Commentary on MDvMI/Predictions vs Results/Teams to Watch

This is my awful one piece video of me rambling, some of which doesn’t make sense and some of which I said completely wrong. Enjoy. xD


Video notes: 

1. I’m so sorry I fidget so much. x.X

2. 2:15 – …derp. Also, I watched it back, and no, it didn’t make sense. 😛

3. 7:50 – Blonde moment… Er, would’ve cut that if I could’ve.

4. 14:10 – I didn’t really finish my thought. 😛 KD’s been underrated, which helped them stay up a bit, but many are looking at them optimistically now, which may end up hurting them.

5. 10:50ish I got kind of… snarky… D: Sorry, I didn’t mean to T_T /cranky


For those looking for specific parts:

0:30 – 2nd place tiebreaker commentary begins

0:55 – ranting about new format begins

2:25 – Predictions/Results comparison begins

3:38 – ranting about elite groups

11:30 – Teams to watch for next year begins


Team Specific times:

KL – 2:39, 11:30

MI (besides tiebreaker commentary) – 3:15, during DC a little, 10:38 a little, 11:45

SK – 4:25, 12:03

HW – 4:52

FL – 5:44

RI – 6:15

LD – 6:43, 12:27

MQ – 6:58, 12:40

DC – 7:31

TY – 9:25, 9:45

MD – during DC a little, 10:45

KI – 9:40

KD – 10:25, 12:50 (I talk about all of the previous champs a little during this, too)

VP – 12:13



…Argh, the more I watch this, the more I dislike it. xD But have at it, guys! My predictions for next year will come out before too long.


June 24th Commentary


MD vs FL √
MD takes home the sweep, finishing up their final bracket domination in the best way they knew how. Nothing surprising here.

HW vs TM √
I got this one right purely on dumb luck, but HW takes the overall win as expected, since YYB drew. What I didn’t expect was SOSD going to HW as well, but I suppose the focus just must have been on YYB, throwing the sides to the wind.

VP vs MT √
VP unexpectedly takes SlS, but other than that, a normal match for these two to end the year with.

LD vs BV √
LD indeed goes for SOSD, and manages to take it! In return, MSN upsets in BV’s favor, though. Thinks definitely could’ve turned out worse for both teams, though.

KL vs SK X
SK takes the overall win decisively, leaving KL only one measly draw in MSN, not even gaining their best game. KL lost their plucky gameplay towards the end of the cup and I guess just never got it back, even for the final match. SK was surprisingly steady this year.

MI vs RI √
RI puts up a fight as expected, but then, MI was probably quite confident that they’d win their bracket.

TY vs MQ X
*tosses computer out of the window* Okay, I guess not. TY becomes the first and only team to take YYB from KD, and then just falls apart? Not what I’d expected, or to be honest, hoped. ): MQ picks things up, hopefully for a brighter future next year.

KD vs AL √
KD ends the tournament the way they started it: sweeping.  With the bracket in check, they still didn’t let up, and gave this year’s cup a proper send-off.

DC vs KI X
KI looked like they’d started picking it up, and boy, did it show today. They beat one of the few contenders for the cup this year as one last hoorah. To me, it also looks like DC might have thrown in the towel after being swept, since the cup was nearly over and it wasn’t like they were going to move in their bracket anyway. In any case, neither team ended as strong a team as they started the cup, but KI managed to pull it together to let loose the final blow.



And… that’s it! The cup is pretty much over, guys. I’m assuming MD / MI will play one last match to determine the silver medal (assuming some sort of hocus pocus didn’t zap KD out of the 1st place position they’ve held all year), and then we’ll be done with  the most anticlimactic cup in the history of the AC. MI / MD is one match that will be exciting to see at the very least.

I’ll post one more article after that match, commenting on it and then comparing my predictions for this year to what actually happened. I’ll also post something in it about the teams to watch for next year, and a heartfelt farewell to ACVII.   A few weeks after that, I’ll post predictions for next year, and thoughts about possible changes to the AC. As always, thanks for reading, everyone! (:

June 24th Predictions / June 23rd Commentary


MD vs HW √
HW gets in with a draw in MSN,  nothing spectacular, but a respectable sweep avoidance.

MT vs FL √
Or, FL could get in everywhere. FL did much better than I expected, even getting their first win in MSN. MT still won the match overall, though.

VP vs TM √
VP made a stronger showing in sides than expected. Either TM went for YYB or VP changed their minds and went for sides, idk.

BV vs KL √
Hey whoa, I got this one exactly right!

MI vs LD √
MI faces their biggest challenge, and doesn’t sweep.  Well, MI is LD’s biggest challenge, too, so I’m guessing LD gave it their all. Perhaps MI is a little fatigued and confident that they won’t be moving in their bracket position.

RI vs SK √
YYB drawing and SOSD flopping weren’t unexpected, but SlS drawing was a surprise. RI wins, but not as decisively as expected.

KD vs DC √
KD puts everything they have on the table against DC, and sweeps. I just don’t think anyone can handle all KD has this year.

MQ vs AL √
Yep, all as expected.

TY vs KI X
Out of nowhere, KI suddenly picks it up and nearly sweeps TY. Did they get their spark back? Did TY collapse from exhaustion? The world may never know.


MD vs FL
MD – MD – MD – MD
FL showed spunk yesterday, but MD isn’t going to let them by.

HW vs TM
D – HW – HW – TM
YYB is close, but TM hasn’t won it in a long time. Neither team has been on their game lately, so I’m not sure where this will go.

VP vs MT
VP – MT – VP – MT
This one is fairly cookie cutter aside from SlS. SlS is close, but VP’s sides have been dipping a bit lately (apparently excluding yesterday) so I’ll give it to MT.

LD vs BV
LD – LD – LD – BV
LD did well against MI today, and I don’t see them letting BV upset. If LD goes for SOSD, things might end differently, though.

KL vs SK
D – KL – KL – SK
YYB and SOSD are close. SK always seems to just barely be able to pull up a draw, so that’s what I’m guessing will happen.

MI vs RI
MI – RI – MI – D
MI seems to be losing their steam, or perhaps resting for what they think will be a very important match tomorrow. Either way, what looks to be an MI sweep by record may have some RI meddling to contend with.

TY vs MQ
TY – TY – MQ – MQ
This is a really interesting match! TY had a down day yesterday, but I think they’ll fire up to try and take down someone they see as on their level. On the other hand, I think MQ will see someone they can finally beat, so they’ll fire up too. I think TY may actually have the stronger raw power at this point in the game.

KD vs AL
KD – KD – KD – KD
KD is usually pretty good about not letting teams slide away with their wins, but it’s late in the game. Fatigue is setting in on all teams and KD may just think they have this cup pretty much in the bag as it is. I’ll still predict a KD sweep, but I won’t be shocked if AL gets something.

DC vs KI
DC – KI – DC – DC
This is a nail biter. KI seems to have come back. DC just suffered a resounding loss. Normally I would count that in, but DC never seems to let losses affect their gameplay, so I think they’ll still grab the win.

June 23rd Predictions / June 22nd Commentary


Before I start: Just, oh my gosh. Today was a helluva day. Wow. I’m totally still reeling, perfect time for commentary!

TM vs FL √
FL slightly upset SOSD with a draw, which was one of the danger games, so no big shock.

HW vs MT X
UPSET #1: MT beats HW at YYB. Not too bad an upset, but noteworthy. HW takes the side game sweep, so we can see what price the win game in at for MT. Moving on…

MD vs VP √
All as expected. Onward we go.

BV vs RI X
UPSET #2: RI takes YYB. BV indeed defends SOSD, but as I’d feared, didn’t put enough focus in YYB. These teams were pretty close, so it still isn’t that bad.   We’re building up to the big ones, one match at a time.

LD vs SK √
Minorly surprising that SK takes MSN and draws SOSD, but SOSD was close and things are just plain getting weird this late into the cup. Dragging on for anyone else?

MI vs KL √
A draw in SOSD, yada yada. Why, what match is next?

KD vs TY X
Sweet Mary Mother of God, KD has lost a match.  My nervous willies were true.  That’s right, KD has finally been taken down, just a couple matches before the whole shabang ends. TY took down MI, and now KD, two of the most dominating teams of the cup. What could have happened? Well, come on a journey into my mind with me. KD is still on the top of their bracket, so I’m guessing they quite securely won the sides, possibly with some degree of overkill. One could probably guess that they played their usual all-around game, perhaps with more side games after yesterday’s MSN loss and simple habit versus TY.   To win YYB, then, I’m guessing TY just outplayed them in it. TY has a pretty good record in it, and if they focus on one game instead of all four? They’re perfectly capable of taking down anyone they want that is trying for a sweep, simple as that.  Well done TY, well done.

DC vs MQ √
A nice breather for us before the next upset. DC does exactly what we expected.

KI vs AL X
OH LAWD ALMIGHTY, I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT, AND THAT LIGHT IS AL. Altador has been shining their light for a while now, and finally, they’ve broken through quite significantly.  A team that started off as a powerhouse has been beaten by a team that started off being considered an easy sweep for pretty much everyone. How did this one go down? I’m guessing the focusing was similar to KD/TY. I’m also guessing, however, that there was an underestimation factor involved, unlike with KD/TY.  The bad mojo going around in KI’s psyche is also probably a significant factor.


MD vs HW
MD – MD – MD – MD
The record stands as a complete blowout in every category for MD. If HW could get in anywhere, I don’t know where.

MT vs FL
MT – MT – MT – MT
MT did well yesterday and has been more spirited than FL so far this year. They have better records in everything, and they may actually have a shot at sweeping. I think FL will probably get in somewhere, though.

VP vs TM
VP – TM – D – TM
VP has been focusing YYB, so TM should probably get even the questionable sides.  MSN is so severely in VP’s favor, though, that I just have to at least draw it.

BV vs KL
BV- KL – KL – BV
This match is up in the air. KL hasn’t been doing well lately though, so I ended up deciding on BV.

MI vs LD
MI – MI – MI – MI
This is the biggest  challenge MI will have to face this round, and I think they’ll give it their all. I think their all is enough to sweep LD.

RI vs SK
RI – RI – RI – SK
Interesting! YYB and SOSD are close, but after yesterday, I think RI has the focus to take the match.

KD vs DC
KD – KD – KD – DC
By record? A KD sweep. By recent results? Probably DC favored.  I’m guessing, however, that KD is beyond agitated right now.  Imagine being in their moon boots for a moment. For the past three years, they’ve placed first in the DRR, only to lose it all in the last few days. This year? They’ve dominated all year long once more. Now, all of the sudden, it seems like it’s happening again. Both of KD’s undefeated records have been taken in two days. They’ve lost for the very first time all year.  They’re probably frantic, dismayed, terrified at the thought of victory slipping through their fingers again. They might just unleash on DC the full force of everything they have, and I don’t think that even DC’s hope of one last revenge victory can stand in the way of this full-scale alien riot.

MQ vs AL
MQ – AL – MQ – MQ
MQ’s down recently, but I think their YYB strength is still stronger than AL’s. They’ll have learned from KI’s mistake. I think they’ll focus YYB, but it’ll cost them SlS.

TY vs KI
TY – KI – TY – KI
The morale difference between these two teams is like night and day. This match might just bump TY up.

June 22nd Predictions / June 21st Commentary


VP vs HW √
Or not. :K  Maybe VP smelled a win and changed their minds about what they’d play.

MT vs TM X
Bad gut, bad. TM nearly sweeps MT, and I’m starting to wonder if such a thing as consistency exists this year.

MD vs FL √
Thank you, MD & FL, for saving my sanity!

LD vs RI √
RI makes a slightly stronger showing in sides, but LD wins YYB as expected, keeping the match high and dry away from RI.

MI vs BV √

KL vs SK X
*spews water* WHAT IS EVEN–… no, okay. It looks like KL’s slip yesterday wasn’t just a fluke. For some reason or another, KL is finally starting to check out of the competition. Not to completely discredit SK, but it’s too much of a coincidence that SK and RI do ridiculously well against KL right after another.

DC vs KI √
Funny that this one is one of the most predictable results today. ):

KD vs MQ √
KD misses the sweep, and MQ hands them their first ever MSN loss this year.  It  could be for the reason I listed in yesterday’s predictions (KD not playing as hard because they aren’t as fired up at MQ this time) or it could be because MQ focused and wanted to break one of KD’s streaks. Regardless, this is one of four losses in any game that KD has received all season, so congrats to MQ.

TY vs AL √
I didn’t know where AL would’ve gotten in if they did, but it looks like they picked SlS.  Not too big a deal in the long run.


TM vs FL
TM – TM – TM – TM
FL is most likely to upset in SlS and SOSD, and I think TM will be able to cover it.

HW vs MT
HW – MT – HW – MT
I don’t know about either of these teams anymore. YYB and SlS are close, but MT seems to possibly be on a downswing, so I’ll give the match to HW.

MD vs VP
MD – MD – MD – MD
MD doesn’t look like they’re going to trip up.

RI vs BV
BV – RI – RI – BV
Hmm, this looks familiar. This time I think BV will guard SOSD, but we might have to be careful about YYB.

LD vs SK
LD – LD – LD – LD
The closest game is SOSD, but no matter what happens, LD will probably win YYB and the match.

MI vs KL
MI – MI – MI – MI
No brainer with how each team has been playing lately.

KD vs TY
KD – KD – KD – KD
KD might just be up for another sweep. I’ve got the nervous willies again, but my gut hasn’t been very good this year. xD

DC vs MQ
DC – DC – DC – DC
DC’s got the better record across the board, so we’ll see what MQ plays / how motivated DC is.

KI vs AL
KI – AL – KI – KI
KI’s been drooping lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if AL took SlS, or even something else.


Day 5: King Kelpbeard’s Speech

After the dust settled on the fourth day of play, Maraqua emerged with a second straight victory. After beating Meridell with a WLWW, Elon managed a DWWW against his hated rival, Krawk Island. Quite the nice turn around for a team who opened up with loses to Terror Mountain and Kreludor. Known for their slow starts, Maraqua is apparently wasting no time this year making sure it is known they can play yooyuball with the best.

Virtupets took on Lilo and the Roo Island crew, who was looking a little unpredictable. To that point, RI had beaten Lost Desert and Mystery Island and lost (greatly) to Haunted Woods. Distractions didn’t phase Sloth’s team. MVP contender XL Striker 3.8 brought home a WWWD. VPETS is looking powerful; they have wins now against Tyrannia, Kreludor, and the Roos.

In one of the most watched games every year, Mystery Island went to take on Lost Desert. Since Altador Cup II, Lost Desert has only managed one win against a team they have traditionally placed a lot better than. Mystery Island wasn’t going to let the champs end their losing streak against them. MI handed Lost Desert their fourth straight yooyuball lose and took a WLDW back to their hut.

All good things must come to an end, even if you’re Terror Mountain. After beating Shenkuu, Maraqua, and Lost Desert, Meridell flew in and shut out the blue and white. Meridell is getting pretty confusing. The knights lost to Tyrannia, beat Darigan, lost to Maraqua, and then beat Terror Mountain.

A big congratulations to Moltara for picking up their first win yesterday! The newest Altador Cup team beat the hosts with a WLLW.


Brightvale vs. Lost Desert: WDDW

Darigan Citadel vs. Mystery Island: WWDD

Haunted Woods vs. Krawk Island: DWDD

Virtupets vs. Terror Mountain: DLWW

Kiko Lake vs. Meridell: WWWW

Moltara vs. Maraqua: WWWW

Altador vs. Faerieland: DDWW

Shenkuu vs. Roo Island: DDWD

Tyrannia vs. Kreludor: WLDD

Lost Desert has done nothing but lose in yooyuball and Brightvale is by no means an easy team to beat anymore. Lost Desert just doesn’t look up to playing lately.

Though Mystery Island did just beat the defending champs, we all know Mystery Island play their hardest against LD for whatever reason. Darigan will be Darigan.

Haunted Woods and Krawk Island is a weird game. I think Haunted Woods could easily tie Krawk Island in yooyuball. If HW gets that tie, I don’t think Krawk Island has the power to win any side game against Haunted Woods.

Virtupets vs. TM will be a close one. This one is really just gut. Terror Mountain lost to an unpredictable Meridell and has a good amount of side game power. They just can’t give up yooyuball.

Both Shenkuu and Roo Island are by no means playing spectacular yooyuball right now. Someone has to win though. I think Shenkuu could ride the high of getting a win against Brightvale while Roo Island is a little bummed about that horrific lose to Virtupets.

I trust the old power rather than the new. Kreludor has looked great in yooyuball; wins against MQ and HW and draw with Virtupets. I see them as more consistent in that game than Tyrannia.

Predictions to date: 19-8


Day 3: 100% Chance of Blizzard

Terror Mountain stepped up to the plate and delivered another home run. This time though they beat a team even more respected: Maraqua with a DWWL. What has gotten into Terror Mountain? TM has traditionally been a third tier team and Maraqua was without a doubt a preseason favorite to make the finals. (Not to toot my own horn, but I predicted a Terror Mountain victory.)

After faltering against Tyrannia, expectations were not that high for Meridell going into their game against their arch-rival, Darigan Citadel. Don’t tell that to the knights though, Meridell upset the purple and black with a surprising WWLD. While this certainly raises questions about how far Meridell can go, you can’t ignore that you have to think now how good Tyrannia is? Tyrannia beat Meridell in yooyuball just the day before……….

The defending champs found little love from a now Dasher-less Krawk Island squad, getting handed loses in yooyuball, make some noise, and shootout showdown. Lost Desert isn’t doing much in convincing us that the ‘curse’ isn’t hitting them at the moment.

Haunted Woods shocked everyone but themselves today by nearly sweeping contender and team just coming off a brilliant game against Lost Desert, Roo Island. Is this the Haunted Woods of old? The goonies have had a history of slow starts and showing signs of life at the end of the cup, maybe they’ve just finally learned their lesson and want to join the rest of the competitors again.

Virtupets Space Station edged out Kreludor narrowly with a DWWL. VPETS is clearly wasting no time brushing up their resume for a spot in the finals. Don’t be too hard on Kreludor though – they lost to Virtupets twice last year and still got the first seed going into the finals.

In the other games, Brightvale and Tyrannia swept up the home team and Kiko Lake. Also, Shenkuu won, but drew all three side games with Moltara. Shenkuu has some questions to answer – teams are supposed to sweep Moltara. Mystery Island beat Faerieland while giving up draws in slushie slinger and make some noise.


** Darigan Citadel vs. Brightvale: DWLW ** UPSET SPECIAL

Altador vs. Moltara: WWWD

Shenkuu vs. Kiko Lake: WWWD

Tyrannia vs. Virtupets: WDDD

Kreludor vs. Haunted Woods: DWDW

Roo Island vs. Mystery Island: DWDW

Faerieland vs. Krawk Island: WWWW

Lost Desert vs. Terror Mountain: DWWD

Maraqua vs. Meridell: WLLW

I just feel like Brightvale will be able to pull through. With two nice wins, confidence has to be high. They also handled Mystery Island very well and seem to be in form. If they can get the draw in yooyuball, I think they can handle the side games.

Shenkuu surely has to pull through one of these days, right?

Tyrannia and Virtupets both seem to be in top form, but Virtupets just beat three time finals contestant Kreludor. Virtupets has earned my faith.

The Battle of the Haunted Moon is today and it looks to be the best one in years as Haunted Woods just destroyed Roo Island. Kreludor has been a top notch team for years and they did put up a fight against Virtupets despite the lose.

Terror Mountain looks like a team that well….isn’t Terror Mountain. Hell Lost Desert is about to freeze over. Terror Mountain looks like they can at least draw in yooyuball and is by no means a bad side game team. Little did we know at the start of this cup that we could have Terror Mountain open with wins against Shenkuu, Maraqua, and Lost Desert.

Maraqua vs. Meridell is a gut feeling. Maraqua has to turn it around eventually. We know by now that there is skill buried somewhere in that team. It needs to come out now before another late start begins to nail up the coffin.

Predictions to date: 12-6

(Other writers, feel free to take the featured article spot. xD I’m just putting it so it is a Day 3 article is on the top of the page.)