, so that won’t help. Overall, I think Tyrannia will do really well this year with the controversial Codex ASG. They’ll dominate in side games, and all they need to win is Yooyuball, which should be easy. First sweep alert!
YYB: TY / SS: TY / MSN: TY / SOSD: TY / Win: Tyrannia

Brightvale vs Terror Mountain
This is oddly like a late tie-breaker match. Brightvale is stronger than Terror Mountain in the brackets now, and I think it will reflect. Overall, Brightvale seems to be in a better condition, especially with the first day launch and all.
YYB: BV / SS: BV / MSN: BV / SOSD: TM / Win: Brightvale

Virtupets vs Roo Island
Somebody told me that SOTAC joined Roo Island. I don’t know how accurate that is, but it’s certainly showing as of now. Roo Island is one of the top teams in the standings. I thought that this would have been way closer, but I predict Roo Island overall anyway, and I’m sticking like glue. Virtupets does have a huge opening in the sides though.
YYB: RI / SS: VP / MSN: VP / SOSD: RI / Win: Roo Island

Moltara vs Shenkuu
This is a close match, though most expected that. They’re around the same place in the standings. So who’s improved more? I honestly need Moltara to show more to get my predictions. History, though ugly, is in favour of Shenkuu. Not by much though.
YYB: SK / SS: Draw / MSN: MT / SOSD: MT / Win: Shenkuu

Altador vs Faerieland
Who would have guessed that this would be the most one-sided match a few days ago? Not me, but here we are. As you’ve probably noticed, Altador has gotten a huge increase in All-Stars, and they lead the standings right now. We’ll have to truly test them tomorrow.
YYB: AL / SS: AL / MSN: AL / SOSD: AL / Win: Altador


June 1st / Day 1

And they’re off! The cup has started, and boy, do things look interesting. Let’s take a quick look at the groups.

Alabriss Bracket:
This bracket might be a hard one. Two (possibly three) expected powerhouses (KD and MD, maybe TY), plus a couple side game heavy teams (BV, TY) thrown in with those tricky Kikos and the ever-constant AL.  There may not be a clear winner in this bracket, because there’s several teams in here notorious for picking up plenty of points even when they lose. Because of exactly that reason, I’m thinking KD will come out at the top of this bracket.

Minitheus Bracket:
Confusing, confusing! This bracket’s full of teams that we just aren’t sure about. MI, the team full of whispers of improvement.  TM, the team that rose last year and is looking to make their stamp as a serious team. RI, the YYB strong team from last year in search of a side or two to add on. LD, past champions that are due to make a rise back to power this year. HW, the team with enormous potential that seems to collapse as the cup goes on, that might benefit from a shorter cup with no finals.  SK, the team ever oscillating on intentions, claimed drama-free and ready to start the new cup with smiles on their faces.  Who could come out a winner here? Anyone, honestly. As soon as I settle on one team, my gut points me to another.  After bouncing between RI and HW, I’m going to settle on the Roos.  They have possibly the best YYB in the bracket, and the only team with enough side game power to fight to the top without needing to face it is TM. It’s maddeningly uncertain, but that’s where I’ll stop.

Vaeolus Bracket:
Wow, is this one hell of a bracket.  Not one or two, but four possible powerhouses. At the end of it, at the very least, we’ll know where VP stands as a competitor. MT and FL may or may not survive this hell bracket–when they come out of it, they’re likely to look quite dismal and it may be that it takes the spirit out of them. Any potential they might have could be crushed. Who will win? If DC can stay consistent and keep up a competitive level of YYB, they have a good shot because they’ve had great sides for a powerhouse. Looking at past records, KI has the best YYB, but only enough sides to get by. MQ’s also a good choice, as something like a happy medium between KI and DC, but this time around I’ll go with KI.

Now that the overview’s done, I’ll move on to individual predictions. Just to be clear, the games are listed in the same order that TNT lists them: YYB – SlS – MSN – SOSD. The team in bold is the team I expect to win the match.

KD vs. TY
KD – TY – D – KD
If KD has a shadow of the YYB they had last year, they should be able to take home the win here, unless TY improved drastically again. Side games are much more uncertain, with SlS being the game most firmly in TY’s favor.  If KD makes a good showing against such a strong overall team this early, we might be able to confirm that they are a competitive team this year from it.

MD vs. KL
MD – MD – MD – KL
This game is a bit more certain, in my opinion. MD’s YYB has been better than KL’s even in their darkest times, so the match should clearly swing that way. MD also has had fantastic SlS skills in the past, while the same can be said of KL’s SOSD skills. I haven’t the foggiest idea where MSN will swing, so I gave it to the team that I think will end up stronger overall.

BV vs AL
BV – BV – BV – BV
BV has a great chance of sweeping today.  AL’s strength has traditionally been SlS, which BV had quite a good run in last year. If BV plays their cards right, they may end up in first place after today’s matches. AL has also made a few good shows in MSN, however, so it’ll be tricky.

RI vs TM
RI – TM – TM – TM
I’m predicting a side game sweep for TM because RI has been frankly dismal with side games in the past. As for YYB, I don’t see TM being able to pull it from RI, unless RI tries too hard to get side game points and lets the match slip through their fingers. RI really should have the stronger YYB here, and therefore the match.

LD vs SK
LD – LD – SK – SK
This is insanely difficult to predict, because LD is liable to move A LOT  this year, and SK is unpredictable in their own right.  I’m giving LD YYB and SlS because they’ve favored those games in the past. The other two I’ve got no idea about, so I gave them to SK because I don’t think they’ll be swept.

HW vs MI
HW – HW – HW – MI
I was pretty indecisive about YYB. From the way MI has pulled themselves together preseason, they might have a good team this year. I was tempted to give them YYB for that, but HW also tends to start the cup off unbelievably strong, and I didn’t want that to take me by surprise again.  SlS will probably be HW’s, but other than that, the side games are iffy for me.

DC vs MQ
DC – MQ – DC -DC
HA! I love this bracket, we’ll get to see a great match every day! So, these two titanous teams face off on the very first day. The side games are actually pretty firm because these teams have opposite strengths, but YYB could go either way. I would definitely not be shocked to see a MQ win today, but DC will be completely full-powered (pumped up, facing a powerhouse, you know how DC is) and typically they can’t be stopped when that happens. MQ will be, too, but I feel as though DC would have a better reputation as a powerhouse if they didn’t get such a bad rep for constantly losing points against teams that they think they won’t have a problem with.

FL vs MT
FL – FL – D – FL
This match would be heavily FL colored even in last year’s standards, but since I predict a rise for FL, I think there may even be a sweep chance. YYB and SlS I’m fairly certain about, but the other two are a bit foggier, particularly MSN.

KI vs VP
KI – KI – VP – D
This match is another great one to start the cup off with. KI gets their chance for revenge from last year immediately, and I think they’ll get it. Even if VP doesn’t suffer much from the winner’s curse, they’d have a hard time maintaining that godly YYB from last year just from the natural fluctuations of the cup, considering that they’re not the most constant of teams.  KI, on the other hand, has had great YYB for a number of years, and is less likely to change.  I think they’ll win the match based on YYB alone. All sides are questionable, but I’d guess MSN is VP’s.

Day 1 – Last Call, First Round!

Hi fellow fanatics! I’m Hol, and I’m a new guest writer for! I’m ecstatic to be a part of this top-notch team and can’t wait to see what’s to come. You may know me from my predictions page (Phellosciphene). I’ll still be maintaining it this year, but I’ll likely be writing columns on the weekends and the off days and just updating my page during the week. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get the show on the road!

Here are the first round brackets:

Group 1: Kreludor, Meridell, Brightvale, Altador, Tyrannia and Kiko Lake.
Group 2: Roo Island, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Shenkuu, Mystery Island and Haunted Woods.
Group 3: Maraqua, Darigan Citadel, Moltara, Faerieland, Virtupets and Krawk Island.

Predictions – Day 1

Virtupets vs Krawk Island
By far the most interesting match of the day to me. How fitting to start off this Altador Cup with the match that ended it last year. I’m sure we’re all wondering if Virtupets will be able to shrug off the winner’s curse. Unfortunately, day one predictions are always speculation and basing it off of last year. And last year, the most heated battle between these two was in Yooyuball. I think overall, Virtupets can survive, but they’ll see signs of weakness today.
YYB – DRAW / SS – KI / MSN – VP / SOSD – KI / WIN – Krawk Island

Maraqua vs Darigan Citadel
Clash of the titans. I think this is going to be one huge and bitter showdown. My memory slips, but these teams were pretty even in numbers last year. Maraqua, of course, had the standings edge. Considering I have these two placed right next to each other in my predictions, I’m thinking there might be a lot of draws. However, I’m going out on a fin and saying Maraqua wins overall. They’ll get Yooyuball and additional points to break the draw.
YYB – MQ / SS – DRAW / MSN – DC / SOSD – DC / WIN – Maraqua

Kreludor vs Tyrannia
A lot of people have said that this is Kreludor’s year. So have I, and I mean it this time. This match may be evidence for that. If Kreludor can escape with quite a few wins here against one of the best side-gaming teams, then the case could be closed already. I don’t think Tyrannia has improved enough to win Yooyuball, but I think they’ll work their magic as they always do in the latter three games. Everyone gets points, everyone’s happy.
YYB – KD / SS – TY / MSN – TY / SOSD – DRAW / WIN – Kreludor

Mystery Island vs Haunted Woods
I have always seen a rivalry in these two teams for some reason, no matter where they place. This may not make the match exciting, but it could today. Mystery Island has apparently acquired the all-star group Stealth, who helped aid our current champions to victory. Could that bring the winds of change to the islanders? Not to mention that they’re already both unpredictable to begin with!
YYB – DRAW / SS – HW / MSN – HW / SOSD – MI / WIN – Haunted Woods

Roo Island vs Terror Mountain
These two teams are in the middle of the pack. Because of that, they do have some glaring flaws. Roo Island isn’t too great at the side-games. Terror Mountain isn’t too great at Yooyuball. Ironically, they balance it out with their strengths. Yet, this match almost always ends in a sweep or a near draw. I believe both these teams are underestimated, so this match could really impact the course of the cup.
YYB – RI / SS – TM / MSN – TM / SOSD – TM / WIN – Draw

Shenkuu vs Lost Desert
The match of the fallen superstars. In my predictions, these were the only two teams that I couldn’t place with confidence because I thought there would be better or worse teams. Why not determine which of them is better now? Shenkuu has historically not started well, especially on the first day. However, this is not the ACV and Lost Desert will not be getting a blow-away win. Ultimately, it comes down to who I think will climb back up first. And that’s Lost Desert.
YYB – DRAW / SS – LD / MSN – LD / SOSD – SK / WIN – Lost Desert

Kiko Lake vs Meridell
Sheesh, I’m predicting so many Yooyuball draws today. Well, I won’t predict anymore at this point. I think we can all collectively agree that Meridell can win Yooyuball. I’m not counting the Kikos out. They’ve done well one previous opening days, but they’re better suited for the side games. Meridell’s king in Slushie Slinger, but Kiko Lake can easily try to swipe Make Some Noise or Shootout Showdown. Or both! Or none!
YYB – MD / SS – MD / MSN – MD / SOSD – KL / WIN – Meridell

Moltara vs Faerieland
It may not be a clash of the titans, but it sure is an important match for the lower tier today. This is a good stepping stone for Moltara. Starting off with a win would definitely change their outlooks automatically, and we could end up seeing a new heated Moltara. It’s also a good proving ground for Faerieland, who clearly has the upper edge and likely wants to keep it that way. You know how volcanoes lay dormant for a long time and then erupt with intense power? Yeah, maybe. Maybe two years is a long sleep.
YYB – FL / SS – FL / MSN – MT / SOSD – FL / WIN – Faerieland

Brightvale vs Altador
And finally, my last prediction for the first match. I think Brightvale is going to be our resident team that explodes from the gate this year. Except this match isn’t going to prove that much. Brightvale will probably be going for the sweep though. Altadorians, get your slushies started!
YYB – BV / SS – AL / MSN – BV / SOSD – BV / WIN – Brightvale

And those are my predictions for opening day. No sweeps, huh? This should be good. Well, it’s only two hours into the cup and my insomnia is already starting to kick in. Once again, I’m excited to be writing here, and I’m excited to see the spectacle that everyone will perform this season. Good luck to all and to all a good fight!

Day 1: Let The Craziness Begin

Brightvale vs. Mystery Island

AC V Results: WLWL (MI victory) and WWLL (BV victory)

This game will tell a lot put these two four tier teams perhaps. Both are without a doubt looking to make the jump back up to the third tier (or even higher) and have to be able to beat teams like one another if they’d like to make a solid case for that right.

Prediction: I just don’t trust Mystery Island this year at all. They have some power, but who knows when it will actually show up? Then I look at their history and see second round loses to Tyrannia and Terror Mountain. Brightvale also started out great last year when they manhandled Darigan. Brightvale wins with a DWDW.

Darigan Citadel vs. Faerieland

AC V Results: WDWD and WWWW (DC victories)

Prediction: Darigan is a contender this year, while nobody really has their eyes on Faerieland. DC sweeps.

Lost Desert vs. Roo Island

AC V Results: DWWL (LD victory) and WLLW (RI victory)

The defending champs have to go right to work and fight off another team from the AC V finals. Lilo’s team has become a popular pick for a repeat appearence in the top four while Lost Desert has to fight for respect as the lucky team bearing the weight of the ‘curse’.

Prediction: Lost Desert will feel the weakest blow the ‘curse’ has ever delivered this year. They’ll still be contending for a spot in the finals. Lost Desert will (surprisingly?) win with a DWWL.

Maraqua vs. Kreludor

AC V Results: WDLW (MQ victory) and DWWW (KD victory)

In another possible championship match-up, Maraqua will try and finally live up to their hype while Kreludor will look to make the finals for a third straight year.

Prediction: It’ll be a close one. In the past, Maraqua has traditionally been a yooyuball power while faltering in the side-games. Kreludor is scary consistent in all four games for the most part. I think Maraqua will outlast Kreludor and pick up the coveted yooyuball win and trump Kreludor with a WLLD.

Meridell vs. Tyrannia

AC V Results: WWWL and WLDL (MD victories)

Meridell barely missed the finals and tumbled down the rankings during the playoffs last year while Tyrannia was sent packing back into the third tier. Meridell of course is expected to win yooyuball, but needs every point from the side-game champions if they want to finally be able to play for gold.

Prediction: Meridell will pick up the win in yooyuball, but how many points will they get from the sides? Meridell did better in the first round last year against most teams, I predict a rewarding WDWL result. (Against Tyrannia, you take every point you can get.)

Terror Mountain vs. Shenkuu

AC V Results: WLLL and WDLL (Shenkuu victories)

It’s scary to think that Terror Mountain finished higher than Shenkuu last year, but here we are. Terror Mountain is a fringe team now, we know they’re better than the likes of the fourth tier, but not quite up to par with the pack that’s trying to make the finals.  Most are forgiving Shenkuu of their absolutely dismal showing last year and expect something a lot a better this time around.  Anything less though, and Shenkuu may join the likes of teams like Haunted Woods who fell from grace and are now stuck in the third tier.

Prediction: I do think Shenkuu will do better this year, but Terror Mountain will pick up some steam too. Shenkuu wins with a WDDL.

Krawk Island vs. Altador

AC V Results: WDWW and WDWW (KI victories)

Prediction: I predicted a Krawk Island appearance in the championship game and Altador in the bottom two. Krawk Island wins with a sweep.

Haunted Woods vs. Moltara

AC V Results: WWWW and WWDW  (HW victories)

Prediction: Haunted Woods showed signs of life last year while Moltara picked up no wins in yooyuball in the regular season. Haunted Woods sweeps.

Virtupets vs. Kiko Lake

AC V Results: WLWW and WLWW (VP victories)

Virtupets is now the sweetheart of the cup, trying to go from dead last to fighting in the finals. Kiko Lake showed some nice victories against Shenkuu and Maraqua last year, but was in the bottom tier at the end of the day.

Prediction: Virtupets will get better this year. They’ll win against KL with a WDWW.