Team Tyrannia

Tier 1 Finish: 0
Tier 2 Finish: 2
Tier 3 Finish: 4
Tier 4 Finish: 0
Tier 5 Finish: 0

Gold: 0
Silver: 0
Bronze: 0
Last Place: 0

Finals Results
ACI: Lost to Roo Island (11th)
ACII: Did not participate in Finals (11th)
ACIII: Lost to Maraqua, defeated Terror Mountain (11th)
ACIV: Lost to Maraqua, lost to Darigan Citadel (8th)
ACV: Defeated Shenkuu, lost to Terror Mountain (10th)
ACVI: Defeated Darigan Citadel, lost to Meridell (6th)

1st Round YYB Power: Tier 4
1st Round SLSL Power: Tier 2
1st Round MSN Power: Tier 3
1st Round SOSD Power: Tier 3

2nd Round YYB Power: Tier 4
2nd Round SLSL Power: Tier 1
2nd Round MSN Power: Tier 2
2nd Round SOSD Power: Tier 3

Overall YYB Power: Tier 4
Overall SLSL Power: Tier 1
Overall MSN Power: Tier 2
Overall SOSD Power: Tier 3
Average Placing: 9.5000

Recent YYB Power: Tier 3
Recent SLSL Power: Tier 1
Recent MSN Power: Tier 2
Recent SOSD Power: Tier 2
Recent Placing: 6th

Best Season: ACVI
YYB Power: Tier 3
SLSL Power: Tier 1
MSN Power: Tier 2
SOSD Power: Tier 2
Overall Placing: 6th

Worst Season: ACII
YYB Power: Tier 4
SLSL Power: Tier 5
MSN Power: Tier 4
SOSD Power: N/A
Overall Placing: 11th




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