Day 30 (July 1st): The First, The Last and the Repeat

The Altador Cup always signals summer and this may have been the longest, most dramatic summer so far. And we’ve only just entered July. The official victory ceremony hasn’t been staged yet and the prize shop hasn’t opened for the masses, but we do know the final placements of all eighteen competitors in the ACIX.

9 years ago when the Altador Cup first began, sixteen teams set out to win the trophy after a one thousand year hiatus. In an intense Yooyuball tournament, the Haunted Woods became the first team to hoist the Cup in the modern age. Much has changed since then. Three new games were added to the slate and the five member squad looks a lot different. But nevertheless, the team has finally done it again and has become the first ever team to win the Altador Cup twice. Congratulations.

But when we get down to the reality of it, Haunted Woods had a lot of help. Then again, in the first cup they did as well. Eliminated players were allowed to join the remaining teams in the tournament, so the Woods were made up of anybody opposing Darigan Citadel. The help is different this time around though. An ACG joined the group and prompted the scores to rise to nearly unbeatable levels, but not quite as strong as Tyrannia, the previous year’s champs. It’s unfortunate that the true flesh and blood of the team will be overshadowed by these circumstances, but this is the new Altador Cup that we have to deal with until it’s fixed.

Virtupets and Moltara also made the medal podium. This is the first silver for Virtupets after they won gold in the ACVI and promptly dropped in the standings yet never ceasing on Yooyuball strength. Silver certainly matches the glimmering metallics of the Space Station, and I’m sure they’ll want more in the future. Elsewhere, this marks the first time that Moltara has hit the podium, let alone placing in a number that wasn’t double digits. Going from the worst team in the Altador Cup to a bronze contender will bring the spotlight and speculation to them in the next tournament.

The final standings are as follows:

1. Haunted Woods
2. Virtupets
3. Moltara
4. Darigan Citadel, Tyrannia
6. Kiko Lake
7. Kreludor
8. Krawk Island
9. Meridell
10. Brightvale
11. Mystery Island
12. Maraqua
13. Terror Mountain, Shenkuu, Roo Island
16. Lost Desert
17. Faerieland
18. Altador

It’s been great being able to write for for another year and graduating from a guest writer to a full time writer. I’m thankful for the readers that spend a moment every day to read my thoughts and humour as well as leaving comments or simply liking my stuff. You probably already know, but this could potentially be the last Altador Cup if TNT’s “threats,” so to speak, are true. I hope it won’t be but I also hope that it’s not anything like this format again cause it will only tear away more of our dedicated fanbase. We have a year to see. I’ll likely write more if the interest is there, so keep this place bookmarked or keep an eye on the Neopian Times. If you want to contact me at all on Neopets, hit up hol123.