Teams that “Deserve” to Win

Throughout my years on the AC boards and visiting a few AC petpages or blogs, I’ve often come across predictions or articles saying that “X team really deserves to win,” usually with some reason behind the comment – dedication, sportsmanship, etc. Now, I personally don’t like the idea of a team “deserving” to win; in my mind, the team that wins deserved to win because they outplayed the competition. (i.e. HW deserved it in ACI, DC in ACII, RI in ACIII, KI in ACIV, and LD in ACV)

Still, it’s interesting to me to hear people’s reasons that a team “deserves” to win the next AC, and that’s what this is about. I personally don’t think any team “deserves” it more than the others, since all the teams have plenty of players that work hard, until the end of the AC (after a team wins), but if you’re particularly adamant about a team that deserves a win, let me know in the comments! (It gives us something to talk about :P)


Update :)

Contrary to some rumors that have been circulating on the neoboards, I am in fact not dead.  Here are some things that I will be working on in the coming months:

  • Getting back up and running (Yes, I still own the domain.  And no, I have no idea what is up with the current “business practice” site.  That’s not my doing ;))
  • New site design, hopefully the old newspaper style where everybody has their own column
  • Getting hosting
  • Setting up forums (With an emphasis on free speech.  I will have a pretty laissez faire moderating style, within reason of course).
  • See which writers will be back for the Altador Cup 5, and possibly adding a few writers if some decide to leave


Thanks to all the loyal fans out there.  Without your support, I would be even less active with the site (I know, that’s hard to imagine).