Offseason News: The Best Possible Prize Shop

It’s been five years of the Altador Cup… prize shop and the only one done correctly was AC 1. If anyone recalls, with limited work, a player could end up with a stamp, maybe a halloween paint brush or one of those supe epic weapons. Normally, I would be against weapons in an AC prize shop since after all, what does the battledome have anything to do with the Altador Cup? However, the battledome has been completely ignored for the most part and good weapons would inflate the prices of all the other AC items available.

The second altador cup brought agony to battledomers as weapons were both overpriced and useless. On the flip side, a cool-looking darigan yooyu, yooyu celebration stamp, a wearable and a paint brush were all available. Although it took forever for the prize shop to be released, this was perhaps the second best prize shop to be created. Some of you would argue that perhaps the ACII prize shop was the best given that the inflation value of the prizes was much higher than the prizes of ACI.

TNT must have gone loony as the crazy Rooligans did in ACIII. It was one of the worst prize shops in AC history or prize shop history for that matter. A fire yooyu was the top prize and at a mere 10,000 prize shop points, it could be yours. In fact, it could still be yours! It never really inflated.

After the debacle of AC3, it was expectedAC 4 would be an improvement. To everyone’s disappointment, it was an improvement but not as spectacular as everyone had hoped for. There was no stamp, a recoloured slushie slinger hat, and ugly coloured yooyus. Let us not forget the insulting overpriced cloud paint brush (which was given away freely by Tarla a week later.)

Although Altador Cup 5 saw a vast improvement over the previous two Altador Cups, all-star performers were given a bit of a shock as several of them were unable to afford the top prize. (Talk about consistency in pricing TNT!) Pirate paint brush was valued at 40,000 prize shop points. What was worse however was the price of the snow yooyu. Yooyus, a yearly collectable, were usually priced within an affordable range. It appears however, that the snow yooyu is now going to be the toughest yooyu to attain.


What would a great AC6 prize shop look like, then?

1. Sandstorm (Wearable)    25,000 points

What would be more fitting than to celebrate Lost Desert’s victory than an animated wearable sandstorm? NOTHING, that’s what.

2. Wearable yooyuball sling    (Wearable)    20,000 points

It’s desperately needed. Knowing TNT though, they’ll probably put it in the NC Mall. One for each team.

3. Lost Desert Paint Brush     15,000 points

Ironically, this is priced slightly more than what I can manage.

4. Mutant Yooyu       10,000 points

This would be one of the few yooyus, I could understand might be priced at 30,000 points. I don’t think it’s going to happen next year.

5. Dirty Navers stamp     7500 points

One of the Desert’s former All-Stars. Not to mention this would be a perfect fit to an Altador Cup stamp section in the stamp album. (Not that TNT has decided to make an Altador Cup stamp section–YET.)

6. Solid Strategy (Book)      5000 points

Because books are priceless.

7. Oversized Leera Heggle action figure      2500 points

Obviously, it is not actually oversized.

8. Layton Vickles Plushie      2000 points

Top Scorers are getting noticed by TNT. I wonder how creepy this is going to look like.

9. ACIV Program  (Book)     1000 points

Another yearly thing.

10. Yooyu Background (Wearable)     800 points

Just imagine a big oversized yooyu as a background.

That’s all I have for now but that just goes to show you the potential of a prize shop! I’ll post again in a few weeks or months.