Day 2: Different Cup, Same Glitches

Day 1 Results have been posted, only after a delay that generated some odd results. From today’s results, two things are apparent: TNT isn’t doing so well at keeping this cup un-glitched and that this year seems to be quite a change from previous years. Without further ado, here’s the results.

The two most watched matches were probably Kreludor against Maraqua and Lost Desert against Roo Island. All of these teams are considered to be Top Tier Teams. Kreludor ended up beating Maraqua with wins in YYB and SS, whilst drawing in the two lesser games. It seems now that Kreludor has handled one of their bigger competitors, the cup is that much closer to being theirs.  Former winners Lost Desert and Roo Island faced off, showing that each team is still strong, but RI’s wins in YYB and ShoSho (they lost in SS and MSN) showed that they may be more ready to bounce back for the gold.

Aside from the big matches, an interesting aspect is always the upsets. We weren’t short of upsets today, being treated to two matches of it, all three being small and concentrated upsets. We saw Krawk Island against Altador; along with Darigan against Faerieland. Back in any other AC, these would be easy sweep predictions but for some reason, were just a bit different this year. In both games, the past winners won YYB, MSN and ShoSho. The upset was that the two lesser teams managed a win in SS. I congratulate FL and AL on their excellent work!

Tyrannia, while we’re on the subject of SS, is known for being quite possibly the best SS team in all of AC history. This made the results more bittersweet. They brought in an overall win by conquering Meridell in YYB and ShoSho (MD won MSN.) The slight shocker was that they drew with Meridell in SS. Both teams showed to be stiff competition and are both being considered for top of Tier Two, perhaps even Top Tier. In other middle-of-the-standings news, Shenkuu and Terror Mountain had an interesting match. I don’t mean to insult TM (word on the street is they might even have gained some All Stars) but this was a definite confidence breaker for SK’s revival. Shenkuu was swept by Terror Mountain. It’s kind of hard to believe this was once a contender for the cup.

HW vs. MO: Haunted Woods swept Moltara, we’ll have to watch today’s match against RI as an indicator of whether they have top potential.

VP vs. KL: Virtupets won everything but SS, which they lost. It appears that Slushie Slinger is the route to not being swept.

MI vs. BV: Mystery Island managed to draw in YYB but lost the rest of the games to BV.


Match Ups

Terror  Mountain vs. Maraqua

Meridell vs. Darigan

Krawk Island vs. Lost Desert

Mystery Island vs. Faerieland

Haunted Woods vs. Roo Island

Virtupets vs. Kreludor

Kiko Lake vs. Tyrannia

Moltara vs. Shenkuu

Brightvale vs. Altador


I’m pegging two matches to watch. KI/LD is going to be a nice match with ACIV and ACV winners, both being equally supported. The Winner’s Curse doesn’t seem to have a hold anymore, so this match will be interesting. The other match is HW/RI. They’re also both past winners with something to prove. The outcome of this match will be a great indicator of how strong the winning team is- they both have their work cut out for them!

I’m also predicting MD/DC and KL/TY will bring about some interesting upsets/outcomes.


Now get playing, and watch out for the Darigan Yooyus!


It Is Our Honour To Present Venom, Guest Writer Extraordinaire

That’s honour, how we like to spell it up in Canada. 😉

Yes, I have returned this year to fill you in on all things Altador Cup related- controversies, well kept secrets, rankings and opinions! Being a Guest Writer, I’ll try to post an article once a day. That being said, I may be busy on the odd day (and with the new YYB, I need all the time I can get!)

For first timers or those of bad memory, I go by Venom but I am venom_7878 on Neopets. I am Maraquan and seawater flows through my veins. I am also Canadian, so a good amount of that water is mixed with maple syrup. I enjoy swimming, Risk, geography and Altador Cup. My age is somewhere from 15 to 20 but I’ll keep the exact number to myself. 🙂 I started writing on the Altador Cup Blog two years ago, back when YYB was by mouse and Dasher Soley was expecting the gold.

I don’t have much else to say, but if any questions about me are keeping you up at night, feel free to comment below!

July 5th: You’re So Ugly When You Cry

Hey, I’m sorry to push down some wonderful posts on this blog, but no need to worry-this is my last for ACV ;). I’m on vacation, so preparing daily posts have been difficult when you’re in a place as great as California. This is just me saying my thanks. First of all, I would like to thank Alex for setting up this astounding blog (especially after the off-season disaster,) and even if the first has vanished, Google Reader will always have the old posts :). My next thanks go to this year’s super-smart writers: Chaos, Chris, Tails, Neon and Komor. If it was just me writing this blog, there’d be too many days with boring posts- or not even a post! Your articles have all been interesting and on the rare occasion, worth reading (kidding. 😀 )

Shoutout to the lovely readers, because without you, I’d be crushed and emotionally hurt. A very good reader comments though, and on my posts, there’s been comment arguments, but I still want to give a special mention to the people who add so much more to an article my commenting (Ivar, idriya, Travis, Lauren, zhonglv, hol123, Kougy, KLer, Myth, Byakuya) and those are just the ones I’ve seen comment a bit on my articles, but anybody who comments is doing good for the site and the readers.

Thanks, TNT for a great ACV. The prizes, players, results, achievements and Staff Tourney have all made this the best Altador Cup to date. I even bought the NC Maraqua Jersey!

This year was also fantastic because of SK’s fall, TM’s streak, MD’s skill, LD’s drama, KD’s setup to be next year’s numbah one, MT shattering expectations, FL doing better, BV tricking us at the beginning, VP being good at YYB too, KI not cursing as bad as expected, DC/RI returning from the curse, HW/MI upsetting like no other and Maraqua for being awesome every year, and getting first tier next year.

Lastly, let’s give a big round of applause to, for supplying the wide array of character images that were supporting venom’s articles. 🙂 If it’s images you desire, they’re your supplier!

July 1st: An Analysis of Post-Modern Sporting Teams and Their Probabilities of Proving Worth

Why hello there, ACBlog readers. It is now the 1st of July and we are undergoing The Finals. For over a month, we’ve been scoring, slinging, shouting and shooting so our teams can qualify for a certain tier or just so we can get an awesome prize (have you checked Jellyneo?) I, like many of you, DO have a life outside of this website and it’s been evident through my lack of articles. 😉 I will be departing for a family vacation to California tomorrow and it’s unknown if I’ll have internet access. So without further ado, here is The Finals Article.

Good Morning, Yooyuball fans! Today, my partner has called in sick. As a replacement, we’ve invited some of the best Neocelebrities to comment on what’s happened, what to expect and as always: unrelated filler text! So join me, Isabella Ixi on our Journey to Finals!

Tier One

I have never commented on the Altador Cup, I much prefer Daily Dare-it’s not so mind numbing. Anyway, the first match in the Top Tier is Kreludor against Roo Island. Anybody who looks at the Standings, can see that RI is tied with Meridell for the best yooyuball record. This leads me to think Roo Island has this win sealed up. Kreludor’s #1 for a reason, they have mighty players. Once these players migrate from side games to YYB, KR is a force to be reckoned with. My guess for winner of this match is the far superior Kreludor over those ROOsers; ha ha, roosers. Now that I, the celebrity, am done, here’s your past commentators:

I believe you may want to listen to my prediction, because I am the only Altador Cup player to be on a winning team for every year I was active. Not even the precious Dasher Soley has done that! Anyway, we’re seeing Lost Desert against the purple paradin’ punishers: Darigan Citadel. The curse may be over, but DC still ain’t goin’ to win. Lost Desert had problems internally, but now we’re at the finals. I just know they’ll buckle down and take the cup home, they need it so much because next year they will be nothing. Their high placement is freeloader bait, but their arguments have scared away many of the better players. Leera’s a friend o’ mine, so I sure do hope she wins this year. Let’s not forget that next Tuesday, I’m releasing a kiddies’ book called ‘Chelo, Goodbye’ at all local book stores!

Tier Two

Wooh! The second tier is where the real action is at! We have Meridell and Maraqua. These teams are probably separated at birth because they have so much in common: they both have kings, both won wars, both are YYB powerhouses, both had bad rankings but shot up in one season, both have reached fifth- unable to advance. For both teams, it’ll seem like another year where they just missed top tier and have to settle for fifth. My bets would be on MD, if Neopets permitted gambling. Meridell is the super team that makes winning seem as easy as making omelette, while MQ seems to have just choked on disappointment after Kiko Lake ended their run at fourth place. This is the match to watch!

It is very much a pleasure to be back. It is not a pleasure to watch two fantastic teams battle it out. They both want fifth, but there’s only one spot. It’s sadness at it’s greatest! I think those robots are just dandy, but Dear Dasher Soley is going to win. A lot of KI players are going out with a bang, because this may be Soley’s last year. It seems odd to be motivated by a drawing’s inclusion, but I prefer not to judge others. I hate to rain on parades (or anything for that matter) but whichever team wins this should hope for sixth, because Meridell is the rightful owner of fifth place this year. It’s been a wonderful year, may good fortune be with all of you.



Staff Tourney Results Are Up

I picked Twitterpate and Lawyerbot, so I recommend you pick the opposite, cause I suck at this. 🙂

June 28th: My Life Is A Lie


  • Unbulleevuhbull: So many big things happening today and many hopes and dreams were crushed. First we have my beloved Maraqua being destroyed by Kiko Lake. Yeah, destroyed is a little dramatic, but I will tell you that many Maraquans were crushed after 32 days of playing-only to find out tier one isn’t possible at the end. Kiko Lake did fantastic and showed that MQ isn’t the only water-based team. The more important thing here is Kiko Lake, who seem to pull out upsets every now and then. There was defeating MQ and SK on day one of ACIV and ACV, there was stopping VP and TM’s streaks of SoSD and now beating MQ. I’d like to take this time to thanks WAM, the many individuals who work hard for it (franc, xepha, grant) and all the players who are good sports and enjoy a good laugh. ACVI is Maraqua’s year! 😉
  • Through the middle: Faerieland challenged Haunted Woods and proudly took draws in MSN and SS (a specialty for HW.) Haunted Woods still proudly won, but I’m worried about MQ is facing FL tomorrow. 🙂
  • Shout it out loud: Terror Mountain was pummeled by Darigan Citadel in YYB/SS and punched back in SoSD. It was MSN, where DC has only not won seven times and TM fifteen times that there was a draw. Nice job to both teams.
  • I’m a big kid now: Tyrannia swept Mystery Island. I would have expected MI to aim after YYB, so excellent playing on TY’s spot.
  • Clear answer: Many expected Meridell, a powerhouse to at least give KD trouble, but KD nearly swept them- aside from a draw in SoSD. This is definitely bad for MD, when every match will decide if you can be ACV champs or second tier chumps.


Maraqua beats Virtupets

Krawk Island beats Altador

Haunted Woods beats Shenkuu

Lost Desert barely beats Meridell

Mystery Island beats Moltara

Darigan beats Roo Island

Terror Mountain beats Brightvale

Tyrannia beats Faerieland

Kreludor (please?) beat Kiko Lake

WHO IS IN MY CASTLE?!?!?!?! Oh, it’s you. Yes, I’m very proud of Ilsa, Windelle and Sir Freidl-they work very hard you know! I think this year is our year, the year we take the cup home! Our last two competitiors are Lost Desert and Kiko Lake. Lost Desert may trifle us a tad bit, but they don’t call us the number one team in Neopets* for nothing! Lost Desert is some fake-Meridell. Who had a war first? Who has their own native species? Who is the only way to get to Darigan Citadel? Kiko Lake should be equally simple. They don’t even  have kings, petpets or faeries, I’m surprised they’re not a neighbourhood of Neopia Central! The plan for winning is simple, play Yooyuball well AND the side games. I’m surprised Coltzan and the Kikos never thought of that!

*-According to the Royal Meridellian Council

Why, Good Afternoon. King Skarl said that? I apologize for his behaviour! My ROOligans will do fantastic,   ha ha, did you see what I did there? The teams we still have to face are Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island. It’s such a shame that my WINnocent little team is exposed to such evil and dark teams. Darigan will be easy-sleazy-I mean peasy. They are always fighting and rude, not to mention they aren’t even on the map! Maybe they can learn a lesson or roo-oops, two- from my rooyuball players? Krawk Island is also an easy day for us, the ancient curse says “Thou who wins will not be able to achieve greatness the following year.” Even if those Pirates won by fluke last year, they dont stand a chance this year. Anyway good…bye? What rhymes with bye?……..

Even if kings Skarl and Roo were a bit petty, we’ve got to watch the next two days. Both teams are fighting for Top Tier and even though Roo Island is on top, Meridell has the easier schedule. Who will win the fourth spot, and will they win the gold?

Ivar Cracks the Code

Ivar (RI) commented on a post of mine regarding an amazing discovery. After much calculating and experimenting (much to the thanks of neon) he seems to have solved the points for ACV. He did amazingly and worked very hard on this.

Guys, I think I figured out the formula that TNT uses. I put the standings into an excel document, and used a popular scoring formula from last year (Neon’s 10-4-3-2.5 thank you so much Neon this entire project was based off of that formula). You can see the results in the column titled “Neon”. But see how LD has more points than KD but is farther behind in TNT’s standings? I call this a lag, and it’s not good. I have many lags with Neon’s original formula (the biggest of them all, a 20-point lag from BV to TM). But notice something here- In ALL the lags I have in Neon, the team with less points but farther ahead is better in SOSD than the team supposedly with more points than them. So I make SOSD win worth 4 and SOSD draw 1.333 (so it’s the same as SS) and that is my formula for Neon+ (everything else remains unchanged from Neon except I made YYB 12 instead of 10 so that YYB win would still be> side game sweep). I still have lags this time, but not as many. The MQ-KI lag closed up just slightly (KI is only a little bit better in SOSD than MQ) and I created a new AL-KL lag. Let me take a short detour here to say that for you guys that think draws are worth 1/2 of wins, a quick look at the Neon1/2 and Neon+1/2 will show you that is most likely not true. So, to go by the same logic as last time what do KI and AL have in common? They both are better than the team with more points than them in MSN. So I raise MSN to 3.5, and tada! Both lags are gone. But this 12-4-3.5-4 is not the formula. When I try it out (find the spreadsheet titled 20 in the bottom left) on the results after day 20 (not really in the 2nd half, but in the 1st half I wrote down the standings and results on a piece of paper, day 20 and 22 were some of the days I did this in the 2nd half, but all my 1st half papers are at home and I’m on vacation) that are on the piece of paper, Neon++ does not work. I then tried numerous formulas (the list of which is too extensive to put in the spreadsheet) before realizing that both teams that were being lagged were better than the team with more Neon++ points than them in MSN. But if I raise MSN to the next logical number (4) YYB win will be = Side Game Sweep. But YYB win is > than SGS, I’m assuming. So I try 12.5,4,4,4 but that doesn’t work (I over-compensated YYB) so I try 12.1,4,4,4 (that’s the formula for Neon+++) and it works! That stupid gap between TY and SK and MI and BV is gone! Now to try it back on the day 30 results, and it also works! Which makes me believe that:
YYB win= 12.1
YYB draw= 4.033
SS win= 4
SS draw= 1.333
MSN win= 4
MSN draw= 1.333
SOSD win= 4
SOSD draw= 1.333
I’ll try it out on the day 31 results (when they come out in ~1 hour) and when I get home (July 3rd) on my first-half papers. *rant*

With all that, I forgot to give you guys the link to the spreadsheet! Here it is- and also best and worst, near the right of the 30 sheet is the best and worst places that team can finish.