Day 28 (June 29th): Power to the People

Come to me, power of 9s in side-games!

Today’s article is brought to you by power surges. Those things that randomly help your team and makes it look like everybody maxed out everything.

In Alabriss 5 Moltara swept Lost Desert with some very low scores. They lost 9 points in Slushie Slinger alone from one day to the next so clearly Lost Desert isn’t at threatening as Meridell was. Meridell, on the other hand, managed to draw another powerhouse in Yooyuball. The rest of the match was close to call but in the end another sweep was avoided. Success, sort of. Haunted Woods swept Kiko Lake in the bracket’s latest match with only single digit scores. It was enough though. And on a bonus day Kiko Lake still only scored a 1 in Make Some Noise.

In Minitheus 5 the pirates actually prevailed and won against Old Maraqua, not new Maraqua, if you know what I mean. They were pretty adamant about winning Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown with two 5s and Maraqua won the other games with two 5s. Shenkuu and Mystery Island faced Virtupets and Tyrannia expecting little success and they got it as the latter two swept them with double the scores.

In Vaeolus 5 Brightvale pulled a sky-high score total out of nowhere to sweep Terror Mountain, who appears to be closed for the season. Brightvale’s still trying to rise in their bracket, and with these scores it could be fulfilled. Kreludor looks the weakest they’ve been in the Cup with a dominated loss against Roo Island. Only able to draw in Yooyuball, Roo Island took the side-games with strong scores. Lastly, Altador got their first win of the season in the exact same manner. Faerieland was shut down as Altador surprisingly side-swept them in addition to staving off the Yooyuball front to a draw.


Darigan Citadel vs Haunted Woods
Even with Haunted Woods’ lowest scores Darigan has a tough time ahead to block a sweep. Yooyuball is obviously the closest bet and could potentially be drawn but I see the Woods taking this one more seriously and at least bumping it to a 7.
YYB – HW | SS – HW | MSN – HW | SOSD – HW | WIN – HW

Kiko Lake vs Moltara
Far from a dominating win but Kiko Lake hasn’t shown much except struggling recently.
YYB – MT | SS – MT | MSN – MT | SOSD – MT | WIN – MT

Lost Desert vs Meridell
6s don’t come everyday for Meridell so Lost Desert has a chance in Yooyuball.
YYB – D | SS – MD | MSN – MD | SOSD – MD | WIN – MD

Krawk Island vs Tyrannia
Tyrannia’s got an iron grip on every game pretty much against any lower team they fight.
YYB – TY | SS – TY | MSN – TY | SOSD – TY | WIN – TY

Maraqua vs Shenkuu
Ignoring any Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario, Maraqua could still win this closely contested match. Shenkuu’s no danger in Yooyuball but neither is Maraqua so the fun turns to the side-games. If Maraqua can bring out more 5s then advantage to them.
YYB – D | SS – MQ | MSN – SK | SOSD – MQ | WIN – MQ

Mystery Island vs Virtupets
YYB – VP | SS – VP | MSN – VP | SOSD – VP | WIN – VP

Roo Island vs Terror Mountain
Roo Island has the drive and the scores to sweep relatively well.
YYB – RI | SS – RI | MSN – RI | SOSD – RI | WIN – RI

Altador vs Kreludor
Kreludor should absolutely be worried about losing a few games today when a sweep is entirely possible. The biggest giveaways are Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, and if Altador can fling out 4s again then good for them.
YYB – KD | SS – D | MSN – KD | SOSD – KD | WIN – KD

Brightvale vs Faerieland
Getting dominated by Altador puts a poor perspective on you but Brightvale has a strong advantage anyway.
YYB – BV | SS – BV | MSN – BV | SOSD – BV | WIN – BV


Day 28: 28 Days Later

28 days ago, the tournament launched for the eighth time. Is it like anything you expected? Will you reminisce 28 weeks later? There certainly are some upsets to talk about.

In Alabriss 5, Maraqua not only won but swept Kreludor in a match with some of their highest recent scores. Maraqua might actually be able to pass Kreludor in the bracket if it decided to update. Roo Island also defeated Mystery Island with a sweep, and Krawk Island swept Virtupets. The win was expected, but Virtupets wasn’t strong enough to win Yooyuball despite dropping the side-games.

In Mintheus 5, Tyrannia swept Meridell will all double-digit scores. I told you! Darigan Citadel did better than I predicted against Shenkuu for some reason and only let them get away with a win in Slushie Slinger. Haunted Woods also failed to get a sweep against Moltara, who won Shootout Showdown with the highest score of the match.

In Vaeolus 5, Terror Mountain proved to be more of a problem to Altador than predicted. The Mountaineers scored another huge Yooyuball score but were unable to beat Altador’s bigger one. The Mountaineers dropped Make Some Noise to win Altador’s lower scoring sides and won them without a challenge. Lost Desert vs Brightvale was much different than I thought. Brightvale apparently didn’t think they could win Yooyuball, so they focused on the sides instead, which got them the overall win over Lost Desert’s Yooyuball. Finally, in this shocking bracket, Faerieland was close to beating Kiko Lake. It appears as though my statement about Kiko Lake yesterday was wrong. They slacked off big time, allowing Faerieland to get an upset win in Yooyuball.

Krawk Island vs Mystery Island
I doubt there will be a lot of focusing in today’s matches due to people wanting to round out their records or reach higher rankings. I know I’m doing so. That means that I doubt Mystery Island can work any island voodoo magic.
YYB – KI / SS – KI / MSN – KI / SOSD – KI / Win – Krawk Island

Kreludor vs Roo Island
Kreludor’s sweeping yesterday had some low scores on their side, and even Roo Island’s isn’t as dominant as they should be. Roo Island can probably sweep if things stay the same, but maybe Kreludor can win Slushie Slinger to prevent it. They might drop in the standings though, so for now, it’s a funeral.
YYB – RI / SS – RI / MSN – RI / SOSD – RI / Win – Roo Island

Maraqua vs Virtupets
Maraqua’s great with the sides, so they’ve got it covered. I lack faith in Virtupets right now and have doubts that they could win, but it’s the final playing day and they should go all out. Remember, they should still rightfully pass Mystery Island.
YYB – VP / SS – MQ / MSN – MQ / SOSD – MQ / Win – Maraqua

Darigan Citadel vs Haunted Woods
Neither have been that impressive in terms of scores. Maybe Haunted Woods slacked playing Moltara, so it will be higher? I’ll follow the records they have now because they’re pretty equal and worthy of draws.
YYB – HW / SS – DC / MSN – DC / SOSD – DC / Win – Darigan Citadel

Meridell vs Shenkuu
It may be a sweep for Meridell, but I think it will resemble Shenkuu’s previous match. Whether they focus or now, I think Shenkuu can win Slushie Slinger to prevent a sweep.
YYB – MD / SS – SK / MSN – MD / SOSD – MD / Win – Meridell

Moltara vs Tyrannia
Why does it taste like dirt?
YYB – TY / SS – TY / MSN – TY /SOSD – TY / Win – Tyrannia

Altador vs Brightvale
Brightvale is definitely worthy of beating Altador in Slushie Slinger. They can get higher than Altador’s low scores in it, and some focus on it would help. It would be a big accomplishment too. Shootout Showdown is too far gone for Brightvale.
YYB – AL / SS – BV / MSN – AL / SOSD – AL / Win – Altador

Faerieland vs Lost Desert
If the Faeries attract more attention to themselves at the end of this season, then I think they might get a special visit next year. They’re low, they’re capable and they have potential. Anyway, I actually think Lost Desert will win today and come out as stronger when both spread their forces across the 4 games.
YYB – LD / SS – LD / MSN – FL / SOSD – LD / Win – Lost Desert

Kiko Lake vs Terror Mountain
This could go either way depending on who shows up. Considering that a sweep could happen for both (unlikely), but a close domination may happen too. That means they’ll be spread thin and games will likely fall to usual scores. At the very least, Kiko Lake will want to get away with Slushie Slinger, which they can probably do.
YYB – TM / SS – KL / MSN – TM / SOSD – TM / Win – Terror Mountain