Scandal Shakes the Altador Cup

Hello sports fans, Lady Elegant here, and today the Altador Cup Committee released the following statement “A source has come forward and announced that Mystery Island defender Selmon Woulf has broken our “clean play policy” by testing positive for Hoochie Coochie”. “An investigation has been launched to see if this in any way had an influence on their performance last season”.



(Altador Cup Committee to the left)





Many sports fans were not surprised by this revelation, with one fan suggesting “Did no one else find it odd that a defender was scoring more goals then the forwards on his own team, let alone then the forwards on the opposing team?”. Last year Mystery Island shocked the world by announcing they had let go of Bertie Shurtz. When we caught up with coach Rutherford Lee III he responded “We wanted to renegotiate the teams contracted pay to reflect the decrease in performance, the rest of the team was fine with it but Bertie felt her performance hadn’t decreased, and refused to play if her salary was lowered”. With the team’s rise from 14th to 2nd many felt Shurtz wasn’t needed, however with this new revelation Bertie might’ve been given a second blessing

According to regulations any team that has been found guilty of enhancing team performances will not be allowed to draft new players, leaving them to choose from former players, and Bertie has the most experience of the talent pool.

We’ll keep you up to date with any changes in the story.



Interview with Kayn Hireck

Hagen’s Castle – Welcome Altador Cup fans, Lady Elegant here, and today I’ve managed to score an illusive interview with Team Brightvale member Kayn Hireck. Welcome Mr. Hireck, what a pleasure it is to have you here with us today.

Kayn Hireck: You know, with your name I was expecting… you know…. a girl.

LE: :/ (sigh) sadly that’s the usual response I seem to be getting, actually I originally had an interview with “Spikes” Barmie from Team Tyrannia, but he was rather unpleased with my name and deemed me “a sad and unprofessional nincompoop”.

KH: Haha

LE: Anyway, so let’s talk about last season, you guys ended up finishing 11th place, which was improvement from your 12th place finish in ACVI and your second highest finish to date. How do you and the rest of your teammates feel about that?

KH: Actually we were kinda disappointed in our performance last season. We never really showed any real strength, and instead performed as expected throughout the entirety of the cup. I mean in past seasons we usually either started out tremendously strong and faded, or started out kind of slow and built up the ability to pull upsets against more stronger teams, but last season we never really showed any “power”, we simply won games where we were expected to win, and lost to opponents that were more skilled then us on paper. We as a team feel that’s bad because it means we can’t be expected to improve in performance and in the rankings.

LE: True, you guys were swept 3 times last season, to Mystery Island, Kreludor, and Darigian Citadel. What do you think attributed to these defeats?

KH: I really don’t look at those losses as worth mentioning. All 3 of those teams were in the top 4 meaning other teams just like us got floored by them. Not to mention we played Kreludor a whopping 3 times. What I was referring to were the matches where we were more evenly matched but still couldn’t pull out a win. Like Roo Island, Kiko Lake, and Virtupets in the second half.

LE: That’s true. With the bracket system the committee introduced last season,  do you believe that attributed the decline in performance from your team?

KH: Sure, after all when we beat Haunted Woods, but still remained behind them in the standings, it really felt like our work and effort was being undermined. Then again the same feeling was being tossed around by many teams, some teams felt they were being gypped, while others felt like they were just being given wins. It’s pretty much a general consensus between all the teams, that the bracket system the committee brought upon us, was a failure in the end. The problem will be how they try to address it next month. Granted we find out earlier then the general neopian populace, so that we can have time to adjust to changes and all, but we can’t even talk about it because all players have a silence clause in their contract.

LE: Another major topic is how your team dealt with the loss of “Squeaky” Tressif, in favor of Gordo Gunnels. What exactly were the details surrounding that trade?

KH: Well what a lot of people don’t know is “Squeaky” didn’t really get along with our team owner Mondo Watts. “Squeaky” believed that the team should represent the integrity and class that King Hagen had instilled in him, but after coming back into ACV after missing the year before King Hagen essentially wanted us to get better using “any means possible”. Reb Weemelott and I didn’t really mind, I mean let’s be honest even our dearest fans know we don’t always play “evenly matched”, but ol’ Squeaky couldn’t really get behind it. So yeah even though the trade with Roo Island wasn’t really fair, I really think he was just looking for an excuse to get out.

LE: Have you talked to him at all since, and does he still remain connected to the team?

KH: He does chat with Orie (Dinelle) which makes sense, I mean the two of them did date early on.

LE: That’s interesting I wasn’t aware they had been dating.

KH: Really? I guess not “Squeaky” didn’t really like the spot light much, and I don’t think it was really ever serious, like as soon as it started it seemed to end and all.

But back to your original question. At first we didn’t really like it because Gordo Gunnels didn’t really mesh well with us at first, but after a while he seemed to get the ropes. Gordo doesn’t really look different from Roo Island to us, but just look at Squeakers, you can tell the change of scenery has really done a lot of improvement for him.

LE: I believe your referring to these.












KH: Yeah “Squeaky” has never looked better, shame for Gordo though, we’re not even really sure how he feels about the trade, he’s not exactly “talkative by nature”.

LE: Before we get onto the next subject I was wondering if you could comment on the rumor that your agent let slip that you were considering going “under the brush” so to speak and switching to the color Transparent?

KH: Haha, sadly I can’t really change color, I have a sponsorship with the Plushie Palace, and to change my color would put that deal in jeopardy and yooyuball sadly doesn’t pay me enough to warrant a color change.

LE: Well that, plus… Well I mean just look at you, your so gosh darn huggable.

KH: (laughs) yeah, that too.

LE: In your opinion, how well did Montecito handle the captain position last season?

KH: Considering he only got the job like two weeks before the cup, I think he did pretty well. After “Squeaky” left we weren’t really sure who would be the new captain. I was the first choice, but I don’t really like being a leader, I mean by nature I’m more of a sidekick then a full on leader (jabs arm). Montecito was the only one we felt could fully learn all the necessary things in such a small time frame. He even put on some muscle so he would look more of a new captain instead of a temporary one. This time around he’s had a lot more time to learn things other then just the basics. He’s given the position his own flare and spin, and I think our fans will be pleased when they see the results next season.

LE: Well before I leave you, and thanks again for doing this-

KH: Ah sure, this was actually quite enjoyable.

LE: Is there anything else you want to add?

KH: (ahem) Don’t forget to check out the Plushie Palace. Located in the Neopian Plaza between the Welcome Center and the Alien Vending Machine. Their new Pacha Plushie is so cute it’ll knock your socks off.

LE: Ahh so a shameless plug it seems

KH: Yeah pretty much.

Altador Cup VIII Predictions (Video)

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Sorry about the funky audio, guys. I was using a new set, and I wasn’t positive if it would work or not.

Hope you enjoy!