The Altador Cup VIII Summary – Part 1

The stadium has emptied out and the dust has settled for a month now. There’s been enough time to reflect and reevaluate strategies and gameplay that may have worked or not. And of course, that transition back to Virtupets and Other Worlds take a toll on your soul. This is basically a summary of how the teams finished and how they performed to get their standing, as well as a comparison between TNT’s standings and the weighted standings and my predictions for the season.

1. Tyrannia
Overall Strength: 1st
Predicted: 7th
Tyrannia has had quite the newsworthy year. The War of the Obelisk gained Neopia-wide attention while many independent factions fought to claim the wasteland of Tyrannia. The other event, the Altador Cup, redeemed Tyrannia’s reputation. The team is one of the best to claim the golden trophy, only losing 2 separate games throughout the whole cup and sweeping the rest of their matches. However, Tyrannia’s reputation is also ruined by cheaters who helped boost their scores. I was going to predict Tyrannia 3rd until I changed it last minute. Why? I thought that they were perfect potential for an all-star group because of their balance. I was right, in a way, just in a different sense of all-stars that shouldn’t even be called the title. Nevertheless, Tyrannia’s dedicated supporters solidified after eight years carried away the Altador Cup in triumph.

2. Altador
Overall Strength: 2nd
Predicted: 17th
It’s safe to say that nobody saw this coming. Stealth joining a low-tier team wasn’t unprecedented, but Altador? Altador’s never found much success and will always bring freeloaders simply because of their hosting duties. But Stealth changed that. Altador got silver, and it was deserved. The team wasn’t immortal like Tyrannia but they have records to rival them. The fact that a team that was going nowhere fast being rejuvenated into a powerhouse means that Stealth has a lot of power and can change the game instantly. The downside to Altador’s podium spot also means that next year they’ll likely plummet to the bottom of the standings, especially with increased interest.

3. Roo Island
Overall Strength: 3rd
Predicted: 8th
Interestingly, all of the podium teams this year placed in the bottom half of the standings last year. Roo Island has historically placed high, but this happened early. Roo Island re-visited the podium with the help of SOTAC, the most famous all-star group. It was an interesting choice, because Roo Island is simply not a powerhouse without a group. They’re not bad, but they don’t have the oomph to get into the trophy race.

4. Krawk Island
Overall Strength: 5th
Predicted: 2nd
This year saw no traditional powerhouses. Besides the podium teams that sometimes seemed unbeatable, everyone else was much worse in comparison. Some say that Krawk Island would have won if the groups did not exist, but you can’t say that. It is what it is, and they’re all undeniably a part of this now. Krawk Island climbed from their off-year last year, and my yo-yo theory shared with Darigan Citadel still stands. They won’t get as much attention as the teams ahead of them, but they’ll still likely fall all over again.

5. Darigan Citadel
Overall Strength: 9th
Predicted: 4th
Contrasting Krawk Island, this was Darigan’s down year. Yes, even though Darigan placed 5th, they didn’t actually deserve it. The team started off strong but then seemed to give up part-way through and skate by with scores that a low-tier team could rival. They actually placed 9th based on the old scoring system, which is pretty terrible, but the yo-yo will rise next year.

6. Meridell
Overall Strength: 10th
Predicted: 1st
Meridell gets a lot of heat for their placement this year. You can see why. I thought Meridell was going to win this year with an all-star group by their side, but they disappointed and angered many. The team is accused of giving up through-out the cup but still reaping the benefits. They lost in a lot of brackets, and losing to lower teams like Terror Mountain, Maraqua and Kiko Lake, but still managed to top the brackets and rack up points. Not the golden goose I was predicting.

7. Terror Mountain
Overall Strength: 4th
Predicted: 14th
You know when my predictions are authentic when you see Terror Mountain massively underrated. They’re my team, and I’m always the pessimistic person when it comes to predicting them. I truly thought Terror Mountain was going to bomb with a lot amount of players and not enough initiative, but I was wrong. Of course, cheaters are to blame for help too. But not all of it. The cheaters performed off and on and didn’t gift impenetrable scores daily. Terror Mountain usually got 5s daily, which is above average and suitable for their ranking. They were even placed lower than they actually performed, but still got their highest ranking ever. And they haven’t reached their peak yet.

7. Kreludor
Overall Strength: 8th
Predicted: 11th
All hail Kreludor, mother of Grundos and breaker of curses. Seventh isn’t unusual for the reigning champions to fall back on, but it hasn’t been seen in a few years. I even considered Kreludor’s consistency when predicting them, but they were better than I thought. It’s puzzling as to why they didn’t fall harder. They’re small, so they could have been affected like Virtupets. They’re also quiet, but not as quiet as Virtupets. It seems like Kreludor’s core is just strong in general, and not likely to fall any harder anytime soon.

9. Haunted Woods
Overall Strength: 6th
Predicted: 15th
Haunted Woods got a lot of flak from their standing in the last tournament. They also got 9th in that one. They were the first notorious team where the brackets gave them an edge though, and they were less strong in the weighted standings. Haunted Woods ended another year in 9th, but this time it’s really something to celebrate. They’ve played their best year that they’ve ever had and were close to becoming contenders, especially if the tournament was extended. Haunted Woods has finally pulled it together after disappointing since their initial championship, and I would officially not count them out if there’s to be a repeat winner.

9. Maraqua
Overall Strength: 7th
Predicted: 5th
Another year of brackets and another year of Maraqua still being unable to surface. It seems like Maraqua was just becoming a yearly powerhouse before the system was changed. The team has undoubtedly been affected by it. They aren’t bad by, but they lack the powerhouse numbers to stand out in the middle of the pack. Maraqua may not get any big changes next year, but they can ride the wave of the shifting standings to benefit themselves.


The Future of the AC: Problems and Solutions

Hi guys, I didn’t write any articles this year, so I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Neon, and I’ve played for Krawk Island since AC2. Many of you have probably seen me on the boards over the years, blah blah blah, introductions suck.

(Everything in this article is just my opinion, but I try to do a decent job of supporting my points. This article is long, but I tried to stay on topic. There’s much to be said about this subject.)

As many people seem to recognize at this point, the Altador Cup is completely ruined if it continues in its current state. I’m going to break down what’s wrong with the tournament and explain how it could be fixed. Unfortunately, I think the future for the AC is bleak at best.

The Altador Cup used to be a great event, because it combined competition and community in a relatively balanced environment for people to show their skill (or their absurd amounts of free time, if you want to be a bit more negative about it). Perhaps I’m naive, but I think it’s fair to say that there was less cheating on the organized levels we saw in AC7 and AC8, and while All-Star Groups were present, their influence was weaker (they were smaller, teams were bigger). The AC was “too long” according to some, but it was a format in which matches clearly mattered (the 9-3-3-3 standings formula became clear after a while) and there was far less randomness (no bonus games, no random brackets, no pairings, no randomly playing teams twice in a bracket).

Were there problems? Of course! As I mentioned, many users complained that the tournament was too long. TNT had to address this, even if a lot of dedicated players didn’t care. The poll following AC6 indicated that people thought the tournament dragged on too much for the average user. The other difficulty was the apparent inability for certain teams to overcome the perennial powerhouse teams in a given year. Krawk Island, Kreludor, and Darigan Citadel in particular have each been labeled as teams that were basically too strong year in and year out, which would make the Cup boring after a while. I play for Krawk Island, so I wouldn’t mind being near the top every year interminably, but I understand the complaint and can’t say I fully disagree.

The only other consistent complaints I saw were not about core AC issues. Yes, new YYB made people angry, but TNT has basically gotten that in order since then. They took away the postseason awards, achievements mysteriously lasted just one Cup, etc. But these are minor things in the larger picture. I’ll get to this stuff later on in the article, because it’s worth mentioning at least.

There are three real factors that have ruined the Altador Cup at this point. I’ll go into all of the underlying stuff as the article goes on, of course, but the most direct factors in the Altador Cup’s decline are these: the format, cheating groups, and All-Star groups.

The Format

TNT changed the format after AC6, replacing the double round robin with a confusing bracket system. I’d describe all the details, but everybody knows what it’s like by now. The bracket system itself is not inherently flawed — there are real tournament formats that resemble it, to some degree. Honestly, it could’ve been an interesting step forward. But TNT’s implementation of the bracket system is horrible compared to the DRR.

What’s wrong with the format?

1. Randomness — mixing up brackets randomly, pairing teams in a nonsensical way (it was not random, but it still did not serve any purpose), randomly playing teams more than once in a bracket, bonus games, etc. There is too much pointless randomness involved. Sure, the DRR had a random schedule which could give a team a slight advantage, but I think most would agree that that was minimal. The big points here are the random assignment of brackets, and this year the (essentially) random assignment of “pairs”. The former issue opens up opportunities for undeserving teams to win, and the latter totally ruined the chances for the worse of the two teams in each pairing.
2a. Winning is not important — even this year, after TNT seemed to make some adjustments (or was at least more transparent about the changes from last year), there was not a direct correlation between winning and doing well in standings. The format is based more around the “points” in each win, which is okay, but it’s so unclear that there is still no clear consensus on how it really works. TNT thinks we’ll rig the Cup if we have this kind of information, but people have rigged the Cup to varying degrees for years now.
2b. Yooyuball is not important — or at least not as important. Some teams don’t mind this change, of course, but the Altador Cup is a yooyuball tournament. At this point, YYB counts for, at most, “a little more” than a side game. Maybe there isn’t universal agreement on this point, but I think most would say that that is ridiculous.
3. Bracket placements are clearly cumulative — this aspect utterly ruins the chance of a comeback win. Terror Mountain was getting some serious “help” this year and it took them a long time to move up a couple of spots. Obviously I don’t condone that behavior from the group that cheated for them, but it was pretty funny to see a team that was getting outside help but still couldn’t move up in the standings because of bad results earlier in the Cup. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I could say even more about the format, but the problems are obvious and fixing them is incredibly simple.

What can be done?

There are a couple of obvious options here that allow TNT to make the tournament shorter without doing it in such a terrible way:

1. Single Round Robin + Finals — probably the most popular option that everyone already knows about.

2. Swiss Style Tournament — keep the brackets. Start with 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 from the previous AC (like this year), but after that, set up the brackets based on performance. This is initially uneven, but with four or five of these rounds you end up playing tons of close, intense matches with a fair winner in the end.

3. Don’t make things cumulative — this suggestion is not exactly compatible with those format options, but still. If we’re going to have brackets, each round needs to be a new start.

In either of those formats, just go back to the old way of scoring things. Nine points for a YYB win, 3 points for a side game win, ⅓ of those for draws and none for losses. Base the standings on these clear numbers. Preferably no bonus games, or at least give bonus games a reasonably small impact on results. It’s not that hard. Just make it the way it used to be, but shorter.

Cheating Groups

There have always been cheaters on Neopets and in the AC. It’s incredibly easy to do if you’re not a moron about it, because other people have already written the programs for people to use. At least since AC7, though, they’ve started to be more organized about it and the impact was most clear this year with TY’s victory.

What’s wrong with cheating groups?
(That’s a dumb question, but I’m trying to be consistent here)

1. They’re not actually playing like everyone else — duh.

2. They totally discredit a team’s performance — as soon as it becomes clear that a team has cheating support, their legitimate players mean nothing in the eyes of most. And that’s mostly fair, isn’t it? No team would do better without cheaters. Nobody’s saying TY didn’t have any legitimate players this year, but they would not have been close to first without them. This has to be disheartening for the actual members of the team.

3. TNT isn’t stopping them — they’ve basically said they can’t stop them other than by freezing the obvious cases. (I assume the cheated games look exactly like regular games, to them.) But they’re going about it the wrong way.

Again, there’s more to be said, but I want to move on. Cheating groups were most directly killing the Cup this year, in large numbers on TY and AL, and with a decent presence on another team or two. What can be done?

1. Try to stop cheating before it happens — Joe’s article a few weeks back suggests to me that TNT is making a futile effort to track down cheaters and then freeze them. That will never have a meaningful impact on their numbers. Most of them aren’t stupid enough to cheat so obviously that TNT will actually catch them. Even if they are that stupid, they don’t get caught a lot of the time. TNT needs to take a totally different approach, and it’s funny to me that they ever thought freezing obvious accounts would be a sufficient counter-measure.

2. Captcha — making people enter a captcha every few games would seemingly drastically reduce cheating. The lazy cheaters who set their programs to send scores on multiple accounts all day would (hopefully) be forced to actually play far more games than they currently do. Sure, it’d be inconvenient for a game like SOSD, but even then, I think it’s silly to say that it’s not worthwhile for that reason.

3. Transition to HTML5 from Flash — based on what I’ve read on the boards about this, this might slow down their ability to use programs. As far as I know, there are two types of programs — ones that send scores for you, and ones that manipulate the flash games themselves, meaning you still play, but the game is modified somehow (all opponents in YYB are frozen for the whole game, or you just have to hold down one key for your score to go up in MSN, etc). To me, this sounds like something that would at least help with that second type of program.

4. Collect more data in scoresends — this is sort of a shot in the dark, because it might be incredibly easy for programs to add in any sort of data after a little bit of investigation on their part. But perhaps TNT could track movement and shooting power and power-ups and all of that stuff that seems like it would have to be pretty random/organic, making it a little harder for cheaters to send scores.

5. Change game IDs — again, I’m not entirely sure how the programs work, but if they’re based on game IDs, TNT could change the game ID on the AC games in the middle of the tournament. For example, YYB scores end up looking like “10015” (10000 + number of goals) if I remember correctly. Switch IDs between YYB and something with really low scores, and TNT would be flooded with 10k+ scores on games that max out with much lower scores. This might not work more than once, but it would probably get a few accounts/IPs banned.

I just find it hard to believe that TNT actually thinks that they can’t do anything to stop cheaters. They obviously need to change the way they collect score data if it’s so easily manipulated. I’m sure it’s not particularly easy, but it doesn’t look like they’re trying very hard.

All-Star Groups

I’m assuming this one will stir up a bit more disagreement, as I noticed a lot more support for ASGs this year as people tend to say “well, at least they’re better than cheaters” and “at least KI/DC won’t trade wins every year.” I’m going to start off by saying that yes, they are definitely better than cheaters, and no, it’s not “against” the rules for them to gather on a single team to try to bring victory. I get that. I simply think that they’re hurting the Cup, and I don’t think they’re meaningfully different from KI/DC winning every year to anyone other than a casual observer of the Cup (i.e. they’re both terribly boring situations). I’m not suggesting that ASGs are full of bad people trying to ruin the Cup, but I feel that they’re too strong at this point for the other teams to have a chance, thus becoming another factor making the Cup a meaningless effort.

What’s wrong with ASGs?

I can’t easily split this up into individual points, so here I go. ASGs may integrate just fine with the team they choose, but they’re not really a part of that team. ASGs are their own teams, in my eyes, and they’re simply jumping around to win (SOTAC through AC7) or be “interesting” in some way… while also trying to win (Stealth) each year. If I can make a basketball analogy, imagine LeBron James announcing that he was switching to the best team every year from now on (yes, I know that this would never ever happen, that’s not the point). Is LeBron cheating? No. But wouldn’t that be outrageous? Sure, they don’t always join good teams, but as the number of people on the site declines, it’s not hard at all for ASGs to dominate by joining a team small enough for them to win with.

Even if we guess that AL’s “help” did more than Stealth this year, SOTAC took RI from 14th to 3rd, clearly the best team without any significant cheating that I know of. And SOTAC isn’t even as big as Stealth. Nothing they do anymore will be “impressive” to anyone who pays attention. Stealth will probably jump on VP next year so they can say “let’s beat the cheaters!” and/or “let’s be the first team to win twice!” but who cares? First of all, if the cheaters are still around, they can’t beat them. Second, anybody could gather a bunch of All-Stars on VP or another tiny team and win. You know what was impressive? When Myth (and his teammates) took VP to 6th place in ACV on their own. That took real effort and real organization from real team members. Even their ACVI win was good, considering how much smaller Stealth was back then.

But the ASGs aren’t unique, and they aren’t impressive. Definitely not anymore, at least. They’re just loading up small teams with All-Stars and dominating. It’s nice that they stay quiet about it for the most part, but the fact of the matter is that they’ve proven that they can control the results at this point. I suppose it would be “interesting” for a team to win twice in a row, but it’s still not meaningful if they do it with an ASG. Hell, if it had the same value as a real win, I would’ve gotten KI’s 200+ All-Stars to join a smaller team and dominate by now.

So these ASGs are continually growing in an environment in which they already dominate, making up new “goals” to try to justify continual growth and… existence, and it’s just getting stupid. Of course you can take 40+ All-Stars and do well on a small team. It has been done before with fewer people, assuming the team tries a bit harder when they see that they actually have a chance to win. I’m tired of seeing “at least KI/DC/KD aren’t winning every year!” (something that never even had a chance to happen, but admittedly probably would have for quite a while) when all we’re getting now is Cheaters/Stealth/SOTAC winning every year — and that’s not going to change without drastic changes to the AC. It’s hilarious to me that people actually seem to prefer three non-team entities probably trading wins to three normal teams probably staying strong.

I understand and agree that people can join whichever team they want to join, and that this sort of thing is kind of inevitable because people want to win, but that doesn’t change the fact that it negatively impacts the AC.

What can be done?

1. Reduce the number of teams — ASGs aren’t going away on their own, and they’ve been beaten before. The primary issue is that there are a decent number of teams at this point that are really small. To combat this, the number of teams competing should be reduced. I think 6 to 12 teams would work, and I’d prefer 8, but that’s not something I have enough information to pick a number for.

2. Randomize team selection — tons of people would hate this (I would too) but it’s an option that would work if people didn’t just quit en masse.

3. Rewarding loyal team members more — either with NP rewards or by counting those players more in the standings, this would discourage people from team-hopping. I don’t really think this could be balanced very well, and I think an ASG could stay on a small team for a number of years before dropping off due to freeloaders or whatever, so I’m not sure how effective it would be in the long run.

Those are really the only options I can think of, and they would likely be quite unpopular. I can’t see TNT making any of these changes, and I’m not sure how else to keep things more balanced. ASGs are probably the most solid reason for my pessimism about the future of the AC because there isn’t much to be done about them, yet they’re capable of making the AC incredibly boring even after the cheaters are taken care of and the format is fixed.

There are other problems and bigger/different ways to combat them, but I’m trying to keep things somewhat concise and limited in scope. To conclude, here’s what I would change to try to make a fairer AC next year:

– Reduce the number of teams to eight, removing the ten smallest teams. Say the Meepits ate all of their equipment or something, I don’t care. This reduces the impact of ASGs and is, in my opinion, a good step regardless. Maybe instead of removing only the smallest teams, make it ten random teams.

– Implement captcha after every couple of YYB/SS games and after every ~20 MSN/SOSD games, perhaps.

– Convert the games from Flash to HTML5, if possible, try the game ID switch I mentioned at some point, and look into a more secure system for sending score data – With eight teams, have a triple round robin and use the old 9-3-3-3 standings formula

– Place four teams in finals and do that the old way. 1v4 and 2v3 for two days, then winners play winners for first while losers fight for third. This should put the length of the Cup at 25 days. Throw in a bye day after each of the three rounds so people can rest if they want to.

– Change the Darigan Yooyu back to its old form — not the annoying randomness.

– Remove 1-goal SOSD — I like it too, but it totally skews All-Star numbers and makes everyone want to play SOSD instead of other games.

– Make YYB faster by allowing us to skip the post-goal animations more quickly and by ending the game immediately after a goal is scored with fewer than 8 seconds remaining, rather than starting another possession with 1 second left (I don’t know if this is as annoying to me as it is to everyone else)

– Add achievements again, perhaps even expanding them from what they were in ACV. Maxed YYB every day? You deserve a unique, awesome item. Reach double All-Star? You get an item. A lot of people complain that the prize shop isn’t worth it, and I think high-end achievements are one way to counter that (alternatively, higher-point prizes in the prize shop, but it has to be something like a high-end BD weapon that has real value, though I suppose that kind of scarcity tends to give things value on its own)

Perhaps I’m leaving some important things out, but I wrote this article rather spontaneously, and I want to get it out before people stop thinking about how terrible AC8 was. If anyone has any suggestions, questions, comments, or recommendations on how to actually get TNT to fix the AC, please leave a comment. I used to love the AC and I hate to see it in this state. This article is not meant to offend anybody; I’m just expressing my thoughts. I welcome everyone else to do the same.

I hope everyone enjoys their offseason and returns to an improved Altador Cup next summer.

Altador Cup VIII Team Commentary

Well the Altador cup continued to get worse this year, and I would say it was easily the worst yet.  Usually even if my team doesn’t do well I can cheer for another team to win in a close race to the finish, but not this year.   TNT still can’t figure out a way to stop the cheaters, let’s hope that they think of something before AC IX.

I’m going to go through each team and talk about their seasons.

18. Moltara  20-80 overall record

Really not a terrible year for the Moltarans, despite being last place they showed that they aren’t rock bottom, and had a respectable shootout showdown record.  I don’t think they will get Codex next year.

T-16.  Faerieland   15-85 overall record

They did have the worst overall record, but showed signs of life in wins against Moltara and Kiko Lake.  Average season for Faerieland.  I don’t think they will get Codex either.

T-16. Virtupets    29-71 overall record

Virtupets got a little worse than they were, but weren’t nearly bad enough to be tied for 16th.  They were really good at yooyuball and look like a great spot for Codex.  They are small and not too bad, just like Tyrannia was when Codex picked them.

15. Mystery Island   16-84 overall record

Weak season but I really didn’t really expect Mystery Island to stay at the top so it wasn’t all that much worse than I expected.

14. Kiko Lake   49-51 overall record

Great season for the Kikos they earned much higher than 14th place, but they were inconsistent and I still think might’ve had some help.  Another team I think Codex might join because they are small and not bad.

T-12. Shenkuu   35-65 overall record

Shenkuu improved a lot this year from their terrible performance in ACVII.  They still need a lot of work on their yooyuball record, but a decent record in all the sides was a big step forward.

T-12. Lost Desert   30-70 overall record

What happened?  Lost Desert may not have deserved their 5th last year, but I thought they were at least top 8.  I wonder if they will bounce back from this very disappointing season.

11. Brightvale   40-60 overall record

Brightvale stayed in the same spot as last year, but I still think they had a decent season.

T-9. Maraqua    59-41 overall record

Maraqua slipped a spot in the standings but improved from their mediocre season last year.

T-9. Haunted Woods   48-52 overall record

Haunted Woods really shows the weakness of the bracket system.  They improved from 1 yooyuball win to 16, and stayed in the same spot!  Anywho, it was a good season for the Haunties as they won more games in each sport.

T-7. Kreludor    57-43 overall record

Before the season, I thought Kreludor would be hit hard by losing SOTAC after having them for two years and freeloaders would really hurt them because of their small size, but I was wrong.  Kreludor was one of the best no ASG or ASS teams in the cup.

T-7.  Terror Mountain   59-41 overall record

They were on pace for a typical Terror Mountain season when they got an ASS, so I’ll label their season average.

6. Meridell    55-45 overall record

I predicted Meridell to win, and they were really a letdown to me.  I’m not sure what happened when Meridell had that really bad stretch in the middle of the year.

5. Darigan Citadel    54-46 overall record

It looked great for the Citadel after coming out of Alabriss I on top, but many Darigan supporters lost motivation when they realized they couldn’t make the top 3 causing them to have a slightly subpar season.

4. Krawk Island    64-36

Krawk Island had a great year.  They should’ve been the first repeat winners, but didn’t even finish on the podium thanks to ASG’s and ASS’s.

3. Roo Island    81-19

Sotac came even stronger than usual this year blowing out everyone except the teams with ASS’s and being the only team to get some green verse Codex.  I heard that this might have been Sotac’s last year, but I wouldn’t count on it.

2. Altador     91-9

Altador probably would’ve had a typical bad season, but got some help and came out on the podium.  For people who have always stuck with Altador, you deserved this taste of victory.

1. Tyrannia    98-2

It’s really unfortunate for Tyrannia to get Codex.  They were on the rise and I predicted them to get 4th, who knows if they could’ve won or at least been a contender without Codex.  Now Codex will leave Tyrannia to get tons of freeloaders and send them to the bottom.  Poor Tyrannians I hope you enjoyed this season because I don’t see a good future for you guys.


Surprise teams of the year- Kreludor and Haunted Woods

Letdown teams of the year- Meridell, Lost Desert, and kind of Mystery Island.


Enjoy the offseason everyone see you guys next year!

The Altador Award Winners

Master at photoshop.....

Master at photoshop…..

Well hello once again peasants, the polls have closed and the votes have been tallied and the winners are being announced.

First though, a nice round of applause for Alex for letting me host the first annual Altador Awards and also a thanks for hosting this great site. I don’t even play in the AC anymore and I still come back.

So a drum roll please……

and the winners of the first Altador Awards are:

Most Accurate Predictions Daily: YAZ!!!!
Most Accurate Predictions Global: HOL!!!!
Most Entertaining Poster: JANINE!!!! (meiko07)
Most Informative Poster: RUSTY!!!! and JOE!!!! (lady_elegant)
Friendliest Poster: KRIS!!!! (brickgamer)
Funniest Poster: JANINE!!!! (meiko07)
Most Unique Article/Forum Posts: JOE!!!! (lady_elegant) and CAM!!!! (that’s me!)
The Extremely Dedicated: ALEX!!!! (our dear leader) and ASHLEY!!!! (rubyspire)

and the final winner!
Most Likely to Rule the World: of course ALEX!!!! but also Codex….(that was a clever answer XDitto)

Well those our winners for the first annual Altador Awards!

Congrats to everyone and a thank you to everyone who voted!

And with that peasants

Au revoir!


Altador Awards Voting (Closing)

Master at photoshop.....

Master at photoshop…..

Hey everyone I would just like to tank everyone for voting who did and for those who haven’t voted yet you still have time!

All voting will end July 4th 11:59 PM EST and I will announce the winners the following morning!

Link to voting:

Great 1st year for the Altador Awards!

Don’t forget to vote!