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Lastly,  Id just like to thank all of you, All of you who read my write ups and predictions, and thank you Alex for giving me this opportunity in the first place. I will be coming back next year if alex allows me too.

Have a great rest of the year everybody!



It’s all over. The winner is announced.

It’s a true faerie tale story for Team Virtupets, and captain Keetra Deile. Coming from dead last in the second cup, Virtupets have climbed the ladder to take first place in the sixth annual Altador Cup, defeating runners up, Krawk Island. Virtupets fans are ecstatic for the long fought for, and well earned cup victory now under their belts, and look forward to a huge celebratory off-season. This is especially important for Keetra Deile herself too. She is the youngest, and first female captain to bring home the cup to their homeland.

The battle for third was decided with orginal cup favourites, Kreludor taking home the bronze medal over another consistently strong team, Team Maraqua, who still fought valiantly, despite losing all finals matches. Though Maraquans are disappointed, this is the highest ranking they have had so far, so they should not be disappointed.

Meridell have once again achieve fifth place, after many years of trying, but barely missed out on first tier, their victory was over still happy Tyrannia supporters, who have achieved a fantastic result, placing 6th, to achieve their best result to date. Next down the line were Darigan Citadel, who defeated Terror Mountain in a great show of sporting prowess.

Roo Island defeated Shenkuu to take home ninth place, and Haunted Woods got their gear together to take a victory for eleventh place. Though the former champs were disappointed about their decline in the standings, they were extremely pleased with the solid overcoming of their hated rivals, Mystery Island. And Faerieland has once again defeated Kiko Lake, to take home 15th place for the second year straight.

Finally, Altador lost weight just in time to steal 17th place from Moltara, giving Moltara the wooden spoon, once again.


To my readers,

I would like to thank you for following us, and choosing as your guide to Altador Cup news and results.

Thank you reading, and be sure to join us on the forum for off season chatter of everything Neopets, Altador Cup, and even real life issues, such as politics, and what everybody looks like.

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AC VI – The Results

AC VI may not have been the best year ever. AC VI may not have been the worst year ever. AC VI may have given you the advantage you needed to reach Rank 40, or may have doomed you from the start.

Whether AC VI was your greatest year yet or “Phase 1 of the Neo-Apocalypse”, we can all agree that AC VI was a year like no other.

This year, we saw upsets and bitter defeat. Drops and rises like no other. Underdogs becoming superstars and Superstars becoming underdogs. During this year’s finals, the players played their hardest and have eagerly awaited the results for 2 days.

And now, your wait is over!

Here are your official results of the Sixth Annual Altador Cup –


1st – Virtupets

2nd – Krawk Island

3rd – Kreludor

4th – Maraqua

5th – Meridell

6th – Tyrannia

7th – Darigan Citadel

8th – Terror Mountain

9th – Roo Island

10th – Shenkuu

11th – Haunted Woods

12th – Brightvale

13th – Lost Desert

14th – Mystery Island

15th – Faerieland

16th – Kiko Lake

17th – Altador

18th – Moltara


Congratulations Virtupets for not only making the top tier for the first time, but also for bringing home the cup!

Also, congratulations for Krawk Island and Kreludor, for achieving 2nd and 3rd place in that order!

You heard the results here first!

This is your reporter, Niku, signing off!

A Season Analysis of the 4th and 5th Tier Teams :D (Part 1)

Hi Everybody!
My Name Is Liam and I’m proud to have been accepted as a guest writer to the Altador Cup blog! 😀

Well what an amazing Cup! What initially started out as a major controversy eventually bloomed into possibly one of the most thrilling Cups in recent history.  In this analysis, I will seek to cover the individual plights of each team from the 4th and 5th tier. Despite these teams being oftenly overlooked and forgotten, (by analysts and players alike)  they have all shone brightly during this years cup.

1. Team Altador

It’s been a fairly fascinating tourney for the Gladiators this year! While entering the finals stage in 17th place may seem an ordinary and status quo result for the Gladiators, let us not forget that their entire standings were propped up entirely on SLSL and MSN scores! However, remaining winless in both SOSD and YYB for the entire DRR significantly sunk the teams hopes of improving upon last years 17th place finish.

Where to from here for Altador?: while 2011 proved to be a tough year for the gladiators, a 2nd overall placing at SLSL will go down well! If Altador can garner up a few more YYB wins next year while retaining their SLSL specialty, we could see an Altadorian rise. Altador could easily be a team to watch next year if they gain some more momentum! Their warm and inviting spirit is unmatched among the other teams and they are a team which surely will be able to glide up the standings with more support!

ï»żï»żï»żï»ż2. Team Moltara

For team Moltara, 2011 was the year with which they finally “got the machine up and running!” Moltara successfully proved that they could stand the heat of YYB, successfully beating AL twice during the DRR! Who could forget the eruption that ensued following the Moltaran triumph over the Krawk Islanders! (The same KI that’s playing in the finals NOW!) The Magmas proved that they have organisational structure, by successfully stealing wins from top teams on many occasions. It’s unfortunate that the Moltaran’s weren’t able to break free of the 5th tier (like Altador) but hey, someone has to be in it right? 

ï»żWhere to from here for Moltara?: Like Altador, 2011 didn’t do the magmas justice. However, the upset over KI has proven the squads potential to become a YYB powerhouse, if they can consistently perform. Consistency will be the key word for the Magmas next year as they try to finally break out of the restricting 5th tier and really get up the standings. Watch out for the magmas next year! An eruption is on the way 😀

3. Team Faerieland

The Faeries made history this year in being the first team to officially change their team strip and logo colour scheme! This rebranding unfortunately didn’t translate to a new team, as Faerieland retained a finals spot in the 4th tier this year. However, Faerieland successfully ended their DRR season with a highly commendable record in SLSL! It seems lower teams (such as FL) took advantage of SLSL to pick up many points! FL YYB result is also extremely impressive, picking up many wins and draws with teams such as Brightvale and Terror Mountain! The fluffers were only swept on 3 occasions during the DRR, (against TY, MD and TM) showing their intense potential to consistently gain points daily.

Where to from here for Faerieland?: The Faeries can leave the cup this year with their heads held high! Despite not quite achieving their desired standings climb, the gap they have between the 5th tier teams really is sensational. I see Faerieland really blazing with potential next year, and if they can pick up a few more YYB & MSN wins, there really is no reason they shouldn’t be flying into (at least) the 3rd tier!

Finals Final Round!

Alright, Well surprisingly enough, We might see a repeat winner this year. By team that just won 2 years ago. However, If they don’t win, A team that has never placed before(or even been in 1st tier) will win! And if Kreludor loses to Maraqua we will have our first year(other than the first year) That all of the players in the final image will have never been in it before(Krawk island has a new captain)


Anyway, Lets get onto predictions


Krawk Island vs Virtupets > Virtupets wins, Though it wont be easy. One thing I noticed is that MQ was breaking records in EVERYTHING as far as their scores go, And virtupets still managed to beat them. Virtupets also has beaten KI on both occasion in the DRR, And VP lost to MQ both times, and still managed to beat them in the finals. The odds are in VP’s favor

Kreludor vs Maraqua > I had never pictured Kreludor losing, I never once thought I would be predicting this. But Kreludor’s morale is crushed after their defeat yesterday, The reason they were defeated though is because they EXPECTED themselves to win. Big mistake. As far as my predictions go though, I think the underdogs, Maraqua will prevail.


Tyrannia vs Meridell > Im surprised Tyrannia won against Darigan citadel, But I don’t think they can do the same against Meridell. Meridell is a 1st tier team stuck in the 2nd tier.

Darigan Citadel vs Terror Mountain > Terror Mountain isn’t all that impressive in YYB, Where Darigan Citadel is, But after losing to Tyrannia, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to Terror Mountain also.


Shenkuu vs Roo Island > I predict Roo Island to take this one because they are an all-around better team. But Shenkuu could upset though

Haunted Woods vs Brightvale > There is always a possibility for a Brightvale upset. But i think HW has this.


Mystery Island vs Lost Desert > Ahh, The rivals face off again. I have said it before and I will say it again, Mystery Island is Lost Desert’s Kryptonite, Lost Desert has only beaten Mystery Island ONCE, and it isn’t going to happen this time.

Faerieland vs Kiko lake > Kiko Lake seems to be a better team, But Faerieland does have a chance to win here.


Moltara vs Altador > Moltara has already beaten altador twice, Altador would have to win both of these next two days, and I don’t see it happening.


Good luck to all teams.



Semi-final results, Grand final overview.

Results: So, Krawk Island stands to be the first repeat winners of the Altador Cup, after thrashing Kreludor in their play off. Both days ended with Krawk Island taking the ever important Yooyuball match, which means sidegames are practically useless. Meanwhile, contrariwise to the double round robin, Virtupets thrashed Maraqua with winning Yooyuball on both days. Both Kreludorks and Maraquans are disappointed, but will be fighting it out for the final trophy, a bronze trophy. Interstingly enough, the bronze trophy has only been awarded to Darigan Citadel, Lost Desert and Shenkuu, and not awarded in the first cup, not to mention the gratification and relief of third place is far more rewarding than getting second.

Second tier’s results were closer. On the first day of finals, Terror Mountain and Tyrannia defeated Meridell and Darigan, and on the second day, the reverse happened. At one yooyuball game each, the results were determined by sidegames. On the first day, Terror Mountain just won Yooyuball, with Meridell taking the sidegames. On the second day, Meridell won everything but the noise making competition, giving Meridell the match with a 24-12 game point victory. On the first day, Tyrannia won everything but Make Some Noise, and on the second day, Darigan took Yooyuball, plus the Noise Making competition once again. However, Tyrannia emerged victorious thanks to their sidegames, with a 21-15 point victory.

Shenkuu and Roo Island made short work of their match-ups of Haunted Woods and Brightvale respectively. The two losing teams were only able to take one sidegame win from their powerful competitors. Likewise, Lost Desert swept Faerieland both days in the forth tier, and Mystery Island lost only two sidegames to Kiko Lake on the first day, and swept on the second. Finally, the only thing Altador can won in the past two days is Slushie Slinger. This reporter thinks Altadorian supporters could stand to lose some weight now.

Grand finals overview: As before mentioned, Krawk Island stands to be the first repeat winners of the Altador Cup, coming the furthest any previous winner has come before. And Virtupets is the only team that stands in their way! Good right? Wrong. Although Virtupets were the wooden spoon winners in the second Altador Cup, they have come a very long way. In fact, the last two times Krawk Island faced Virtupets, the Krawks lost the yooyuball matches. However, as seen against Kreludor, Krawk Island has the power to defeat the Virtupet squad.

Maraqua faces off Kreludor for the third place trophy. The last time these two teams faced, Maraqua emerged victorious ever so slightly with a single win in Make Some Noise, whereas every other game ended in a draw. However, the first time these two teams faced, Kreludor were the winners, only losing points with draws in sidegames. The two teams will be fighting their all to fill in that spot on the podium.

Surprising everyone, Tyrannia is playing off for 5th place. No matter what happens, this will be the highest Tyrannia has placed ever. The Yooyuball match will be where all the action is, but there will be no doubt some attention will be on the sidelines, as these teams would not be where they are without them. Similarly, Darigan and Terror Mountain are playing off. Could Darigan just be giving up now? Or are they going to attempt to place seventh for the third time? It will be interesting to say the least.

Shenkuu and Roo Island face off for the battle to remain in the top half of the competitors. Roo Island are looking to place ninth for the second time, and Shenkuu are trying to recover their losses of the previous two years. Roo Island has the clear advantage here, as their strength is still the yooyuball field. A trickier match to predict, however, is the match of Haunted Woods and Brightvale. Nobody expected Haunted Woods to go down like they did these past two days, and Brightvale definitely has the power to punch up and defeat them. However, the Haunted Woods team is determined not to let that happen.

Unfortunately for Lost Desert, in their final match-up, they are facing their biggest kryptonite: Mystery Island. In the entire history of the cup, Mystery Island has only lost to Lost Desert twice on the Yooyuball field. Most recently, Mystery Island ruined Lost Desert’s third tier hopes when they faced off the day before the end of the double round robin. Lost Desert supporters are yearning for revenge on their most hated rivals, but Mystery Island is equally vying for that top forth tier position. Faerieland has the yooyuball power to defeat the Kikos. However, both times these two teams faced off Kiko Lake were the winners. This is the most difficult match of the final days to predict, because the two teams’ yooyuball strength is equal.

Finally, Altador are fat. Stop it Altador, you’re only hurting yourself. Play some sport instead of drinking those slushies.

Final Standing prediction:
1. Virtupets
2. Krawk Island
3. Maraqua
4. Kreludor
5. Meridell
6. Tyrannia
7. Darigan Citadel
8. Terror Mountain
9. Roo Island
10. Shenkuu
11. Brightvale
12. Haunted Woods
13. Mystery Island
14. Lost Desert
15. Kiko Lake
16. Faerieland
17. Moltara
18. Altador

The Finals – 25% Complete

Note – Quotes from players and some causes for losses are completely fictional. The results, however, are real.

Yesterday marked the first day of the Sixth Annual Altador Cup finals. At this point in the game, it’s all or nothing. You can either dominate your tier, or come out in last for your grouping. The only thing that matters is Yooyuball, Yooyuball, Yooyuball. Even if you sweep the side games and lose in Yooyuball, you’ve lost the match.

Today, we have the results of yesterday’s match. With the finals 25% completed and another day to go before a team switch for most, it’s all or nothing.

How did yesterday’s match actually turn out, though?

In the bottom tier, the 5th tier, Moltara and Altador battled it out to see who would get last place and who would get 1 spot higher. However, just like in Altador Cup 5, the winner of today’s match was Moltara, giving an almost sweep to Altador by dominating Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Slushie Slinger being Altador’s top game, they pulled a win in that. I tried to interview Altador’s captain, “Trapper” Remis, but he was foaming at the mouth too much. So Altador’s goalie, Salayne Ritad, commented, “Yeah… ‘Trapper’ isn’t a big fan of losses. But all I can say is that Moltara did play a strong game, and scored many goals against me that I wasn’t able to block. At least we pulled a win in Slushie Slinger. Oh well. But the good news is that there’s 3 more days left!”

Many teams fail at sweeping in the finals, but yesterday, that was actually able to happen! In the 4th tier, Lost Desert had a clear advantage and was able to sweep the Faerieland in every single game. Also occurring in the 4th tier, we had Mystery Island versus Kiko Lake. Both teams are known  for upsets, but who pulled the win? Apparently, Mystery Island won in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, while Kiko Lake pulled wins in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Although the Kikos pulled some wins, the match winner was still Mystery Island, because, in the finals, that’s all that matters.

In the 3rd tier, Roo Island and Brightvale faced off. Brightvale was predicted to pull an upset, and did they? Turns out, Brightvale was able to win in Slushie Slinger, while Roo Island pulled 3 wins in Yooyuball, Shootout Showdown and Make Some Noise, automatically winning the match. “Well, I guess we’re going to have to try harder today!” Reb Weemelott, one of Brightvale’s forwards, comments.

Also happening in the 3rd tier, Shenkuu and Haunted Woods faced off. Shenkuu was able to pull the win in Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown against the stronger Haunted Woods! Shoutout to Shenkuu, great job! 🙂 As for Make Some Noise, that was Haunted Wood’s victory of the day. But what will today have in store? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Onto the 2nd tier! In this tier, we had Tyrannia and Darigan Citadel face off. Hopes were high, and many expected Darigan Citadel to win. But what happened? Tyrannia was able to pull the win in Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. As for the Darigans, they pulled through in Make Some Noise and managed a win.

Another match in the 2nd tier, Terror Mountain and Meridell were competing for the top place in their tier. In a twist of events, Meridell pulled an almost sweep in Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. But as for Yooyuball? That was a Terror Mountain victory, automatically giving the eskimos the win of the day.

In the Championship tier, tier 1, there the match between Kreludor, current champions, and Krawk Island. Krawk Island pulled the win this time, scoring a win in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown. Kreludor won in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, but will Kreludor still have a chance at the cup? Today’s match may find that out.

In the last match of the day, Maraqua and Virtupets faced off. It was a pretty even match overall, but at the end of the day, Virtupets almost sweeped Maraqua by pulling a win in Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Maraqua pulled the win, though in Shootout Showdown. Maraqua’s changes at first place are slim, but are still possible. Will Maraqua prevail? Or will Virtupets advance and possibly take home the trophy?

What a day, Neopians, what a day! But the finals aren’t over yet! They are only 25% completed! With 3 more days left, what more surprises await us?

This is your reporter Niku, signing off!

Results in a list by Tier:

Kreludor vs Krawk Island – Maraqua vs Virtupets

Meridell vs Terror Mountain Tyrannia vs Darigan Citadel

Haunted Woods vs Shenkuu – Brightvale vs Roo Island

Lost Desert vs Faerieland – Kiko Lake vs Mystery Island

Altador vs Moltara